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Jessica Hawkins is a bestselling author recognized for her remarkable, gripping and tantalizing romance novels. Crowned the unofficial ‘queen of angst’ by readers and fellow writers, Jessica has written some of the best graphic romantic novels of her time. She writes from her California home and while traveling around the world. Jessica keeps in touch with her book fans through social media, mainly Facebook and Instagram and her fan mail list. In this review, we look into the three-part book series Cityscape.

Come Undone #1 The Cityscape

Olivia Germaine found love in the most unusual places. She has everything going on well for her, a devoted wife, reliable friend, and brave professional woman, Olivia is living her dream life. One day Olivia looks in the wrong direction and finds herself drawn to a total stranger in a crowded room. He moves closer and stirs up Olivia’s emotions, which she thought she’d hidden long ago. David Dylan, the flamboyant playboy, and senior bachelor challenge Olivia to tackle her current situation and make up her mind to live happily forever after, or regret what she could not have later. Will Olivia draw the line and choose love or lust? What does David expect of her? To get up and leave for good?

Olivia Germaine thinks she has a love of her life, and that she was doing fine according to her checklist. Suddenly Olivia realized that she had not found stability all through the years, but she was dead wrong. Something awakened her inner fiber, her soul, and she could not stop her heart from beating as fast as it did when she merely took a glance at David. It scared her to bits! Faced with commitments and responsibilities to other people, Olivia’s desire to be with someone else threw her off balance. Contemplating her miserable life of following her daily schedule, Olivia certainly felt more despondent while her thoughts were preoccupied with another man.

David does not own her; he has no right to come and give her ultimatums about her future happiness and what is good for her right now. It feels intruding. But in a state of bewilderment and excitement, Olivia doesn’t want to let go of the life she’s created with Bill. This is one complicated story, and the writing is fast and authoritative. Jessica found her soul through creating this novel, and it structures the plot wonderfully. Olivia and her associates, Lucy and Gretchen, brought out their highs and lows while Olivia tried to decide what is best for her overall happiness.

When Olivia suddenly starts to notice negatives in her husband, simply because of locking eyes with a stranger, I knew something was off from the beginning. In the later chapters, the storyline builds up well and rolls over suspiciously until the end. There is enough juicy stuff to keep your heart beating and your loins excited…

Come Alive #2 The Cityscape

Olivia faces two dilemmas in the second edition of The cityscape. Guilt and desire. She has cheated in marriage, leaving her with a huge lump of guilt in her throat and soul since she dearly loves her husband, and the love of her life, Bill. Olivia knows she pushed the limits and that sleeping with David was wrong. What she and David did was wrong, but Olivia seemed hooked on the playboy. She attempts a friendship card with him, but David quickly moves on with another woman, and Olivia gets livid with envy. David appears confused with her sudden emotions; it’s a total 360 degrees turn!

As Olivia resists the guilt seething in her bones, her body grows weak whenever she bumps into David. These two romps at every chance they get and give into their passions on a whim. David knows Bill is the right guy for Olivia, but he keeps messing her head, Its evident with every moment whenever the two may meet. Hideous and frustrating as it is, readers, can’t help but get hooked onto the two protagonists craziness for each other. It proves that the forbidden fruits taste much better than what is served up in broad daylight. It’s equally disturbing to see Olivia contend with leading a double life as a career woman and knowing that she’ll never be delighted except when with her forbidden fruit (David).

Come Together #3 The Cityscape

The message of the whole story from the beginning lingers on one woman’s battle with loving two men. One that respects you and whom you’ve to build a life of success with, and the other, your fire, your daily dose of crazy love and electric force of desire. Olivia broke her vows, she cheated on Bill, not once or twice, and she slowly edged herself away from her husband, both physically and emotionally. She married a friend, but not a soul mate. Olivia failed to recognize her flawed character and put an end to the immature desires that lead her to Neverland. David, the relentless playboy, enjoyed the chase, regardless of the consequences. It was annoying to see Olivia obsessed with a man she cannot have, her pushover-ness and a desperate will to be with David still baffles my brain.

Come Together makes the Heroine lost and exceedingly distracted. Utterly incapable of living without David in her world. Olivia took a backseat and let other people drive her life, emotions, actions, and thinking capacity. What a waste of womanhood! David, on the other hand, represents the king of alpha males. Good looking, strong-willed, and domineering, David pushed Olivia to obey his desires, his timelines, and his modus operandi. David left no room for any negotiation. Olivia caved in all the time! The over-domineering nature, sometimes even violence did not sit well with my nerves. A man can love a woman, but not overly control her. That was just wrong. David portrayed what psychos do to their wives. I am not sure what the author was pushing across with David’s overall character. It was too overbearing.

Bill did not care enough to probe Olivia, or what caused her distress. He was not interested in her at all. He didn’t bother to talk with her or take her out to dinner dates. Instead, Bill chose the life of a typical successful workaholic, never bothered to deal with vital issues at home. However, despite his significant shortcomings, Bill was faithful to Olivia. In the end, Bill desperately tried to win Olivia back, though late, it was so heartbreaking to see him suffer. He never saw the sign of Olivia’s misguided actions. Infidelity and divorce topics present extremely complicated issues in the society. Jessica ruthlessly tore into the characters flaws and weaknesses, stirring up emotions, even I could contend with at first. Sometimes we think authors present biased opinions in their books, but in the end, the truth is laid bare and we are left dumbfounded by the sequence of events. Jessica tersely captured the desperation, and complexity involved in a sexual affair for married people. What an emotional roller coaster! The drama was eccentric!

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