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The Nasties in Your Head (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Taste of Frozen Tears: My Antarctic Walkabout (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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How Not to Spill (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Foodie Cookbook For Beginners (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stolen Ideas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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After Realism: 24 Stories for the 21st Century(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Jessica Johns

Jessica Johns is an acclaimed author of Canadian origin. She proudly embodies her nehiyaw and English-Irish lineage. Johns is part of the Sucker Creek First Nation, hailing from Treaty 8 territory in Northern Alberta. As an interdisciplinary artist, she explores multiple avenues of creativity.

Johns made a sparkling entrance into the literary world with her inaugural novel, ‘Bad Cree.’ Revealed to readers in January 2023, it quickly won her significant recognition. The appeal of her debut work was undeniable, showcasing her intuitive ability for designing vibrant characters and compelling narratives.

Known for providing an entertaining reading experience, Jessica Johns stands out with her storytelling skills. Her knack for carving out uniquely engaging narratives is widely appreciated among readers. Her powerful storytelling, coupled with the strong characterization make Jessica Johns a true beacon of the literary canon.

Her work has a universal appeal, resonating with a broad array of readers. Yet, her narratives uniquely echo her personal experiences and heritage. Despite the widespread appreciation, her work never strays from authenticity, providing reading experiences that are both universally engaging and innately personal.

Thus, Johns crafts stories that are truly reflective of her rich heritage while also touching hearts universally.

Johns masterfully blends compelling characters with captivating stories, engaging her readers from start to finish. Each character and narrative she creates is not just compelling and engaging, but also distinctive and refreshing. As a storyteller, she perfectly harmonizes these elements and presents something inimitably original in every story.

Her work is thus a testament to her exceptional ability to weave unique narrative threads, populate them with intriguing characters, all the while maintaining her original and fresh approach. This is a key aspect of her literary prowess which continues to enthrall readers globally.

Looking ahead, Jessica Johns promises much anticipation for her future works. Given her captivating debut and the strengths she has demonstrated, she is undoubtedly a writer to keep an eye on. She continues to carve a niche in the literary world, and her upcoming works promise to further enhance her sterling reputation.

In conclusion, Jessica Johns is a unique voice in literature, whose future work is eagerly awaited by readers worldwide.

Early and Personal Life

Jessica Johns, firmly rooted in her nehiyaw and English-Irish ancestry, is part of the Sucker Creek First Nation in Northern Alberta’s Treaty 8 territory. This Canadian horror author had an early interest in reading and writing, building upon this interest from early on. Nurturing this passion over time, she evolved into a respected figure in Canada’s literary scene.

A member of the Sucker Creek First Nation, she split her time between Edmonton and Vancouver. As an MFA student, she disagreed with a teacher’s advice to avoid writing about dreams, given its significance in Cree culture.

Johns broadened her literary horizons by engaging in editorial work for GUTS, which is ‘An Anti-Colonial Feminist Magazine.’ It’s a great outlet for her, contributing to important discussions with her much valued perspective. Her work in the magazine underscores her writing abilities and her firm stand on feminist issues.

Moreover, Johns is also part of the advisory board for an Indigenous Brilliance reading series based in Vancouver. This role further underlines her commitment to literature while also allowing her to celebrate Indigenous narratives. As she continues to grow and gain more experience as an author, she’s someone all readers can look forward to hearing more from.

Writing Career

Jessica Johns has crafted a diverse body of work since she embarked on her writing journey, showcasing her versatility through different forms of literature.

Her fiction, poetry, and nonfiction pieces have appeared in numerous notable publications including ‘Cosmonauts Avenue’, ‘CV2’, ‘The Globe and Mail’, and ‘Best Canadian Essays 2019’. Through these works, she skillfully tells her stories whilst simultaneously immersing her readers in a distinctive literary style.

Apart from being a celebrated author, Johns has also donned the hat of an interdisciplinary artist, which has added another dimension to her creative flair. She left a strong impression in the literary world with her debut novel, ‘Bad Cree,’ released in January 2023.

Besides literature, her visual art has been spotlighted at esteemed platforms such as the 2022 Rhubarb Festival, indicating her wide-ranging talents. As she continues in writing, readers eagerly anticipate her future contributions to literature.

Bad Cree

Jessica Johns, a recognized figure in the literary world, penned down the magical-realist horror novel ‘Bad Cree.’ The book reached the reading public on January 10, 2023. The publishing company Doubleday would bring this engaging novel to shelves and readers around the world. Her debut fiction novel, this title would instantly grab readers, marking Johns as a writer to watch in the years to follow.

Mackenzie wakes up clutching a severed crow’s head, only to see it vanish when she opens her eyes. Plagued by nightmares of an obscured family memory preceding her sister Sabrina’s death, her waking life also starts to mimic these terrors – crows stalking her every move, waking from a dream of drowning and expelling water, and receiving menacing texts from someone pretending to be Sabrina.

Hoping for answers, she returns to her home in rural Alberta, where her family’s pervasive grief only amplifies her disconcerting dreams. Mackenzie is left grappling with the unresolved events of a night at a lake, its connection to Sabrina’s demise, and a lurking entity within her.

‘Bad Cree’, by Jessica Johns, is a gripping magical-realist horror novel that successfully weaves a chilling narrative. This riveting tale immerses readers in an eerie world where reality often mirrors nightmares.

With its balance of suspense and deep introspection, it offers a compelling exploration of memory and grief. It’s a captivating pick for those seeking a thrilling reading experience.

How Not to Spill

‘How Not to Spill’ is a poetry collection authored by Jessica Johns. The work was published on December 1, 2018. The book was brought to readers worldwide through Rahila’s Ghost Press. Looking at Cree culture and Indigenous futures, this early collection of poetry from Johns would herald an exciting new talent on the literary scene.

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