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Publication Order of Jessica Jones Books

The “Jessica Jones” series by prolific author Christopher Nicole is from the thriller genre. It began in the year 2001 with the the release of the novel “The Search”.

It stars a British detective named Jessica Jones (she has actually gotten the rank of detective sergeant), who is a part of Special Branch. She has her team, which is made up of four other women.

“The Search” is the first novel in the “Jessica Jones” series and was released in the year 2001. Jessica Jones is on a job protecting Margaret Lewton (who is a cabinet minister) when things get interesting. It was supposed to be just an ordinary job. Right before the bomb goes off to destroy the hotel her client was in, she sees Robert Korman (a terrorist) getting away in his car. Korman was supposed to have been killed in an explosion two years ago.

Jessica is the only one that is living that can recognize Korman as he looks now; he has been rebuilt and fixed after it was reported that he was seriously injured. This convinced the world he was no longer, as it was meant to. He knows what she knows and wants to destroy her. He does not know that he does not really have to go and find her. Military leaders and the government officials have thought long and hard and found that the best thing to do is to send her after him.

Fans of the novel liked the way that this ended, it was very realistic. It hooked readers from the start and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout reading it. You just have to find out which one (Robert or Jessica) will find the other one first. This is a series that shows promise, and readers are ready to dive in to the other books in the series.

“Poor Darling” is the second novel in the “Jessica Jones” series and was released in the year 2002. There is an attempt to kidnap the Sultan of Kharram’s daughter and English wife. Their reaction is to get her to her maternal grandfather’s place in England, which might just serve as a safe haven for her. She will still have to be protected, and Special Branch’s Jessica Jones is assigned to do just that. She has a lot of experience in protecting people, she will find that her job this time is a lot more dangerous than both her and her team both thought at first.

To make things even worse, Jessica realizes that Princess Karina (who is a poor darling to her mother) is not the innocent and young girl that she first appears to be. So that she can prevent a revolution in Kharram and protect the young girl, she is in for a fight of bullets, mayhem, murder, and wits.

Fans of the novel enjoyed this book, just as much as the first book in the series. You will be pulled in from the very beginning and you will have to find out how it ends. Once again, Nicole comes up with a winner; that seems to be all that he knows how to write. Some became fans of Nicole’s work, just from reading this interesting series, so much so, they read some of his other work (of which, there is quite a bit).

“The Pursuit” is the third novel in the “Jessica Jones” series and was released in the year 2002. Lady Miranda Lichton is determined to marry a wealthy rancher from Bolivia, it concerns her family. They find out that her fiance (named Ramon Cuesta) grows a lot of cocaine, and does not shy away from murder when it is necessary. They want to get her back and away from Ramon. But they do not know how.

They are certain that they can get her to testify against him, and they go to Scotland Yard and its Special Branch. They agree to do a Witness Recovery Programme, and Commander Adams has his best operative take charge. This puts Detective Sergeant Jessica Jones on the case. She is to go to Bolivia, pick Lady Miranda up, and go back to England with her.

This, however, is easier said than done. On the Oriente of Bolivia, on his remote ranch, Ramon is virtually a king without a crown. Jessica, along with her team, find that they are involved with people who will not hesitate to kill when someone opposes them. They will even pursue them through the jungle with the ferocity of a predator.

Fans of the novel found that this is one of the best books of the Jessica Jones series; it has a lot of action throughout and you will not want to put it down for a second, as you will want to see how the whole thing ends. Nicole is a master of writing excellent novels and this is a great example. This is a series that many cannot help but read really quickly and finish the books as quickly as they get their hands on them.

“The Voyage” is the third novel in the “Jessica Jones” series and was released in the year 2003. Detective Sergeant Jessica Jones is at the top of her game. She is respected, handsome, and famous. That being said, she is thinking of retiring from Special Branch, at the young age of thirty-eight years old.

She has made quite a few enemies in her time, and one comes back from her past. His name is Peter Miller (who was convicted for murder and is now out on parole). Peter is out seeking some revenge on the very policewoman who had the evidence to get him convicted.

He is a wealthy man and catches her unaware and is able to kidnap her. Peter takes her to sea in the yacht that he owns. It is fifty feet long. He intends to make her suffer, the way he did while in prison, and then he will kill her.

Her colleagues are searching for her, in a mad dash to rescue her. While at the same time, Jessica has to come to grips with the situation that she finds herself in and try to turn things to her own advantage. Assuming the tide turns that way for her.

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