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Drive You Crazy (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Frenemy Kiss (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Love and Other Mistakes (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Girl’s Guide to the Outback (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Kiss Thief (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jessica Kate is an Australian author known for writing sassy, fun, real and inspirational romances. She has traveled all over North America and Australia and asserts that the first thing she does in a new place is to samples its pasta. Nonetheless, she has found that no other place makes it as good as the corner place a few meters away from the office block from where she works her day job as a training developer. She is also a co-host of the StoryNerds podcasts and vlog and is a screenwriting groupie. When she is not writing she loves to plant new churches and watch sitcoms.

Kate has always loved telling stories though as she got older she would be drawn to romance novels. However, she was the nerdy kid that loved superheroes before they became popular and still binges on character-driven science fiction just as much as she likes her pasta. Jessica wrote her first fiction a short story she titled “The Big 5” when she was aged just eleven. The novel was about a group of friends that developed a power that made them able to turn into African wildlife. However, she only started writing seriously when she was twenty-one years. She had moved to the city where she started working a part-time job. While she worked her part-time job and waited to get a full-time offer she used her spare time to write her novel. She cites the “Shopaholic” author Sophie Kinsella as one of her biggest inspirations. Kinsella was the only author that had ever made her laugh out loud. At the time she did not know just how much of an influence she would be until she went on to write romantic novels streaked with comedy.

As a twenty-one years old, she got a job as a teacher at a high school where was also placed in charge of boarding. In her role as boarding school supervisor she had to ensure that the girls were doing their homework which meant walking the boardinghouse hallways. The job had a lot of downtime and she took advantage of it to scribble notes onto scraps of paper. Her original concept for her debut novel was for two people that we’re raising a child together. But these were not a couple in the usual sense of the term and the child was biologically related to only one of them. From this premise, she came up with the story of Natalie taking care of the infant son of her ex-fiancé. Six and a half years, several rewrites and edits and three conferences attended and she finally published her first novel “Love and Other Mistakes” in 2019. Prior to this, she had written several manuscripts but this was just the second she had ever finished. The novel represented more than 75 percent of her writing journey as she says she went from knowing nothing about writing to getting published and critically acclaimed.

Jessica Kate’s “Love and Other Mistakes” is the story of Natalie Groves, a woman that once upon a time had dared to dream. But then her father was diagnosed with cancer and Jeremy Walters her fiancé had out of nowhere decided to break off their engagement and leave town. She is now left in charge of everything and has to keep the family afloat. She had big dreams but they have all evaporated leaving her doubting her faith in God. Jeremy then reappears back in his hometown of Charlottesville seven years later, but is weighed down with years of regret and an infant son. When Lili his niece comes to his house asking for boarding Jeremy knows that he cannot take care of the child without help. Natalie finally gets a chance to get the job she had always dreamed of when she interns at some organization who offer her the job. However, she will need to work another job to have enough money to live on and when Jeremy offers her one she cannot say no. It is a win-win situation as she can help him with his niece and he can help her with a second income. But once they start working together the flames start kindling and soon sparks are flying as the line between hate and love blurs even more. Could love turn out to be the biggest mistake or best decision they ever make?

Kate’s Second novel “Girls Guide to the Outback” asks the question how far a woman will go to get back a man she despises. The lead in the novel is a passionate Virginia youth pastor named Samuel Payton, who is still dealing with the pain and insecurities that had crept up when his business had spectacularly failed. He works with a capable, brilliant and fearless woman named Kimberley Foster an expert with startups. However, brilliant as she is, years of personal rejection have left her longing for a family and very defensive. There have never been two people that been so attracted yet more at odds with one another. Kimberley has ambitious plans for the ministry but Sam being the risk-averse man that he is, rejects her gesture. In the meantime, he decides that his work in the church is less important than his obligation to his family. He quits the church to go to Australia where his sister Jules is in danger of losing her farm. Kimberley’s grandest plans seem to be falling apart which finally forces her to acknowledge the truth that Sam is irreplaceable. They come together to make a deal. If Kimberly agrees to work with Jules on the farm and provide advice for the business, maybe she can have a future with Sam. Sam is also seriously reconsidering his future working for the church. Kimberly tries to become used to outback life and in the endeavor learns more about herself than she ever knew in her lifetime. In the meantime, Sam is also reevaluating the spunky woman who it seems he does not know anymore. Foes are slowly turning into friends and maybe they may just become something more.

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