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Arcana (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Order of the Eternal Sun (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Beyond a Darkened Shore (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Through the White Wood (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jessica Leake is bestselling American author of fantasy, young adult, and historical fiction novels. Before switching to a full-time writing career, she worked as a psychotherapist. Jessica has been writing since elementary school. However, The Unicorn Chronicles written by Bruce Coville inspired her to write stories since her childhood and become the author she is today. Other inspirations include Phillipa Gregory, Robin McKinley, Jane Austen, Cassandra Clare, JK Rowling, and her cousin who is also a writer.

Jessica is famously known as the author of Arcana, a romantic, suspenseful tale set in Edwardian London. One time during an interview, the author admitted that she was inspired to write Arcana after watching Pride and Prejudice. She thought the movie had a character missing and wanted to add a character that could wield magic for a period of Edwardian Era.


Arcana is Jessica Leake’s debut novel first published in 2014, a suspenseful romantic novel set in Edwardian London. The story introduces readers to young Katherine Sinclair- her father prepares for her coming out with her grandma and the assistance of the Earl of Thornewood. Soon Katherine discovers that her coming out is much more deadly than she ever imagined. As a woman gifted with the gift of Arcana, she must weed out friend from the enemy, but the enemy is lying much closer to home than she ever imagined.

As suspicions and dangers increase, unsure whom she can honestly trust, Katherine relies on her magical diary left to her by her mother to give her the clues about future.

Katherine is only half human as her mom was born to a magical place known Sylvania. She has the powers to perform arcana, magically powered by the power of the sun. If someone discovers about her secret, not only will she be attacked in society, and hunted down by those who wish to use her superpowers for evil purposes. Her mother died years ago and left her an enchanted diary to help her during the most challenging moments in life.

At one instance, her mother warns her that there will be two suitors- one of darkness and one of light and this seems to include the alluring and arrogant Earl of Thornewood, whose help has been evoked by Katherine’s father to help ease her into society. Even as Katherine madly falls in love with Earl of Thornewood, she worries that he might never love her back if he discovers about her powers.

Jessica Leake’s debut novel is a brilliant read featuring a likable Katherine as the main character. She is not afraid to speak out her mind and to throw witty retort or two; she is also willing and able to find what’s best for her life. Additionally, Katherine feels bitterness to the restrictions that the society has placed on women and has no intentions of playing the marriage mart game. She is the type of woman who makes her feelings known on plenty of occasions.

The second strong element in Arcana is the historical setting. The setting is sumptuous, and there is no doubt that Katherine is the daughter of an affluent in the society. The author has created a detailed description of the Edwardian Era. If you have read A Great and Terrible Beauty, the debut novel in a series by Libba Bray, you will find this book an exciting match but without the gothic undertones. Jessica Leake did a fantastic job with the characterization aspect of the story, and you will find a liking for all the characters the author has created. The narrative is told from Katherine’s point of view- and this gives readers an insight to this headstrong courageous feminist before feminism. She would instead remain to be a spinster if that meant her being happy and protecting her family. Her magic is far much stronger than her sister Lily’s, and brother Robert is thus making her a target for the Order of the Eternal Sun. Having never had to control her abilities while residing in the country with her family and she finds London a dangerous place to live, and she is continually looking over her shoulder.

For a girl from the good family background, she is kind of distrustful, and her development really drives the story along. On the other hand, Lord Thornewood is the handsome son of the dead earl that Katherine’s dad had planned to escort her during her debut. Then there is Robert and Lily, Katherine’s siblings – who play the role of secondary characters in the story. Robert is portrayed as the typical elder brother who is overprotective, loving and good-natured. Lily is the youngest in the family; she is depicted as the as always happy character with a sunny personality. She lends this strength to Katherine throughout the entire narrative as she is allowed to accompany her sister to London.

Beyond a Darkened Shore

Beyond a Darkened Shore is narrated by a seventeen-year-old Ciara, the eldest daughter and the heir to the throne of Mide.

The people of Mide throne have always been protected from their enemies, thankfully due to Ciara’s powers to control the minds and actions of her enemies. However, recently a strange bird has been appearing to Ciara and telling her warnings of an even dangerous threat to the throne. Even though the clansmen dismiss Ciara’s visions, she fears that this evil is set not only to destroy her throne but also the rest of the world.

Then this mysterious crow leads her to a Northman leader named Leif. The man should be Ciara’s foe, but when she discovers that he too shares her strange visions, she understands that he is something more. Leif is apparently mounting a large army, and only with Ciara’s collaboration, that is when the two can stand a chance to defeat the impending danger and save the world. Will danger approaching from all corners, they will do whatever it takes to defend the land they preciously treasure even if it means making the greatest sacrifice of all. A warrior princess, historical fiction, mystery, and mythology, Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake, is a brilliant read and an excellent match for fantasy fans.

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