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About Jessica Lewis

The American author Jessica Lewis is well known for her interesting and compelling Young Adult fantasy and romance novels. Writing with a lot of imagination and creativity, she really understands the genres that she’s writing within, creating something quite different in the process. Coming from her own distinct perspective, she’s a gifted novelist with a lot to say, pushing the genres forwards at every opportunity. This is something that she does exceptionally well, articulating herself in a clear and straightforward manner that immediately gets straight to the point.

Writing alongside other authors too, she definitely has her own style, producing work that’s extremely compelling and engaging in equal manner. There’s a lot of ideas buried at the heart of her work, which she keeps accessible and entertaining, making sure that it’s easy and fun to follow. Knowing her audience well, she ensures that her books are fun to read, whilst also ensuring that they’re true and authentic to her at the same time. Producing work for larger collections too, she’s collaborated with long-running series, as well as publishing her own distinct stories.

Many of her books also contain compelling characters driving them forwards too, as she really understands how to create long lasting characters as well. This is something that she really excels at, introducing numerous protagonists who definitely leave a strong impression on the reader long after they’ve put the book down. Pushing each concept to its fullest, she really makes the most of her material too, allowing her books to fully come to life for the reader. With a lot more to follow in the future, she’s definitely a writer to watch in the years to come, as there’s a lot more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Interested in both reading and writing from an early age, Jessica Lewis would always hold a strong passion for literature. A receptionist from Alabama originally, she would draw heavily from her own life, always looking for inspiration from the world around her to help inspire her. With degrees in both English Literature and Animal Science, she would continue to develop her love of writing creatively. Currently living in Alabama, she continues to write regularly as her writing career continues to grow from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Starting out collaborating with other writers, Lewis would begin her career with romance stories, many of which were written alongside the author Maggie Shayne. Later, though, she would turn to writing her own stories, beginning with the Young Adult horror fantasy ‘Bad Witch Burning’ in 2021. This would prove to be hugely successful, making a name for her as a writer to watch, and with something important to say. Inspired and creative, many would respond to her writing, as she would create a rich and inventive world for readers to explore, featuring well written characters inhabiting it.

Bad Witch Burning

Originally brought out in 2021 through the Delacorte publishing label, this would first come out on the 24th of August. An extremely fun and entertaining story from Jessica Lewis, this would feature many horror elements, with strong characters throughout. A stand-alone title, it’s a funny novel with a lot to say, and it would be Lewis’ first solo book, being a self-contained story. It’s a Young Adult fantasy with elements of horror, using well written characters to help drive it forwards for the reader.

There’s a lot of magic at the center of this story, with a witchy narrative that draws from the likes Sabrina and the film Us. The story itself has so much too, with a highly compelling story that really does make the most of it premise, as both the characters and setting are well managed. Knowing exactly what she wants from the story, Lewis really goes above and beyond in what is a very well told novel.

Working as a psychic for hire, Katrell is paid to reach the dead and speak to loved ones that have recently passed. The only problem is that it doesn’t make much money, which she needs for the upkeep of her mother and her mother’s string of deadbeat boyfriends. That’s when a ghost arrives to tell her that she must stop her psychic activities, otherwise everything will be ‘burned down’ to the ground. Unfortunately though, she finds herself raising the dead, which leads to a slew of new troubles, as dark forces begin to close in on her and her loved ones.

Baby By Christmas

Part of a series titled ‘Bliss in Big Falls’ that was started by fellow author Maggie Shayne, this would be the fifth novel in the franchise. Initially brought out in 2017 on the 27th of November, this first came out through the ‘Thunderfoot Publishing, Inc.,’ imprint to much acclaim. Writing the book alongside Shayne, this would be a joint collaboration between her and Lewis, it being an early novel from Jessica Lewis as an author.

This is a heart-warming book with a sensitive, engaging, and compelling story that really works on every single level. It’s perfect not only for fans of the series, but fans of the romance genre as a whole, as well as introducing reader to Jessica Lewis as a writer for the first time. There’s a lot here for the reader to really enjoy, making it a great stand-alone romance story, which also contains arcs from the other books in the series.

Waiting in a bar to see off her brother, as he’s set to be deployed overseas, Allie finds herself unwittingly dragged into a bar brawl. That’s when a handsome stranger saves her bringing the two of them together for a one-night stand before he’s set to head off to Afghanistan. He finds that he can’t forget her whilst he’s away though, as the memories of their time together come to haunt his dreams. Now Logan’s commanding officer wants him to spend leave with his family over Christmas, and he returns to find not only the woman of his dreams waiting at the airport, but a pregnancy on the way.

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