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Publication Order of Jessica McClain Books

Jessica McClain was born the only female in an all male race, but the problem is that she’s not a wolf. The superstitious wolves call her a witch, a curse and the daughter of evil. Jessica therefore decides to fight in order to gain her freedom. She is only nineteen at this time and she goes into the ring and fights. Right after the fight, she is brutally attacked and she wonders if that will be enough to gain her freedom, or whether she is going to be compelled to endure such hatred for longer.

After giving us a taste of what to expect in “Blooded”, the author released the first novel in the series and it is called “Full Blooded”. After living under the radar for the last twenty-six years, Jessica is thrust unexpectedly into her first change, a full ten years late. After waking up and finding herself in the midst of a huge storm, she finds herself the lone female werewolf. The supernatural world has already started scrambling to get a piece of Jessica. Her new pack must therefore rise up to protect her.

However, not everyone’s on board because The werewolf Rights of Laws is missing some text. The superstitious werewolves start to think that their race is about to be eliminated. It also doesn’t help when Jessica realizes that she’s more than just a werewolf. She discovers that she can transform partly and maintain her form while speaking to her own wolf. Her alpha father is also unable to control her the way he can control the other wolves. The vampires then hire a mercenary to go and gather information concerning the new werewolf only a few days after Jessica has turned. Jessica’s pack of werewolves then find themselves in the midst of war and they have no other choice other than run together.

This means that it is up to Jessica to go and negotiate for her release but her father is against this decision. An offer for assistance is then presented to her and in exchange, she has to pledge an oath that may end up costing her life. Unique and bewitching are words that can be used to describe this werewolf novel. There are dynamic characters all over the place and Jessica’s pack of werewolves is formidable. There is unrelenting action that keeps the reader turning the pages.

The world building can be described as fluid and you will not even realize that it’s happening. The premise behind the book is also very interesting. The only female living in a male dominated world is not something that you see every day. The problem with the lone female is that she doesn’t have the shape shifting gene. After a few years of living life as a mere mortal, she suddenly turns and from this moment on, things start to escalate. This was her biggest dream but it could also turn out to be her worst nightmare. Full blooded is the author’s way of introducing the reader to the heroine of the series.

The second book in this series is called “Hot Blooded”. In this story, we find our heroine having a very bad week. Her boyfriend has just been kidnapped by a goddess hell-bent on revenge-but Jessica is playing for keeps. Being the lone female werewolf, Jessica has her own rules and powers. She is assisted by two pack members, two vampires and a reluctant human in a bid to rescue her boyfriend. In the midst of it all, she has to deal with the fact that she is a wolf.

The second book in this series is packed with action, and Jessica McClain goes on a wild adventure. There is an angry goddess that she must contend with, and there are many demons, monsters and newly risen beasts to compound her dire situation. Her saving grace is the fact that she is the most powerful creature among the werewolves and also the strongest and fastest. A female werewolf has been prophesized as the one who will destroy the entire werewolf race. A different prophecy states that she is the one who will bring some balance to her supernatural community.

Jessica McClain is not ready to rule over the werewolves and neither does she want to bring the so-called balance to her supernatural community. No matter what these prophecies say, all that she wants is for other werewolves to leave her alone to operate her small private investigator business. In the first book, world building was somewhat neglected because the author focused on character development. However, in the second book, the author redeems herself in this aspect. Mythological creatures were all over the place and Jessica McClain and her allies had to battle them in order to save her boyfriend, Rourke.

Hot Blooded is also packed with heart-pounding action. In order to save her boyfriend from an evil goddess called Selene, Jessica must battle her way past a forest filled with traps laid out by the underworld. She’s incredibly strong and she is immune to evil magic thrown her way. She also has a quick wit and is a kind person who is always willing to risk certain death in order to save another person. We find the perfect balance in the main character because even though she is strong and stubborn, she is also thoughtful and compassionate.

One thing that Hot Blooded may be lacking is romance. Even though Jessica and her mate discovered that they had a mating bond, they did not have a chance to exercise it because Rourke was kidnapped and Jessica was forced to go into battle in order to rescue him. This means that Rourke ended up missing in action throughout most of the book. While both of these characters are adorable, the reader doesn’t get to be engrossed in any romance because one partner is missing. Hopefully, this is going to change in the next installment of the series. Rourke seems like the perfect mate for Jessica and it would be a shame if this fledgling romance was not allowed to run its course. Maybe we can look forward to this romance in the third installment.

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