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About Jessica Shirvington

An Australian author of Young Adult, romance, science-fiction and fantasy novels, Jessica Shirvington is a highly skilled novelist with a worldwide following. Creating long lasting and much loved series and franchises, she has introduced iconic characters that have won the world over, with her easy to relate to and ever accessible style. Knowing exactly who she’s writing for, she has fun with the form, creating vast and expansive worlds for her readers to lose themselves in, as her books will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1979 on the 15th of April, Jessica Shirvington would grow up in Sydney where she was born and raised, taking in inspiration from the world about her. Taking to literature from a young age, she would pursue her passion for both writing and reading with a real sense of vigor, always immersing herself in books. Her love of the written word would progress throughout the years, as she would continue to come back to it, constantly refining and honing her craft.

She would also go on to develop this love of writing throughout her education, evolving her craft and building upon it. Further establishing her style and tone, she would later come to meet her husband to be, the Olympian turned sports broadcaster Matt Shirvington, at the age of seventeen. With the two of them now living together along with their two daughters Winter and Sienna, she continues to write to this present day.

Writing Career

Producing her first novel in 2011, Jessica Shirvington would mark her debut onto the literary scene with the title ‘Embrace’. This would also be the first in a long-running series of novels that went under the same name, as well as being called ‘The Violet Eden Chapters’ too. In time she would also write the ‘Disruption’ series of novels, both of which were published in 2014, the first one being ‘Disruption’ and the second ‘Corruption’.

She would also go on to produce work such as the picture book ‘Just The Way We Are’ in 2018, along with a number of stand-alone titles too. Winning various awards and nominations for her work throughout the years, she would establish a name for herself, one that would come to be recognized the world over. Running various companies and restaurants too, she has a wealth of experience to draw from, something which she’ll continue for a long time yet.


Originally brought out through the Hachette publishing label, this was first released on the 11th of October in 2011 to an already eager audience. Following off the back of the previous title, it provided the third novel in the ongoing ‘Violet Eden Chapters’ collection of stories. Known as the ‘Embrace’ series, as well as the ‘Engel-Saga’ too, they follow the character of Violet Eden as she finds herself as an angel.

Making up another instalment in a long and entertaining series of novels, this keeps the pace flowing at a brisk and fun pace. Developing her character, it sees her becoming more fully formed, staying in the imaginations of the readers long after they’ve put the book down. Taking place across a variety of different locations as well, it really manages to evoke a true sense of scale and scope as well. The fantasy elements of the story are also brilliantly realized too, as they seek to create a world that is at once both whole and believable in equal measure.

Violet is coming to terms with the fact that she is actually an angel, overcoming the difficulties that this initially presented to her. Needing to deal with a choice that now awaits her, she has something that Phoenix, the exiled angel, wants from her and her alone. Not wanting to let it fall into his hands, she must do everything within her power to prevent it from happening, but, despite her best efforts, he always seems to be but just one step ahead. Along with her allies now, she quickly comes to realize that he aims to open the gates of Hell, as she returns to her home in Greece following a confrontation she had with her father. Will she be able to prevent Phoenix from getting what he wants? What is the prophecy and will it come to pass? Who will this emblaze?

Between the Lives

This was first released on the 1st of May in 2013, with it being originally published through the ‘HarperCollins Australia’ publishing label. It would work as an entirely stand-alone novel, with its own self-contained narrative, not being a part of any over-arcing series or franchise. The story itself was a succinct one based on a straight-forwards and imaginary concept, allowing the readers to invest themselves in not only the world, but the message of the book.

Working as a fantastical romance novel with elements of science-fiction, this is an imaginative concept based story from Shirvington. Targeted at a Young Adult audience of readers, it really sets a tone that is easy to relate to, whilst capturing the imagination and fully challenging it. Looking into profound and deeper concepts, such as what identity really is, it manages to say everything that the author really wants to say, whilst also being entertaining at the same time. Examining growing up and finding a place in the world, it uses the concept expertly, taking the story to a whole new level in the process.

Sabine has a life that is entirely non-conventional, in that she is living two separate lives, both running in tandem with one another. One day she’ll live her life as the popular girl with popular friends, expensive clothes, perfect grades and an equally perfect boyfriend who everyone wants. Then, every twenty-four hours, she ‘shifts’ whereby she has to live the same day again, as she becomes the girl that’s considered a ‘rebel’ along with her friends, whilst her family faces financial difficulties. One day though, in this second life she meets Ethan who she feels really challenges and understands her, as she is finally offered the chance to live just one life. What will she decide, and can she leave everything behind her? Who is she really? How will she find herself when living between the lives?

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