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Wandering Wild (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Map for Wrecked Girls (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who We Were in the Dark (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Coming from California, the American writer Jessica Taylor is an author of Young Adult fiction who has been writing for quite some time now, have produced an extensive backlog of work over the years. Largely focusing on character studies, she provides an insight into the lives of her young protagonists, something which her ever growing audience of readers worldwide find increasingly easy to relate to. With her work resonating on a deeper level, she has a gift for speaking to her readers in an almost intimate manner, one that speaks to them on an equal level.

Making her material highly accessible too, her novels and stories resonate with readers worldwide, regardless of where they’re from, something which is due to the universality of her given themes. Writing in a style that is not only idiosyncratic, but uniquely intimate too, she really evokes an idea of what it really is to be young, something which her many readers have also come to appreciate too. Creating thrillers too, she also has a gift for suspense as well, building a level of tension throughout that never lets up, creating a tone that really draws her readers in, allowing them to immerse themselves in her rich and inventive worlds. Her use of language is highly involving too, as she really has an ear for dialogue, speaking in manner that really reflects the world of her protagonists, especially as they go about their lives, which seems wholly realistic. Knowing exactly what she wants from the genre and what it is that she wants to say, she writes with a high degree of precision, articulating herself with a confidence and clarity that is quite unlike any other writer currently working within her particular field to date. It is also her characters that are timeless too, as their personalities stay with the reader long after they’ve finished the novel, something that will carry on for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1985 on the 6th of September, Jessica Taylor would grow up to hold a lifelong affinity for the written word, something that she would nurture throughout the years to come. Going on to gain a degree in law, she would focus herself on her love of writing, something that would never leave, as she constantly honed and refined her voice. Taking in inspiration from the world around her, she would constantly be putting her experiences back into her work, whilst continuing to constantly look for the next big idea. Living in Northern California, she now writes full-time to this very day, continuing to put out work at a regular pace, along with her dog from her home near San Francisco.

Writing Career

Writing her first novel in 2015, Jessica Taylor would make her debut onto the literary scene with the title ‘Wandering Wild’, which would work to establish her name. Following this up not long after, she would then bring out ‘A Map For Wrecked Girls’ which, whilst not being a part of any series, would both feature outcasts in a sense. This would come to be a recurring theme in the years to come for Jessica Taylor, as she would return to these themes time and time again, something that her many fans continue to enjoy to this present day.

Wandering Wild

Setting up what was to be her first book, this would see Jessica Taylor make quite an impact on her initial debut onto the literary scene. Released in 2015 on the 3rd of May, it would originally be released through the ‘Sky Pony Press’ publishing label, and would be a self-contained story, not being a part of any series as such. Providing a completely self-contained story, it would establish many Taylor’s core ideas and principles, giving readers a clear idea of what to expect in the following years to come.

Telling a story of people who are essentially outcasts from society, Taylor really shows an affection for her characters in her first story. This is something that will continue to reoccur throughout her career, as she builds strong leading protagonists, as they essentially come alive off of the page. It is also her extremely evocative use of language that brings the deep south of America to life as well, as it really allows the wild to become a character in of itself almost.

Traveling the roads of the southern wild in her Chevy by day, whilst sleeping in her trailer tent by night, Tal is a resourceful sixteen year old once raised by Wanderers. Knowing how to con and grift to make ends meet and get by, she makes just enough to keep her fifteen year old brother, Wen, from bare knuckle boxing. That’s when Spencer Sway shows up in her life after she attempts to scam him at billiards, but soon she finds she may be able to use him to get the life that they’d both always dreamed of. Will she manage it? Where will her journey take them? Can she continue wandering wild?

A Map for Wrecked Girls

Brought out through the Dial Books publishing label this time, this would originally come out on the 15th of August in 2017. Working as another stand-alone title, this would also not be a part of any series as such, providing yet another completely self-contained story. Focusing on adolescents once more too, this shows a clear development from Taylor’s last novel, as she progresses her many themes and ideas as a writer.

Emma had always lived in the shadow of her older sister Henri, a sister who had always eclipsed her, being the queen bee that she was in everything. That is when they have their major mishap in the form of being washed up in a gorgeous, but isolated, paradise, as they’re stranded together, along with another boy called Alex. With Alex and Emma banding together it seems that Emma and Henri are drifting further and further apart, as they must deal with the past and find one another once again. Will they be able to escape the island? What secrets does their past hold? Can they find a map for wrecked girls?

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