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About Jessica Winter

An American writer, Jessica Winter is a gifted novelist who’s been publishing work through several different outlets for some time now. With a unique and distinct voice she really stands out as a novelist with something different to say, pushing the boundaries and the format. Writing in a humorous and irreverent style, she has made her mark coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Knowing her audience and her readers, she is definitely a novelist who knows exactly what she wants to say and precisely how to say it.

Funny and engaging, she has reached a global audience, making the most of the format, saying something different in the process. Touching on a number of different universal themes and ideas, her work has found a loyal following of readers from all over the world. Taking a wry look at contemporary subject matter, she casts her own unique perspective, making it accessible to readers from all over. Satirizing modern phenomena such as celebrity, she speaks in a wholly authentic and realistic manner.

Her use of character is also something to really be admired too, as she creates personalities that truly stand out from the page. Leaving a strong impression upon the reader, she allows them to take something away from their reading experience each and every time. She also brings some of her own experience when writing too, allowing it to inspire her, giving her fiction an intimate feel to it. With plenty more to come too, she really isn’t stopping any time soon either, as her writing career carries on into the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen interest in all things literature, Jessica Winter would gain a strong passion for both reading and writing from early on. Growing up in America, she would develop her voice as a writer, finding exactly what it was that she wanted to say. Writing for a number of different publications, she would make a name for herself, establishing herself as a key presence on the literary scene.

Producing work for several different outlets, she would find her audience and build her brand, all while setting both her style and tone. This would continue throughout the years, as she’d come to find her audience, saying precisely what it was she wanted to say. Currently living in Brooklyn in New York with her family, she continues to write to this present day, with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career

The first novel that Jessica Winter would release was titled ‘Break in Case of Emergency’ and this would establish her as a fully fledged author. Prior to this she wrote for publications such as ‘The New Yorker,’ ‘Bookforum,’ and ‘Slate,’ all of which helped create her name. She would later follow up her first novel with the book ‘The Fourth Child’ in 2021, and this would also achieve a high level of success. There’s a lot more planned for the future too, as she maintains a presence both online and off, with a lot more to come yet.

Break in Case of Emergency

First published in 2016 on the 12th of July through the Knopf publishing imprint, this would be a stand-alone title from Jessica Winter. It would also be her first debut novel, establishing her as an author for the first time, introducing her to the literary world at large. It’s a fairly straightforward story filled with plenty of humor and satire, in what is a sharp and extremely incisive title.

There’s a strong cast of characters here, and the story itself reflects the working world in an intelligent fashion. With plenty to say, Winter makes her point heard clearly and concisely, allowing the story to reflect some key and major points. The story itself is engaging and well told, with a compelling premise that ensures the reader keeps turning the page throughout.

It’s 2008 and, spurred on by the economic crisis taking place at the time, Jen leaves her job to take on a position in a feminist non-profit. In her early thirties, Jen hopes to make a difference, but she soon finds the organization is more interested in bureaucracy, cutting each other down, and creating acronyms. Jen begins to feel complicit in this hostile atmosphere, all under the watchful eye of the egotistical boss, Leora Infinitas, as she begins to learn the truth about this place and herself. Will she be able to make proper sense of it all? Can she find her own way here? What will she do when she finds that she needs to break in case of emergency?

The Fourth Child

Originally brought out through the Harper publishing label, this would first come out in 2021 on the 9th of March. With an already eager following of fans from around the world, this would be the second stand-alone title from Jessica Winter. Providing another slice-of-life with a strong message at the center of it, it focuses on its characters, delivering a story through their perspective.

This book features a number of different themes and ideas, from adolescence to religion, faith, and coming-of-age and growing up. It’s a clever story, again with a lot to say from Jessica Winter herself, as it brings both the world and the characters that inhabit it to life. Touching and sensitive, it really works at creating an engaging and compelling story, and one that makes the most of its intriguing premise.

Taking place in 1991, this sees Jane as an intelligent and book-smart Catholic trying to find her way in high-school, before becoming pregnant, leading to her raising a family in her early twenties. Then, in 1991 itself when her own children begin to become independent themselves, Jane begins to turn her attention to a local pro-life group. She also adopts a child from Eastern Europe and difficulties soon arise, all the while Jane finds herself questioning things once more. Will she find her way in the world? How will things turn out for Jane in the end? What will become of the fourth child?

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