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Jessie Keane is one of the famous British authors who has written a number of highly successful novels based on the drama and crime genre. She lives in Hampshire, but is very much fascinated by the beauty of the city of London. Due to this fascination and her interest towards the underworld led author Keane to write her first novel titled Dirty Game. Even though this novel did not see much success, it helped her to get some experience about how the writing and publishing worlds function. She also gained much confidence from her first attempt and as a result, she went on to write a number of bestseller novels in her writing career. Some of her best sellers include Black Widow, The Make, Nameless, Scarlet Women, Playing Dead. Author was born and brought up in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Her parents belonged to the Protestants and were very rich due to their family business. Due to this, she lived a very wealthy life. But when she 14 years old, her family’s company became bankrupt. Therefore, she had to struggle a lot financially during that time and had to earn her living by doing several dead end jobs.

Author Keane was the only girl child of her parents among the 8 siblings and also the youngest of all. Her financial struggle forced her to take up writing at a very young age. Initially, she used to write the scripts of only puppet shows at the age of 8 for her primary school plays. She used to win literary prizes on many occasions for her determined efforts. However, the first genuine novel that author Keane wrote in her professional writing career was published in the year 2008. It was titled a Dirty Game. At first, she was reluctant in publishing the novel, but when a telephonic conversation with a publisher boosted her confidence by praising comments she eventually published and received some success. The novel featured the main fictional character in the form of Annie Bailey and became further successful. After the success of the novel, author Keane continued to write a collection of few more books featuring the same character of Annie Bailey. With the enormous success of her first novel, Keane was able to win a total of 5 National Book Awards. A number of other books written by her have been described as utterly compelling by various reviewers. As of today, she is working on her second novel series titled Ruby Darke alongside the Annie Bailey/Carter series. Currently, she lives in London and Southampton.

The Annie Carter series written by author Jessie Keane consists of a total of 6 books published between the years 2008 and 2014. The debut novel of the series was published under the title ‘Dirty Game’. It was released by the HarperTorch publishing house in 2008. The plot of this novel revolves around the happenings in the lives of the primary characters named Annie Bailey, Ruthie, and Max Carter. It shows the elements of dangerous love, murder, and adultery, which collide together to produce a gritty thriller novel set in the East End of London. The novel appears to be a perfect read for the fans of Lynda La Plante and Martina Cole. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Annie Bailey has always lived under the protection of her elder sister named Ruthie for longer than she ever remembers.

Ruthie appears to try and lay her hands on a top class villain named Max Carter, much feared person and the head of the Carter family. She did not feel any problem in seducing Max Carter, but the shame, guilt, rejection, and anger that followed after that made her feel troublesome. As a result, Ruthie loses her focus on Annie Bailey, who gets thrown on the streets to live on her own. Later, Annie goes on to live with her wayward aunt named Celia, who seems to be keeping some shocking secrets. As time passes by, she begins to develop her resourceful nature and mature enough to live her life on her own, although not by legal means. However, it appeared that Annie was playing with fire and was certain to get her hands burned. Therefore, her top connections and new lavish lifestyle seemed to crash down at any time. Unwittingly, Annie Bailey finds herself in between 2 rival gangs and upsets many people from both the sides. But, with her extraordinary skills, Annie was sure that she will be able to come out of any situation.

The next novel of the Annie Carter series written by author Jessie Keane was released under the title ‘Black Widow’. It was published by the Harper publishing house in 2009. The story of this book continues to revolve around the lives of the central characters named Annie Bailey and Max Carter, along with a few others such as Layla and several others. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that Annie Bailey ha become the queen of all the gangs in the East End Madam of London and uses her power to protect her daughter’s life. She has now become Annie Carter, the wife of Max Carter and as a result, controls the East End. However, she was aware of the fact that everything was not going to remain the same forever. Her life was going very well as she had the fearful Max Carter as her husband and living in Majorca. Annie had also become the head of the Carter group firms alongside her husband. She was also happy to have a beautiful daughter in the form of Layla. Life had taught her that anything can change with just the blink of an eye. On one occasion, when she comes out of her pool, she finds that her husband and daughter are gone. After some time, Annie Carter gets a call for ransom from the kidnappers of her daughter, who threatened to kill Layla if their demands were not met. Now, the only option left with Annie Carter is to go back to the East End of the city of London and gather together the Carter firm. She knows that she has a score to settle and she will do it in her own style.

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  1. Diana Passmore: 1 year ago

    Love your books,only found you about 8 weeks ago and already read most of them from the library and purchased on e bay. How do you keep the reader longing to be able to sit down and find out what happens next, I call this brilliant and thank you so much for hours of pleasure.

  2. Annie Mansfield: 2 years ago

    I’ve just read one of your books. I was in hospital for a while and ran out of reading material and there was a few books people had left after reading and I picked up your book scarlet woman and I loved it. I’m now going to make it my mission to find more as you are an amazing writer. It said on the book as good as Martina Cole and I have read all of hers. You are such a talented writer that she should have written on her books ( as good as Jessie Keane )

  3. Sandra Nicholls: 2 years ago

    Absolutely love your books read most of them just finished The Manor read in order hoping will be a follow on from The Manor.Desperately want a happy ending for Belle and Milly obviously with twists and turns excitement.Thankyou Regards Sarn x


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