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A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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You Should Have Told Me We Have Nothing Left (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Everything Changes(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
New Australian Fiction 2020(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Jessie Tu

The author Jessie Tu is a novelist with a lot to say, writing from her own unique perspective, creating fiction that really resonates with the reader. Coming a long way in a short amount of time, she would rise in popularity fast, reaching a wide range of readers from across the world. Writing from her own outlook, she would draw upon ideas that were universal, while making them true to her. This would prove to be hugely successful, allowing her to become the writer she currently is today, saying exactly what it is she wants to say.

Knowing her audience well, she would speak directly to them through her work, whilst also remaining true to herself. Drawing from many of her own experiences, she would feature characters that were similar to people from within her own life. This inspiration would manage to create a real sense of authenticity throughout her work, and something which her audience would respond well to. Bringing the reader in, her writing would have an immersive quality to it, making it easy to pick up, yet difficult to put down.

There’s a lot to discover within the writing of Jessie Tu as it has layers of subtext to it quite unlike anything else. Creating a rich tapestry, Tu guides the reader, taking them on a journey that weaves all over the place, giving them something to really invest themselves in. She’s a gifted writer on a number of different levels, really evoking a strong sense of atmosphere and ambiance throughout. Coupled with her compelling premises, she creates a rich narrative that really works well with her many different themes and ideas.

Her characters are also extremely well drawn, coming to life off of the page and really leaving an impact with the reader. Standing out, each character has their own life, as they look and sound extremely real in a manner quite unlike anything else. Many readers have reacted positively to this, as they’re lives ring true with a real grounded sense of realism and authenticity. With a lot more to come yet, she really isn’t finishing any time soon, as her writing career continues to grow upwards and onwards.

Early and Personal Life

The daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, Jessie Tu would grow up with a strong connection with her heritage and culture. This would be something that would come to be reflected within her work in the years to follow, as she would develop her own style and tone. Growing up with Australian literature, she would seek to make her own stories that reflected her own life and experiences. This creativity would prove to be successful in the years to follow, as it would come to shape much of her output.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer Jessie Tu would train as a classical violinist for over fifteen years before turning to writing. She would go on to teach music herself at Kambala and St. Ignatius College to name just a few institutions she would tutor in. Teaching in refugee camps within the Middle East as well, she would gain a wealth of experience that would all go back into her work. Now she writes full-time for a number of different publications, while also making a name for herself writing fiction.

Writing Career

In 2020 Jessie Tu would see her debut release with the novel titled ‘A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing’ make its way on to the literary scene. Lauded by critics and readers alike, many would praise its new and interesting perspective, as it would say something wholly different. Prior to this she would write fiction for different publications and collections, making a name for herself with this too.

Working as an editor and as a journalist, she would hone her voice whilst making a name for herself with the reading public at large. She has also won several poetry and writing awards for her work too, as she would also release a book of poetry back in 2018. All of this has gone towards making her the success that she currently is today, as she continues to write, with plenty more titles planned for release on the horizon.

A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing

First published back in 2020 on the 2nd of July, this would come out through the ‘Allen and Unwin’ publishing label to much acclaim. The debut novel from Jessie Tu, it would manage to mark her down as a writer to watch with something of her own to say. Not a part of any series as such it would be a stand-alone novel that was entirely self-contained with a story grounded firmly in reality. Setting the benchmark for much of what was to follow from Jessie Tu, it’s a story about someone trying to find meaning, and portrays this extremely well.

Playing the violin, Jena Chung feels that where once she was a child prodigy, she’s now washed up at the age of twenty-two. Struggling her way through life, she finally meets Mark, who’s much older and seems worldly and wise, as she believes herself to be falling in love with him. Then she’s given an internship at the New York Philharmonic, and her whole life feels like it’s turning around, but then Trump is elected and everything seems to change. Will she find the life she’s always dreamed of, how will life change for her, and what will become of her as she comes to realize a lonely girl is a dangerous thing?

Previous Writing

Working for the online website ‘Women’s Agenda,’ Jessie Tu is a gifted journalist, producing a variety of different articles and pieces. Known for her unique style of reporting, she’s proven herself to be well versed on a number of issues, commenting in a variety of publications. Her voice is wholly singular, as she’s also written for numerous compendiums, including the 2020 ‘New Australian Fiction’ collection. A very vocal writer, she’s not afraid to voice her opinion, speaking out often, making a name for herself that will stand the test of time for years to come.

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