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Jesus Creek Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Jesus Creek Mystery Books

All the Great Pretenders (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Crazy Winters (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Dark Disguises (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Hungry Mothers (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Deadly Beloved (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Blood Relations (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Dirty Cowards (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
All The Ice-Cold Blood (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jesus Creek Mystery is a thrilling series by Deborah Adams. This Mystery sequel is set in Jesus Creek, a town that looks sleepy, but the police say it is on the terror itinerary. Well, this is not a mere threat, at all since, in the middle of St Patrick’s Day celebrations, a pretty rich girl is murdered. Soon enough, Clever Kay, a waitress at the local B&B, finds a pentagram stating that she is next on the murder’s list. More bodies are going to turn up in subsequent books, and whatever the season, there will be psychos out there trying to settle scores and cover their murderous tracks. Enjoy this action-packed series made up of interesting characters and enough twists and turns to keep you reading to the last piece.

All the Great Pretenders

All the Great Pretenders is the first book in the Jesus Creek Mystery series. It’s set in a small town right in the middle of the Southern summer. The book features Kate Yancy, a hardworking woman running the Twin Elms Inn for her brother, the mayor. Kate’s brother is mostly absent in the Inn, and it is up to Kate to ensure that everything in there is running smoothly. Kate does a good job, and while her brother is busy running the campaigns, the Inn is operational and attracting guests who are in Jesus Creek for the summer holidays.

While Kate tries her best, managing the Inn is not easy. For one, she has to deal with the chambermaid who acts like a beauty queen. There is also the cook who is a religious fanatic. Throw in a handful of peculiar guests, and it is clear that Kate has a lot on her plate. Her days are filled with numerous tasks and endless discussions with staff and guests. Despite all this, Kate enjoys her time in her brother’s Inn. With summer excitement, she is anticipating a good flow of guests and a bit of adventure in the otherwise sleepy town.

All is going well until a guest to the B&B disappears. The beautiful young girl is rich and beautiful, and her case becomes the center of attention in Jesus Creek and beyond. Kate is thrown into a media frenzy that brings her and her brother more attention than they ever wanted. A second man turns up in Kate’s Inn, claiming to be a psychic hired by the family of the guest who disappeared. The once quiet Inn turns into a madhouse, and Kate is getting tired of running the Inn and dealing with her brother’s antics. The psychic doesn’t make things any more manageable, and it is becoming hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. The rest of Jesus Creek is enjoying the summer. There are celebrations, numerous visitors to spice things up not to mention the yardful of reporters

All the Great Pretenders is a great mystery story with many hair raising moments and a lot of humor. While the mayhem is modest, the action throughout the story is on another level. The main character is lovable, and the rest of the cast is nothing but enjoyable. Get to read about a rural shindig that reads like a soap opera and fall in love with all the characters and the small town of Jesus Creek. If you are looking for a mystery piece that you can enjoy in a single sitting, All the Great Pretenders is an ideal choice. It’ll be impossible to resist the temptation to read the next copy if only to find out what happens next.

All the Crazy Winters

All the Crazy Winters is the second book in the Jesus Creek Mystery series, where foul play makes another appearance in this small town. The story starts with the murder of Estelle Carhart, a retired teacher, and a librarian at the local library. Delia was a soft-hearted soul, so kind that she could not collect any fines for books that are overdue. Her death shocks the whole of Jesus Creek, more so because the murderer is nowhere to be found. Who could have killed this gentlewoman, and what was their motivation? Did the killers find whatever they wanted, or can the residents expect to see more bodies?

Delia Conon is a library volunteer who also doubles as an amateur gynecologist. Delia suspects that there is a connection between Estelle’s death and the burning of an antebellum house. While Delia is right to be suspicious, she has no idea that she already knows too much for her good. There is someone in this small town who wants her out of the library for good. Delia does not realize that her life is in danger until much later in the story. Will Dalia be the next librarian to die in this town? How is the young girl going to stay ahead of the person who is so keen to kill her?

Aside from the thrill of discovering new clues that add to the murder puzzle, enjoy the humorous dialogue between the characters. It is also interesting to read about Delia’s suspicions about her colleague’s murder and whatever else is going on in Jesus Creek. The story flows well, and the cast is made up of interesting characters.

Delia is the central character in this story. This young girl comes with a likable personality, and her inquisitive nature helps her pick things that are oblivious to the average eye. The other essential character is Sarah Elizabeth Leach, a daughter to the matriarch Eliza Leach, an exciting personality. These two, together with other minor characters, make quite a team that turns this story into a page-turner.

You want a thriller that will keep you glued to the pages and make you laugh at the same time? All Crazy Winters is an ideal choice. This book is a mix of a great story, an exciting cast, and a fast pace where a lot is going on. The book is beautifully written, and the author is successful in transporting the reader to the town of Jesus Creek, where all the action seems to be happening.

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