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Russell Blake is an American author of thriller novels and more. He has written nearly two dozen novels and counting and tries to write up to ten thousand words a day. Russell Blake has published the majority of his books himself but was also chosen to write two books with Clive Cussler that ended up being about the treasure hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo in The Eye of Heaven and the sequel, The Solomon Curse.

Blake was named one of the most popular indie novelists in 201. He also became the bestselling author of many standalone novels that did quite well. These include Zero Sum, The Geronimo Breach, Fatal Exchange, Night of the Assassin, The Delphi Chronicle trilogy, Silver Justice, The Voynich Cypher, and far more.

Blake’s nonfiction work includes an animal biography that was titled An Angel with Fur. it became an international bestseller. He also wrote a parody of a writing guide that he called How to Sell a Gazillion eBooks in No Time.

He currently lives in Mexico and is a retired real estate developer. Russell Blake says that he likes to spend his time hanging out with his dogs, doing a little fishing, going boating on the waters, drinking fresh tequila and doing some writing.

The Jet Series features the main character of Jet. She is 28 years old and was a lethal operative in the Mossad before turning on them and faking her own death in order to be free of them and that identity as well. Can she ever really be free of them?

There are thirteen books in this exciting series with potential for much more or even a spinoff series to happen! Jet will have you rooting for this tough protagonist as she works her way out of situations that are weirder than you could have ever dreamed. If you loved Lisbeth from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books, you will love this heroine too.

Jet is the first book in the exciting Jet series by Russell Blake! Jet is 28 years old and faked her death in order to get rid of her identity as the Mossad’s most dangerous operative. It’s never that easy to get out, but she’s desperate to do it and will take the consequences of her actions. But it’s never really that easy to get rid of the past, and she’s got to deal with what is going to follow her out. The past doesn’t want to give up on its secrets that easily.

Jet finds a new way of life on a peaceful island that is starting to feel like home. But when the island comes under attack and is brutally messed up by it, Jet’s world shatters into a thousand pieces and she is back to a life that depends on a certain amount of savagery as well as deception in it to get by. The turns and the twists keep on coming in this riveting debut novel of the Jet series by bestselling author Russell Blake!

This first book in the Jet series features a new type of heroine and a main character that will have you excited for her to make it all the way. No matter what happens, whether she is attacked or taken by surprise, Jet powers through and finds a way always to survive and try and save those that she cares about. It’s the only thing that defines her and she’s got to make sure that they stay safe.

The turns keep coming in this nonstop, fast-paced first novel in the Jet series by Russell Blake. Just when you think the action is over, Jet finds out that she might have more family to worry about than she thinks. Pick up this book to find out for yourself what happens!

Betrayal is the second book in the exciting Jet series from Russell Blake in the tradition of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, SALT, and the Bourne series. You’re going to love this series if you love fast-paced adventure novels, that is for sure. The action never stops in the first novel and it keeps going at breakneck speed as they carry on.

Jet is up against the odds once more. She may be a former Mossad operative, but just because she escaped the operative doesn’t mean that she is a total superhero now. At least not on any official level. With one foe defeated and one obstacle behind her, Jet must turn her attention to other things.

Jet is caught up in a race where she must come up against crazy odds in order to try and protect the people that she loves. Almost from the start is a fast-paced race that goes all the way from the wheat fields of Nebraska to the secretive centers of power located in the heart of Washington, D.C. and even to the jungles of Laos and the streets of Bangkok.

If you love page-turning thriller novels full of adventure, you cannot miss this lively sequel from Russell Blake! The powerhouse that is Jet is back, and she’s ready to take on new challenges in this gritty second novel of the Jet series to protect someone that she cares about.

Even if it does mean tracking down the man known as The White Devil and stealing back all of the diamonds that he took. If she can get them back from the streets of Thailand, maybe she can get what she wants too. They picked the wrong time to mess with the wrong mama, that’s for sure.

Now Jet is forced out on a mission to get back $50 million worth of diamonds. If you loved the Jason Bourne series or any other action series will enjoy this action-adventure series from the active mind of this bestselling author!

If you love books that are full of exotic locations, colorful characters, tons of action and plot twists, you will certainly love this series starring the tough but lovable Jet. With plenty of books in the series to read, you can follow Jet through endless adventures and see how things turn out! But first, pick up Jet and Betrayal– you’ll be glad you did!

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    So far the best series have ever read,has a good flow,,,after the assasin series,,,so sweet a series

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    great books series jet

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