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Jewel E. Ann is an American published author of fiction.

Jewel would describe herself as a free spirit and a romance addict. She admits that she has an unusual sense of humor. She cares about the planet. When she is not busy writing or reading, she can be found spending time with her family.

A mother of three boys, Ann tries to be a role model to her kids and likes spending time with her family, which includes her sons and husband. When she is not writing her latest romance installment, Jewel enjoys spending time binge watching shows on Netflix along with her husband.

Jewel E. Ann is the creator and the author of the Holding You series of fiction. This romance series sizzles and the debut novel in the series shares the same name. It first came out in 2014. The sequel, Releasing Me, came out shortly after.

Holding You is the first novel in the series by the same name. In this engaging first story, readers get to meet the main character, a young chef named Addy Brecken.

Addy is a young woman almost like any other. She might be set apart by the fact that she has been estimated to have a high IQ. Addy lives in Milwaukee, where she truly enjoys all her life. She is a vegan chef and owns the Sage Leaf Cafe along with her business partner.

Things are going pretty good for this free spirit right now. Her career and job satisfaction rate have never been higher. Her savings account is thriving as a result, and it just keeps getting fatter. Add in her home with its breathtaking view of what else but Lake Michigan, and you can see how this young woman’s life is everything that she ever wanted and more– and she made it happen all on her own.

Even though it may seem like she has the ideal existence, everything isn’t always all roses and lilies for this young chef. She has worked hard at creating an existence that is peaceful. She has needed to after the sudden loss of much of her family affected her in the worst of ways. After that, she needed to devote some time to healing.

She has lost some family and she doesn’t have any romantic interests in her life at the current moment. Addy is just trying to keep that positive energy flowing when one morning in April changes everything. She is feeling the sun’s warmth on her face and breathing in lilac fragrance when she is almost run over by a car right in the front of her very own cafe.

Who else can it be other than Quinn Cohen? He almost ran this chef over with his Range Rover and that would have been the end of her right there. She is incensed to find out that this playboy is not only handsome as all get out but arrogant too.

Quinn is a man that is used to getting what he wants, in business as well as in his personal life. He is Latino and from New York, where he made his money and found out that he does have a preference for life’s finer things. So he decided that he would follow it. His bachelor lifestyle has all the typical accents that you would expect; cars, houses, women.

He’s just like any other playboy that you would meet on the street. He’s the exact type of man that Addy does everything in her power to avoid having to be around. She does her best to live a simple and frugal existence. What extra that she has she does not spend on nice things but decides that she would rather help those who are in need of help themselves.

While the vegan food specialist would rather donate her time and money to those who are less fortunate, Quinn never has any problem whipping out the credit card or the cash to pay for expensive things. They are just total opposites in every way, like fire and ice.

Even though she wants nothing to do with this stranger who nearly ended her life, Addy starts finding that they run into each other more often than she would prefer. Because they are so different, the two of them have heated exchanges that really make them seem like they will be enemies for the rest of their lives.

Something unexpected happens, however, when Addy starts seeing the business man in an entirely new light. The two of them start a romantic encounter, but this young woman is careful not to let herself get too emotionally invested. She’s keeping her feelings separate and is trying just about everything that she can to keep from falling in love.

Even though she’s scared to fall for anyone, Addy is finding that their chemistry together is off of the charts. It’s a connection that is filled with connection, too– something that this chef is minding makes her feel more alive than ever. Her passion is breaking her open and leading to more emotions than ever spilling out of her.

Could this relationship finally be thawing the ice walls that she holds up inside? The more that she feels, the more that this chef is finding that she’s feeling other emotions too. Sometimes she’s happy, other times angry, other times jealous, but most frequently, she’s starting to suspect that she is feeling love.

Addy is starting to do everything that she can to move on from the past, but can she? Will she be able to release it all and surrender to giving a future with Quinn a chance? Read this book to find out!

Releasing Me is the second novel in the fictional Holding series. Quinn fell for a woman named Addy all too quickly. She was beautiful, and together they had a love that was deep.

But when he hurt her, it may have been the end. Quinn knows that he needs her back in his life. He has no idea she misses him too. Can they fall for each other once more? Read this book to find out!

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  1. Christie: 2 years ago

    I have been completely obsessed reading these 2 books. Literally could not put them down. Will there be a 3rd book since it left off with a cliffhanger? When will it be released & what will it be called?

  2. Alison: 3 years ago

    These two books have captured me & are really awesome. Great author I simply love her books.


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