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Sharon Sala is a published best-selling American author.

She is a native to the great state of Oklahoma and to this day resides within a two-hour drive of the place that she was born.

Sharon Sala first had her work published in 1991. She has had her works reach the tops of publications such as USA Today and the New York Times. She is a prolific writer, having written over one hundred and thirty-five books that have come out in multiple genres. These include mystery, western, fiction, women’s fiction, non-fiction, young adult, and romantic suspense.

Sharon has also won several awards within the industry for her work as well. This includes being a finalist for the RITA Award eight different times and being the recipient of the Janet Dailey Award. She also was recognized as a career achievement winner five times from RT Magazine. She has also won the National Reader’s Choice Ward five times. She has also won the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence five times. Sharon has also been the recipient of the Heart of Excellence Award, the Booksellers Best Award, The Romance Writers of America’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award RITA, and she was also given a Centennial Award from RWA celebrating her hundredth novel published.

The author has two great-grandmothers that have Native American descent on her father’s side. One belongs to the Cherokee tribe and the other to the Cree tribe. She has chosen to personally follow a storyteller’s path and thinks of it as her gift from Spirit. Sharon says that the majority of her stories first come to her in her dreams, and then become the books that she pens. Sharon dreams in color, and there is dialogue. When she writes, she sees the scenes in her mind like a movie playing out. She says that writing changed her world, life, and fate.

The Missing Piece is the first novel in The Jigsaw Files series by Sharon Sala. If you have been looking for a new mystery to read, check this book out!

When it comes to a puzzle, solving it could be the very last thing that he ever does. Private Investigator Charlie Dodge is the type of guy that knows exactly what the experience is like of having something that is important to you go missing. He’s married, but his wife Annie has early-onset Alzheimer’s, which means that she doesn’t remember that much of the life that she had with her husband.

Meanwhile, Charlie has spent all of his career trying to save what he can, from lives being threatened to people that have gone missing. Then a local multi-millionaire in Denver, Carter Dunleavy, disappears without any trace of what has happened to him. As Charlie and Wyrick, his assistant, tackle the case, they soon find out that someone being missing does not always mean that they are gone.

But as things develop, it turns out that Carter has not vanished due to any sort of foul play. He has actually chosen to go into hiding. This is because someone close to him, likely in his inner circle, wants him dead. Now Carter is hoping that Charlie will find out who the culprit is before he sees his empire go into ruin.

There are a variety of suspects out there and with some of them looking to throw off and totally end the investigation, PI Charlie Dodge must find the person that wants Carter Dunleavy dead. They’re still out there, so he better move fast. Can he find them before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

Second Sight is the second novel in The Jigsaw Files series by Sharon Sala. If you liked the first mystery, check out this book for yourself!

The clock’s ticking down for the latest case to be solved. Charlie Dodge is back and has just gotten a call from a woman who sounds frantic at the other end. She says that her daughter’s gone missing, kidnapped by her former husband and she believes taken into a cult that goes by the name Fourth Dimension.

Charlie immediately takes the case on without hesitating at all. The goal rumored of the cult is that they look for men that appear to have psychic abilities so that they can breed people together to make a race of people who have special abilities, most likely supernatural powers. Once men are taken into the cult, they are given a young girl that they can marry– in exchange for handing over one of their own daughters.

The FBI has been keeping an eye on what the cult is doing. However, Charlie and Wyrick don’t have the same rules governing what they can do as the feds do, so they have a little more freedom. They go to the West Virginian mountains to get into the compound of the cult. With children’s lives in the balance, the two will put everything on the line to take down the cult and the leader. This time, it’s personal. Can they do it and be the heroes? Read this mystery to find out!

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