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Heart of Stone (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Heart of Glass (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Too Hot Four Hula (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Robe of Skulls (By: Vivian French) (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bag of Bones (By: Vivian French) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heart of Glass (By: Vivian French) (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Jill Marie Landis is an inspirational, cozy mystery, historical romance, and general romance novelist. The author was born in the small town of Clinton, Indiana which is best known for the “Little Italy Festival” held every year.

Landis moved to California as a ten-year-old and her love affair with the Pacific Ocean was born. By the time she was in middle school, she made the decision to go live in Hawaii as an adult, even though she had never stepped on any of the islands.
According to her mother, the dream probably came from her since it began while she was pregnant with her. She used to listen to Hawaii Calls broadcasts every day on the radio. She believes hearing Arthur Godfrey playing his ukulele somehow got to the child in her womb.
Marie Landis went to California State University where she earned her degree in Elementary Teaching Credential and History. The same year she also got married to her high school sweetheart.

At some point, Jill Marie Landis moved to Southern California where for more than thirteen years she taught English as a Second Language and kindergarten. During this time, her husband taught English in Long Beach and also coached high school football.
During the early 1980s, they both became more creative as Steve her husband took up acting while she got into writing. She made her fiction writing debut with the publishing of “Sunflower” in 1988.

It was the work that would win her numerous prestigious awards and slots on the bestseller lists of the likes of The New York Times and USA Today. Some of the awards she won include the Golden Medallion and Golden Heart by the Romance Writers of America.
She has since penned more than a dozen steamy historical romance fiction, five inspirational historical romances, and a trilogy of romances in the “Twilight Cove” series. She has also ventured into comedic mysteries set in one of the Hawaiian islands.
Writing as The Tiki Goddess, she is also the author of “The Tikki Goddess Mystery” series.

Jill Marie Landis has said that she always focuses on creating memorable characters using emotion and page-turning plots that her readers have come to expect of her.

With so many bestseller credits and major awards to her name, it is surprising that she does not believe these are her biggest achievements.

According to the author, her greatest achievement has to be her kayak trip around the coastline of Na Pali in Kauai. It is a six-hour paddle quest deemed to be the Mount Everest of kayaking.
When Jill is not penning her blockbuster novels she loves working in her garden, raising orchids, quilting, dancing the hula, and playing the ukulele.

Marie Landis currently makes her home on an outer island in Hawaii from where she pens her novels.

“Heart of Stone” by Marie Landis is an interesting novel that introduces Laura Foster. She is a woman that has experienced some dark things in her life. On the other hand, is Reverend Brand McCormick who may just lose everything by insisting on loving her.
Laura had been set free from the chains of a terrible childhood and worked hard to make a new life for herself. She now lives in Glory, Texas where she owns an elegant boarding house and is known as a respectable and wealthy widow.
However, Laura has never forgotten that she is never more than one step ahead of her past. When Brand McCormick the reverent comes calling, she does her best to make him see that she is not suitable for him.

She knows that if her past were to come to light, his reputation would surely be sullied. But what she does not know is that it is not only her past he has to worry about but also his own past.

When some stranger threatens to reveal their secrets, Laura confronts a heartbreaking choice between saving Brand’s future and leaving the city forever.

Jill Marie Landis’ “Heart of Lies” is the story of Maddie Grande that was raised as a street urchin. Raised by her tribe of urchins, she had learned how to be effective on the streets of New Orleans as a beggar and thief.
But she does not know where she came from, not even her own name. She had been brought up by Dexter Grande but in adulthood, she had convinced her twin brothers to move to the bayou and away from New Orleans.

The twins are hardly ever around but Maddie loves her new surroundings at the swamp. She has become proficient and trapping, fishing, and selling pelts to the local mercantile. All she wants is to transform her life even if her brothers are reluctant to let go of their lawless ways.

When her brothers take hostage the daughter of a rich carpetbagger, they force her to hide the eight-year-old child while they go back to New Orleans to wait for the reward to be paid.
The man put in charge of the kidnapping case is Tom Abbott, a Pinkerton agent who soon learns that Maddie is involved as an accomplice. It results in a quest that takes them all over the place even as their mutual attraction grows even though trusting each other will always be incredibly difficult.

“Heart of Glass” by Jill Marie Landis tells the story of Kate Keene. At the opening of the novel, her childhood memories compelled her to make use of her architectural skills to renovate a rundown mansion in Louisiana.
However, when she arrives in the Reconstruction era South, she is surprised to learn that the man she had been thinking about for years has become an angry and bitter recluse.

The handsome older brother of her best friend who she has had an obsession with is Colin Delany. He lost everything dear to him and has no hope of restoring the plantation and the once-beautiful Belle Fleuve mansion.

Full of determination and spunk, she feels a strong urge to help him out. As such, when Colin rudely demands she leaves with her drawings, she refuses. He then forces her to promise that he will care for his nephew and niece and she agrees.
Since she was once orphaned, she acknowledges that she needs to put the welfare of the kids above her own, even if it would mean getting into a marriage of convenience with Colin.

But will the man’s hovering darkness ever go away and will her persistent faith and love transform what is a very uncertain future?

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