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Jillian Dodd is an American published author of fiction. She is a best selling author. She made her mark on the scene in 2001 and has enchanted millions of readers with her writing ever since.

Jillian Dodd grew up in Nebraska on a farm with her family. It was there that she first found her love for boys from the Midwest and football teams from Nebraska. She has drank in a cornfield from a keg, went to the University of Nebraska, and had a boy ask for her hand in marriage in a bar. She would later meet her prince when she went to college. Together they have two children as well as a few dogs.

Jillian lives in a small beach town in Florida with her husband. Her children are now grown and when she is not busy working or writing, she enjoys traveling, painting, shoe shopping, watching football on television or at games, and going to the beach. She prides herself on writing romances that are not only engaging but fun and characters that her readers are able to relate to and maybe even fall for!

Jillian Dodd is the creator and the author of the That Boy series. The series kicked off for the very first time in 2012, when the release of the first book came out. It is titled That Boy. The premiere novel was quickly followed by the release of the sequel, which is titled That Wedding. The third book in the series came out in 2015. It is titled That Baby and made this fictional series a trilogy!

That Boy is the first novel in the fictional series by the same name. If you are interested in picking up a contemporary romance story that can be related to, then check out this awesome book with the boy living next door and the girl who can’t seem to choose between him and his other crush.

Meet J.J. Reynolds, short for Jadyn James. She is friends with two really great guys, and they each happen to be really cute. Danny has this blond hair and blue eyes that make him totally worth swooning over. The eyes alone are enough to enchant any girl that comes across the path of this golden boy. Even when his hair is trapped under a helmet or blown around by the wind, he’s the guy that every girl has a crush on.

J.J. is totally into Danny and he’s always down to get into some adventure with her. When they are together, they always have a great time. He’s the guy with the bright smile that just makes you feel happier, and the body to match. His abs are just crazy.

The other guy is just as cute. Phillip is sweet and adorable and just so worthy of being any girl’s crush. The two of them go back a long ways. She’s basically known him since she was born. With his dark hair, brown eyes, charming smile, and a great voice, Phillip is like the best friend she’s had forever.

He’s the guy that she ends up talking to each night before going to sleep, and the guy that knows her better than anyone. He’s always down to help her out and sometimes it seems like he is reading her mind. He’s the guy that’s always there to support her, keep her out of getting into too much trouble, and is starting to seem like he could be more than just a friend.

Phillip is starting to seem like he’s getting more attractive all of the time. His arms just have a way of finding their way to hug her, and his smile is starting to become seriously dangerous. She just is starting to fall for him, but with two guys in the picture, who is she going to choose?

In the end, one of them will be her first kiss and take her to prom and eventually ask for her hand in marriage. She has no idea that one of her best friends is going to become that boy, the guy that she falls in love with. Which one is going to make the first move, and will J.J. find that she has feelings for her friend after all? Check it out by picking up this romantic novel!

That Wedding is the second novel in Jillian Dodd’s series, That Boy. If you love contemporary romances, then you might want to check out this romantic story out for yourself!

J.J. has never been so happy, and now she has the rock to prove it. The ring on her finger is just so gorgeous that she feels like it’s just another example of how happy she is. She feels just so sparkly and happy and full of glitter and promise. She knows that the guy she is with is the guy that she really wants to marry.

She’s hoping that this will be the fairy tale ending that she wanted. When the pastor starts asking them questions, however, she starts to wonder whether it’s truly meant to be or not. Her boyfriend’s parents think that she has not yet come to terms with the past. On top of that, J.J. seems to be experiencing wedding dreams of disaster.

Things seem to be worse or maybe even cursed when she starts worrying about finding the right dress and can’t seem to find even one that she likes. Then when a boyfriend from the past appears in her life and wants to run away together, things get really complicated.

With her closest friend warning her that everything could get ruined, J.J. has a lot to figure out. She’s starting to question everything that she knows, including whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with her significant other or not.

She has no idea if she’s ready to get married, and all of the bad dreams and signs are starting to feel like she really shouldn’t. Should she go through with it and walk down the aisle? Or is true love out of her reach? You’re going to have to pick up That Wedding to find out!

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