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Hunger Point (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Girls Gone Bad (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Couldn't Love You More (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Could Hurt (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
When We Were Bright and Beautiful (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Jillian Medoff is a popular literary fiction author from New York that made her debut when she published “Hunger Point” in 1997.

She has said that she has been writing ever since she was a child before she graduated to writing stories as a moody teenager and adolescent.

She would then head to Barnard where she studied fiction and then graduated from New York University with An MFA. As such, her entire life has been all about writing fiction whenever she can find the time.
Nonetheless, Jillian still works a day job as a corporate communications expert at a very buttoned-up consulting firm. Now that she is a part-time writer she only heads to work four times every week.

In addition to all that, she still has a family that consists of a husband and three children not counting two sisters and parents. As such, her life is always busy and full of drama even though her desire to write has never abated.

Medoff usually describes it as a relentless and palpable feeling of craving that takes over her body almost every day. As such, she will often despair when she is not writing and have a feeling of ecstasy whenever she writes.

Jillian Medoff has over the years been a woman in demand and has worked for the likes of AON, Deloitte, and other Fortune 500 companies to whom she provided strategic communications campaigns.
She has been lucky enough that the many organizations she has worked with have been committed to employee wellbeing and health.

Still, these companies have to stay profitable and dynamic which means making difficult decisions such as increasing medical premiums and freezing salaries.

Since executives often cannot communicate such decisions in cogent and clear language, they hire her to do it for them. She is an expert in corporate communications she translates financial, legal, and technical jargon into easy-to-understand language that employees can understand.

Unlike many authors, Jillian believes that the security of a day job is what affords her the freedom to write fiction. For this reason, she is not quitting corporate communications any time soon.

As for her education, Jillian Medoff went to school with some amazing authors at Barnard College. This was the college where the likes of Joy Chute Alice Walker and Robert Coover went.

Medoff studied English and creative writing and had the honor of penning her senior thesis in the form of an unfinished novel. But upon graduating from college, she decided to go into business and over the years she transformed into a corporate writer.

Jillian used to write corporate documents during the day and pen fiction at night which just field her desire to learn more about the art of writing. Soon enough, she quit her job, taking a giant leap of faith and moving to New York from Atlanta.

In New York, she went to graduate creative writing school at New York University, where she fell in love with the manuscript for “Hunger Point,” which was published in 1997.
Jillian currently works at Deloitte & Touche as a marketing writer. Deloitte has been very supportive of her writing dreams as they allow her a reduced schedule so that they can keep her.

Jillian Medoff’s novel “When We Were Bright and Beautiful” asserts that some people can have everything but find it is not enough.

Cassie Quinn is a twenty-three-year-old that knows that you cannot buy happiness with money, even though it solves a lot of problems. She also knows that family is very important and that Billy her younger brother is not guilty of rape.

When her brother who is a Princeton junior was arrested and charged with assaulting his girlfriend, Quinn rushes back home to join forces with her parents Eleanor and Lawrence, and Nate her big brother.
The family does all they can to get the best legal counsel, even though Billy who is a privileged, athletic, and white male has the perfect sex offender profile that usually excites juries.

In the meantime, Cassie is struggling to understand why Diana her brother’s ex-girlfriend is accusing Billy, even if they had a painful breakup. She is cognizant of the fact that the end of first love can be devastating.

In her earlier years, she had been dumped by a charismatic and powerful man and it is only recently that she had gotten over it. As reporters swoop down on the court, Cassie vows to do everything in her power to save her brother.

“This Could Hurt” by Jillian Medoff tells the story of Rosa Guerrero who against all odds, has risen to the top of the corporate world. She is an attractive woman who works for Ellery Consumer Research as the head of human resources.

Even though some of the most critical days are behind her she is still very formidable. Rosa leads her department with discretion and grace and has earned the loyalty and devotion of her staff.
As Rosa spends her days trying to solve and address the needs of her people, her happily married, middle-aged associate director has been drawing closer to Lucy Bender whom he calls his work wife.
The single but enterprising woman is looking for either a promotion or romance to fill a huge vacuum she has in her life. On the other hand, is a senior manager named Kenny Verville who sees Ellery his wife as a stepping stone to better and bigger places.

It is a heartbreaking human, flawed, and compelling story of the scheming of men and women and how they nurture dreams that are both small and big as they fall in and out of love.

Jillian Medoff’s novel “I Couldn’t Love You More” is the story of working mother Eliot Gordon. She is not legally married to the man she calls her husband and two of her three kids are her stepdaughters.
Still, she loves her family and her life and works hard to make sure her children feel treated fairly and loved. Nonetheless, she is very much aware that stepmothers are known to be evil, and looking to avoid that trap.

She tries as much as possible to care for her stepdaughters as she does her own daughter. However, she has to deal with normal family drama but things turn complicated when her lover from college arrives on the scene.

Finn Montgomery had been her first love that she had pined after for years and now she cannot say no to the man as she becomes obsessed with him.

But this time things are different as she has a family and when she begins to lose control, her family starts to spiral out of control too.

It is a work with wrenching depth and hilarious honesty that showcases the unbreakable bonds of family, which makes people go to unbelievable lengths to save each other.

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