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Publication Order of Jim Knighthorse Books

An American writer J.R. Rain is an ex-private investigator turned full-time writer of fiction, something which is clearly reflected within his work. Understanding his subject matter he is able to delve deep into his story-lines and narratives, giving a sense of accuracy that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. This is also the case for his characters, as they feel fully three dimensional, as they live and breathe on the page for the reader. One such character is that of Jim Knighthorse who happens to have his own series of novels, as he solves a set of cases and mysteries. A strong and highly ego driven central protagonist, it’s not above self-parody, giving it a fun and entertaining tone to undercut some of the darker elements. This has ensured that readers worldwide have warmed to the character, creating a rapport with him which has only grown as the series has progressed.

Running for over four titles in total so far and counting, there are a number of Jim Knighthorse books currently on the market. With a short story set just after the fourth one, along with two omnibus editions as well, Rain has managed to get a lot out of this particular series. Showing a lot more room to expand upon his initial premise as well, it appears that this might be happening for some time yet as well.

Dark Horse

First published in 2010 on the 2nd of June, this title was originally brought out as the first installment in the ongoing ‘Jim Knighthorse’ series. Introducing the lead character for the first time, it also manages to set up the universe it takes place within as well. Providing the lead private investigator with a case to solve, it manages to bring the reader in offering them a sense of what’s to follow.

Set in the heart of Orange County, Rain really manages to get a feel for the politics of the area and how it works. Saying something on racism and racial politics, this may be a fun, light and entertaining novel on the surface, it does have a sense of justice driving it underneath. Saying something with it, he has managed to not only create an intelligent and involving work, but an engaging and memorable one too. The use of location itself is also something important to note, as such factors as the high-school becomes instrumental in the action. Conveying what the story is about in terms of wealth and privilege, the narrative juxtaposed against the location is extremely well done. Becoming a character in of itself almost, it manages to come alive for the reader, as it really evokes the feel of the area. In regards to the characters themselves it also manages to make full use of them all, really bringing each on to life for the reader. This is especially the case for the character of Jim Knighthorse himself, as he is highly resourceful and intelligent. Alongside this, though, he is not without flaws either, as he is also highly arrogant and confident in himself, something which plays against him at times.

Derrick Booker is the only black student at the posh high-school of Orange County, and it is here that he finds himself wanted for murder. After his white girlfriend is found dead, he is believed to be the suspect, and it is up to investigator Jim Knighthorse to prove his innocence. Stepping into a murky world of corruption and racial politics, he must separate the fact from the fiction if he ever hopes to clear an innocent students name. Will he uncover the truth? Where will the killer strike next? Who is the dark horse?

The Mummy Case

Initially brought out in 2010, this was brought out not long after the first, as they were released in quick succession of one another. Setting up the next investigation of the ongoing case-files of Jim Knighthorse, it manages to take the action forwards in new and interesting directions. That’s not to say that it doesn’t retain some of its original charm, though, as it manages to recapture the spirit of the first.

Following many similar ideas to what came before, a lot of the themes seen here are something that Rain obviously values as an author. Alongside this is his own past as a private investigator, which can also be seen here reflected within the main narrative. Getting across his ideas in a clear and concise manner, the story is accurate as well as engaging, with a real sense of personality underpinning it all. Set in California this time it really gets a feel for the open expanse of the desert there, really working to make the most of it. Creating a stage almost, Rain manages to build a sense of drama through the history of the location, as he really brings it to life. Again it is utilized almost as a character, as it allows the action to come to life through its building of suspense and drama. The character of Jim Knighthorse himself is still just as resourceful as he ever was, a little older and a little wiser from the previous novel. Rain maintains a sense of empathy with the character, though, which is a difficult feat to pull off given the characters ego, something which a lesser writer may have failed at. Keeping him engaging and charismatic he resonates with the reader on a more grounded and realistic level throughout.

Finding himself faced with a mystery that goes a long way back, Jim Knighthorse realizes that he may have his work cut out for him. Found dead seemingly from dehydration out in the Californian desert, the historian Willie Clarke is the victim of one of the West’s oldest mysteries. A hundred years ago in the same desert a cowboy was murdered there and his mummified body is displayed in a strange old curiosity shop, with him being dubbed ‘Sylvester the Mummy’. How did Willie really die? Who is the real culprit? What is the secret behind the mummy case?

The Jim Knighthorse Series

Created to follow the mystery genre, whilst simultaneously branching out on their own, these novels have created their own niche in the industry. Setting up a strong and confident central character, they’re highly self-aware and able to make fun of themselves, whilst remaining entertaining and engaging for their readers. The leading protagonist of Jim Knighthorse is also a grounded one, despite having a high ego, thus ensuring that he will endure for many years to come.

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