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Publication Order of Ed Earl Burch Books

The Last Second Chance (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Jim Nesbitt is a popular American author, who likes to write crime, thriller, and fiction novels. He is particularly famous for writing the Ed Earl Burch series. For a period of more than thirty years, author Nesbitt was working as a correspondent for the wire services and newspapers in Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, Washington DC, and Texas. This was his job prior to the start of his writing career. His correspondent job made him chase earthquakes, wildfires, ranchers, hurricanes, presidential candidates, rodeo cowboys, plane wrecks, loggers, doctors, miners, farmers, neo-Nazis, nuns, etc. He had the habit of giving an eye to the telling detail, and an ear for listening to the voices of the people who give the stories a life form. Nesbitt continues to have this habit, even today as it helps him in developing excellent stories and books. In addition to being a noteworthy author, Nesbitt is also a pilot, a saloon sport, a lapsed horseman, and a hunter. Author Nesbitt has a liking for old guns, tractors, vintage trucks, aged whiskey, and well told stories. As of today, author Nesbitt resides in Athens, Alabama. Nesbitt says that he received the inspiration to take up writing as a form of career after reading the successful works of the prominent authors like Hunter Thompson, James Crumley, James Ellroy, Flannery O’Connor, Jim Harrison, James Carlos Blake, Barry Hannah, James Lee Burke, Raymond Chandler, Cormac McCarthy, Larry Brown, Dashiell Hammett, Harry Crews, Ernest Hemingway, Philip Kerr, Larry McMurtry, James M. Cain, Lawrence Block, etc.

The Ed Earl Burch series written by Jim Nesbitt is comprised of a total of 2 books, which were released between the years 2016 and 2017. The debut novel of the series is entitled ‘The Last Second Chance’. It was released by the Createspace Independent publication in the year 2016. The chief protagonist of the novel is mentioned as Ed Earl Burch, who is described as a homicide detective and cashiered vice. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that Burch’s life gets narrowed down because of chasing the financial fugitives from oil bust carnage and the loan crash and savings which scarred the whole of Dallas during the mid 1980s. He even deals with his occasional wayward wife and always seems ready for a second bourbon round. Burch always sits sipping with one of boots resting in the saloon that he likes the most. Burch is considered a private investigator having bad knees and battered soul. He always tries to keep the memories of his 3 former wives at bay.

Burch even tries to avoid the violent mistakes that he made in the past, a deadly killed whom he once chased to track down, and a lifeless partner. Burch is more of an en-jock, who goes to seed. Burch likes to play by his rules all the time and it involves not taking risks, keeping the lines as straight as possible, not caring much about what people think about him, etc. In times of terminal burnout, Burch lives each moment at a time, enjoying drink after drink. However, everything changes when a woman named Carla Sue Cantrell walks into Burch’s life. She appears to be a short blonde, who has icy-blue eyes, a liking for muscle cars, high wire double cross, and crystal meth. By pointing a gun at the head of Bruch, Cantrell tells him the name of his partner’s killer. She informs him that he is a narco known by the name eddy Bonafacio. Burch fails to understand the woman is leading him into a deadly game in which he gets framed in a murder case. The cops begin to chase him along with the hitman of the narco. The hitman is a dangerous man named Willie Stonecipher. Both Cantrell and Burch are forced to be on the run and move from these men and travel through the scrubby Hill Country of Texas, which is the home of world’s 6th largest bat cave. They also run across the high El Paso desert and northern Mexico. The two of them gun for the same person who both of them want dead. The narco is known by a couple a names such as El Rojo Loco and T-Roy, and is always surrounded by powerful allies. T-Roy live in a rancho located near the Mexican border. Even the sons of T-Roy are dangerous men as they don’t hesitate to kill a man they feel suspicious about.

The next book of this series is called ‘The Right Wrong Number’. It was published by the Spotted Mule publication in 2017. At the beginning of the book’s story, it is depicted that Ed Burch receives a phone late in the night and gets informed about a lethal trouble that is coming his way. The Dallas detective gets engaged in yet another relentless and gritty thriller which runs from the gleaming Houston towers to the New Orleans’ decadent charms as well as from the desert mountains to northern Mexico. Burch’s life is always full of difficulties. He has an injured liver and zero bank balance. Later, he gets hired to save an old acquaintance after her husband goes missing. The husband of Burch’s friend is known to be a well known financier from Houstons. Before his disappearance, he was facing the blame of ripping his clients with loads of money. Among the ones he ripped include some unsavory New Orleans gentlemen. The job seems an easy one to carry out, but then as it begins to go wrong, it moves with a fast pace. Burch is plunged into a deadly contest, in which he cannot trust nobody and nothing. He feels tempted to break his rules due to sex and money. Theses two temptations were also served up by Burch’s old flame, who is a strawberry blonde having a knack for betrayal and larceny, and a bad temper. The gentlemen who were ripped give a more murderous theme to the game by appointing a couple of hitmen for reclaiming their stolen items. The hitmen are also allowed to kill the ones who come in their way. In addition to this, Burch faces another adversary from his past life, the homicide detective from Houston named Cider Jones. He blames Burch for the death of his partner and wishes to see him dead at all costs. Soon, a close friend of Burch gets killed in Dallas by a hired hitman for which Burch blames himself. He sets out to take vengeance along with delivering a bloody type of redemption. Burch’s action seems pretty much unpredictable and remorseless and leads him to a white chapel in Rio Grande.

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