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Jimmy Juliano is a horror fiction author who is best known for his debut fiction novel “Dead Eleven,” which he published in 2023.

Like many authors, he has been creating and writing since he was a little kid. Some of his best works during that time were outstandingly bad versions of “Casey at the Bat” and some “Ghostbusters” fan fiction.
Nowadays, he pretty much sticks to the thriller/mystery and horror genres.

This is for the most part because he grew up loving movies such as “Jaws,” “Psycho,” and “Halloween” and the likes of “Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark” and has never outgrown the phase.

His writing has been featured on the NoSleep subReddit, the NoSleep Live Tour, and the NoSleep Podcast. Besides his debut novel “Dead Eleven,” he is also the author of the short stories “Why I Didn’t Shower for 21 Years” and “Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun.”
He currently resides with his wife, daughter, and a Goldendoodle in Chicago. Sometimes he can be found interacting with his fans on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Outside of his writing, Jimmy Juliano works at the suburban Chicago Lake Forest High School. He first made a name for himself in the fiction world when he began posting scary stories on the NoSleep subreddit as a Reddit user under the name u/Red_Grin.
The community which is home to more than 17 million members was the base for anyone interested in personal scary experiences.

Even though most of the stories are probably made up, most people treat them as if they are true recounting of what happened.

Growing up, Juliano always loved reading fiction and as an adult, he loved the works from the likes of Dean Koontz and Stephen King and pretty much anything with an eye-catching title.
It was in 2013 that he published the four-part story “So yeah…I’ve been intimate with a ghost,” which was his first story on the subreddit.

Over about five years he continued to regularly post and 10 of his stories hit the No I spot on the community subreddit.

His shower story did so well that he got some messages from Hollywood producers who were interested in making it into a TV show. Even though the anthology show never materialized, it gave him the confidence that there was something to his stories.

Even though Juliano did not have much luck querying literary agents while he was contributing to the NoSleep subreddit, he would get another unusual opportunity when someone messaged him on Reddit.
Josh from Dove who would become his manager believed there was potential in his writing. He thought there were some of his stories that could be turned into movie or TV deals.

When Jimmy Juliano informed him of his idea for “Dead Eleven,” he advised that he pen it as a novella. Since he knew several people at “Verve,” he got Liz who would become his agent interested and she signed him.
It was the latter who advised him to expand the work into a novel so that they would try for a book deal.

Eight months later, he was done penning the expanded manuscript and after several rounds of editing and feedback, Dutton offered a book deal which they accepted.

After the manuscript was sold, Juliano was invited to meet Zoe Kent and Foster Driver who were producers from “Verve.” It turned out they were interested in making the novel a film via their company “Driver Kent Media.”

As for the inspiration for his debut novel, Jimmy Juliano has always been interested in the horror genre.

In fact, Stephen King has for the longest time been his favorite fiction author and many of his favorite films have been Horror.

He has always felt comfortable in the horror and as for writing, he has said that it allows him to explore emotions and themes in complex ways while still bundling them into a spooky and fun story.
Jimmy had been visiting Washington Island off Wisconsin and was enjoying the rustic vibes from the quaint coffee shops, lavender fields, and country roads all of which made for a very peaceful atmosphere.
He began thinking that if he had been dropped on the heavily forested island three decades earlier it probably would have looked just the same.

Then he began thinking that if it remained the same for more than thirty years, there could be a sinister reason for that. It was from that line of thought that the seeds of his debut novel were planted.

Jimmy Juliano’s novel “Dead Eleven” is a work set on Clifford Island, a very creepy place that happens to be very insular.

Willow Stone had found the words Clifford Island written on the floor of the room that once belonged to her son, leaving her very perplexed.

It is a new place that she had never heard of but upon further investigation, she was informed it is a small island off the coast of Wisconsin 200 miles from her home.

Seeking to find answers to her questions, she decides to go to Clifford Island. After spending a few days on the island, she realizes that it is not a normal place as everyone has an obsession with one particular date in 1994.
They also avoid modern technology, wear outdated clothing and every evening they gather around to watch the OJ Simpson car chase.

Lily Becker is a high schooler who has been a resident on the island all her life, hates living by its rules, and is sick of the twisted mythology.

She has been to the mainland and interacted with normal people and does not understand why Clifford has to be so weird. She is determined to prove to the islanders that they are wrong but even she is not so sure.
A few weeks after the arrival of Willow on Clifford, she goes missing and Harper the brother of Willow comes to the island looking for his sister.
When he discovers the truth of the sinister nature of the island, he becomes determined to blow it all open.
But will he survive and get out alive?

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