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The Spy Killer / Private I (1969)Description / Buy at Amazon
Foreign Exchange (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Touchfeather (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touchfeather, Too (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Horror of Dracula (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Death Pedlar (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Do You Want It Good or Tuesday? from Hammer Films to Hollywood (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inside Hammer (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Screenwriting (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jimmy Sangster was a well known screenwriter, author, and director from England, who was famous for writing horror and mystery novels. He was also highly popular for his horror film works for the producers of the Hammer Film Productions. Some of his most notable works include writing scripts for the horror movies Dracula and The Curse of Frankenstein, which was the first English horror movie to be made in color.

Author Sangster was born as James Henry Kinmel Sangster in Kinkmel Bay, Denbigshire, Wales, United Kingdom, on December 02, 1927. His death occurred on August 19, 2011, in London, England, at the age of 83. Author Sangster initially worked at the Hammer Studios as production assistant.

Later, he took multiple roles at the production company and began working as a second unit director, production manager, and assistant director. Following the success of The Quartermas Experiment produced by the Hammer Films Productions, author Sangster was approached by the company for writing The Curse of Frankenstein. He replied by saying that he was not a writer, but a production manager.

The Hammer Films’ responded to Sangster that they liked the couple of ideas that he had come up with and were ready to pay him for it if he makes up hi mind to complete one of the scripts.

The company also made it clear to author Sangster that if they did not like the finished script then they won’t be paying him and that being the production manager, he should not complain about it.

However, author Sangster came up with a wonderful script that was adapted into the movie and opened to great reviews from the critics. After this project, author Sangster turned his focus towards direction and directed the movies Lust for Vampire and The Horror of Frankenstein for the same studio. However, these two movies were not able to gain much success as compared to the first movie he wrote the script for.

Sangster’s third and final movie as a director was the 1972 film Fear in the Night. In the script of this film, author Sangster resurrected the character of the psychological woman in peril, that he had begun within the script for the 1961 movie Taste of Fear.

In all the 3 movies, the lead actor was Ralph Bates, who was one of the best known actors of the Hammer Productions during the company’s latter period. In the later part of his writing career, author Sangster wrote the scripts of a couple of movies for Bette Davis, titled The Nanny and The Anniversary. These movies were released in 1965 and 1968 respectively, and were produced by author Sangster himself.

Some of the other credits in scriptwriting for author Sangster include The Siege of Sidney Street. This movie had come out in 1960 and starred actor Donald Sinden in the lead role. Author Sangster had played the role of Winsten Churchill in this film. During his lifetime, author Sangster married two times. His first marriage was with a woman named Monica Hustler, with whom he had one child. This marriage lasted for a period of 18 years and ended in divorce. For the second time, author Sangster married an actress named Mary Peach. The two remained married until Sangster’s death in 2011. Sangster is survived by his two children and a couple of grandchildren named Ian and Claire Sangster.

A little before his death, author Sangster had retired and maintained homes in England and California. His autobiography was published in 1997. The years that Sangster spent in the writing business indicate the vast amounts of talent he had.

Author Jimmy Sangster had written several novel series, including the John Smith Mystery, James Reed Mystery, and the Katy Touchfeather Mystery series. An initial book written by author Sangster is entitled ‘Foreign Exchange’, which was released in the year 1968. This book features the chief character as John Smith, who is one of the prominent characters that author Sangster created in his career.

At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that John Smith is sent to Moscow, Russia. He is asked to disguise as a tractor salesman. Smith knew that he could not fool a KGB agent as he was not good at disguising. But, this was acceptable to his recruiters because they wanted him to get arrested by the Russian forces for spying. Even though Smith did not like this idea he went ahead as planned because he was given good money for carrying out this task. However, this began to become difficult for him after his arrest. While cross-questioning him about his plans and reasons behind spying in their country, the Russians gave John Smith an important piece of information that creates a doubt in his mind with respect to his recruiters in the United Kingdom. Smith begins to wonder who was he working for in the real sense. Throughout the course of the book’s plot, author Sangster has amoral private detective John Smith as having interests in women, destiny full of violence, and an espionage talent.

Another interesting book that author Sangster wrote in his novel writing career is called ‘Touchfeather’. This book forms the first volume of the mind blowing Katy Touchfeather series. This novel was also published in 1968 and depicts the main protagonist as Katy Touchfeather. With this novel, author Sangster has shifted his focus towards developing a swinging and wild spy adventure if the 1960s once again. At the beginning of the story of the book, Katy Touchfeather is described as a red headed and carefree airline stewardess. However, she is using this job title as a disguise for hiding her real job, which is being a top spy in the British Intelligence. Katy Touchfeather is seen as a seductive, lethal, and ruthless agent. In her latest assignment, she is given the task of tracking down a suspicious scientist, who is believed to be selling some important secrets of the country to the Russian intelligence. As the stakes are very high in this task, Katy Touchfeather knows that she must complete it without getting noticed by the enemies. However, the global escapade goes on to take a violent and unexpected turn that shatters Katy Touchfeather’s life complete. Later, Katy finds herself pitted against a wealthy industrialist, who she believes has terrifying intentions. The novel was highly praised by numerous critics and received many positive reviews. Its success motivated author Sangster to continue writing mystery novels in the future.

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