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About Jinwoo Chong

Jinwoo Chong is a celebrated American author, recognized for his captivating science-fiction stories. He first obtained acclaim with his novel Flux, which was featured as a New York Times Editor’s Choice. This work was published in the US and UK by Melville House.

Chong’s stories are known for their entertaining touch, engaging their readers with thrilling plots and stimulating characters. He has a gift for creating vivid protagonists, responsibly laying out their adversities so they remain compelling and relatable. His ability at crafting narratives and rich world-building has been toned to perfection, melding hopeless scenarios and exciting resolutions in each page.

Ultimately, Jinwoo Chong has succeeded in forging an impressive body of work that transcends time. His ability to set imaginative stories and brilliantly engaging characters to life, all set in science-fictional universes, make his books enjoyable and thought-provoking additions to the library of any reader. With a talent for constructing narrative frameworks that toggle between the gripping and the light-hearted, it should come to no surprise why Jinwoo Chong is one of the most beloved sci-fi authors of today.

Through his unique style of writing, Jinwoo Chong is able to capture his reader with intense stories, characters, and conflicts. His protagonists are highly realized individuals, complex enough to keep the reader engaged until the end. By echoing the adventures of real people, Chong brings intensity and emotion to his narratives, making his stories powerful and entertaining reads.

The worlds depicted in his books rely upon a wide-range of plot and character details. Chong positions his readers in unique and unpredictable settings, leaving plenty of room for surprise. He weaves together story-lines in creative and exciting ways, ensuring that his stories remain fresh and dynamic. His masterful use of descriptions, imagery, and dialogue keeps the reader glued to the pages.

With his intelligence, imagination, and unique style, Chong’s stories challenge conventional concepts and evoke deep emotions from his readers. He takes chances, weaving together compelling characters and captivating stories that all say something unique and fresh. Truly, Jinwoo Chong’s achievements in storytelling can be seen throughout his body of work, confirming him as a prominent author in the sci-fi genre.

From exploring identity to battling trauma and grief, Jinwoo Chong makes sure to tackle bold themes in his novels. His books explore the many ways people can build and rebuild a sense of self from their own personal experiences. Through detailed characters, environments, and relationships, he invites the reader to investigate a wide range of emotional and real-life circumstances, allowing them to experience a deeper understanding of human nature.

Overall, Jinwoo Chong is a celebrated writer, gifted at crafting stories with emotionally stimulating characters and narratives. His exploration of identity, grief, and trauma is brilliantly visible in his novels, leaving readers more informed than ever.

Early and Personal Life

Jinwoo Chong began his love of writing at a young age. Growing up, he was always interested in reading books and exploring new stories. He nourished his passion for literature through writing his own stories to share with his family and friends. Jinwoo’s enthusiasm for writing only grew as he matured, ultimately leading him to earn an MFA in fiction from Columbia University.

Jinwoo rapidly climbed the ladder of professional success, with his big ambitious personality and determination to fulfill his dreams. He now resides in New York, embracing the city culture as an editorial assistant at One Story. The situation grants him the incredible opportunity to explore multiple writing perspectives, which allows him to hone his craft and inspire new ideas.

Jinwoo is an up-and-coming writer, and has already left a definite mark on the literary world. His passion and ambition have been paramount to his success, and he continues to make strides as he pursues his literary career.

Writing Career

Jinwoo Chong is a successful writer whose career spans several publications, both in the US and UK. His debut novel, Flux, was selected as a New York Times Editor’s Choice and published by Melville House. Soon after, his short stories and other works were printed in various renowned publications, such as The Rumpus, The Southern Review, Chicago Quarterly Review, LitHub, and Electric Literature.

Such accomplishment was recently honored with the Oran Robert Perry Burke Award for Fiction awarded by The Southern Review in 2022 and an exclusive acknowledgement for the Pushcart Prize anthology in 2022. In recent years, Jinwoo is continuing to write, further extending his successful writing career.


Jinwoo Chong’s science-fiction thriller, ‘Flux,’ was published on March 21, 2023 by Melville House. It was met with much anticipation from fans of science-fiction and proved to be an exciting and intriguing story. The highly anticipated novel rapidly rose to the top of best-selling lists and has since been widely acclaimed as a perfect example of the genre.

Four people from different stages of life find their stories colliding due to the secrets of a mysterious technology and a beloved 1980s detective show. Bo, an 8 year-old reeling from his mother’s death, Brandon, a 28 year-old out of work after his employer’s hostile takeover, and Blue, a 48 year-old family reconnecting after being a key witness in a criminal trial, all find themselves wrapped into the secrets of the formerly-successful but now defunct tech startup.

They must untangle the secrets of the technology, as well as the scandal of Raider, the iconic 1980s detective show which star actor has recently been revealed to be the perpetrator of hidden abuse.

This book was a captivating read that seamlessly connected the characters’ stories through a mysterious technology and beloved 1980s detective show. Whether it was grappling with the death of someone close or finding employment after a tough setback, this story of secrets and scandals kept readers hooked until the very end. An overall positive experience, readers of all persuasions are sure to be pleased with this book.

Other Writing

Prior to his well-received literary debut, Jinwoo Chong always had a penchant for writing, and it has been rewarded with worldwide recognition. His work has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The Southern Review, The Rumpus, Chicago Quarterly Review, LitHub, and Electric Literature. Chong’s highly acclaimed short stories demonstrate his aptitude for craft and his unique eye for detail.

He has earned critical-acclaim for his cleverly constructed tales and captivating imagery. Jinwoo Chong is a writer that consistently produces brilliant, creatively-appealing pieces of literature.

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