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JL Merrow is a British author who writes about gay romance, and her favorite is contemporary romantic comedy and mystery stories. She was a student at Cambridge University where she discovered that she didn’t see herself ever working in a laboratory. Even though she writes across different genres, her preference is contemporary gay romantic comedies and also the paranormal. Her novel ‘Slam!’ won an award for best LGBT romantic comedy while two other books reached the finals of different award ceremonies. She’s also a member of the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet organizing team.

One of her books is called ‘Muscling Through’, and this is a story about Larry Morton, an art professor at Cambridge who falls in love with one of his students. Al Fletcher is a large, tattooed man who has a natural artistic talent that shines through untutored technique. Larry is therefore intrigued by this man because of his imposing, scarred and sexy exterior as well as his sensitive soul. However, Larry’s family is very aware of their social class and would prefer to see the mismatched pair broken up. This relationship is more than just physical and so Larry is determined to convince his friends, family and colleagues that it is genuine.

This love story features two people who are very different because they come from very different backgrounds. The story is told from Al’s perspective, and is narrated in such a simple manner that it’s almost childlike. Al’s innocence means that he is very honest and most of the time he can’t filter his words. His manner of speaking is British, and you can even hear his heavy accent in your head while reading the story. There is a lot of humor in the story and you will find yourself laughing a lot throughout the book.

Professor Larry is a small man who Al describes as “petty”. He is also a man who enjoys luxuries, and Al is awed by his good looks and intelligence. Al is a gentle giant with many tattoos covering his body and he’s just a regular guy who likes hanging out at the bar with his friends. This is in contrast with Larry, who prefers going to the theater or attending a dinner party hosted by one of his colleagues. Al is also not very educated, which is quite in contrast with the college professor.

The good thing about Larry is that he doesn’t look down upon Al even though he has a simple nature However, his friends and family don’t like Al, and they are always voicing their bigoted and conceited opinions in his presence. Since Al is not very educated, he doesn’t catch the barbs directed towards him and he only thinks nice things about the learned people constantly trying to humiliate him. Al’s humility makes you want to cry, and even though he has limited vocabulary, he can express himself in an innocent and honest manner. Even though Muscling Through is a short read, you will find the few pages highly entertaining.

JL Merrow has also written a series called ‘The Plumber’s Mate’ and the first book in the series is called ‘Pressure Head’. This is a story about Tom Paretski, a plumber with a cheeky attitude and a dodgy hip that he got after an accident as a schoolboy. The local cops have kept his number because he has a knack for locating hidden things. So when the police call him to help them find a woman who has gone missing, he unexpectedly meets Phil Morrison, a former school crush who is also working on the very case.

Phil is a former bully who is somehow responsible for injuring Tom, and he has now come out of the closet. He is also showing signs of being interested in Tom, who has not stopped being attracted to the blond private investigator. However, Tom is not very sure about Phil’s interest because he may just be using him for his unique talent. As the evidence continues to pile, the chemistry between Phil and Tom continues to grow. Tom is now unsure whether opening his heart to Phil will expose him in a manner that he may not be ready for.

This book contains an amorous plumber with secret talents, a private detective who loves wearing cashmere, and a village filled with colorful characters that have many things to hide. The author delves into the culture of homophobia in Britain, disguising it as a murder mystery. You will also find some romantic elements in the story, and nearly everything touches on the clash between the notion and reality of homosexuality. The story is set in an English country village and readers will appreciate the excellent writing.

The plot is well developed, and there is plenty of clever and hilarious dialogue. The writing is also very enthralling and the author has done a good job of creating a believable storyline. Even though there wasn’t that much chemistry or buildup between the main characters, there is sex scene which was quite good. However, it’s hard to imagine the two men together in a caring relationship. The author could have done a better job in developing the relationship between Phil and Tom. While this story mainly centers on a murder mystery, the two guys appear to be on different wavelengths. They were always bitching at each other, which may have led to the absence of chemistry. Phil’s character could also have been developed further.

Despite these minor issues, Pressure Head proves to be worthwhile and highly entertaining. It is more of a mystery than a romance story, and there are many remarkable characters. There’s a secretive vicar, an abused wife, and Tom’s friends who all combine to make this an awesome book to read. The murder mystery also helps to keep you turning the pages.The main narrator is Tom, and he is a nice guy with a unique talent for locating hidden things. In contrast, Phil appears resentful because of Tom’s perceived success in life, and he seems like a grumpy character. All in all, this is a good murder mystery that could have done with a bit more romance in it.

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