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About Jo Harkin

The British writer Jo Harkin has fast become well known for her unique and distinctive style of science-fiction stories. She’s an extremely inventive and gifted novelist with a lot to say, creating some hugely engaging and imaginative fiction. Pushing the boundaries of the format, she takes some hugely interesting concepts and really explores them fully. This approach to storytelling has really allowed her to become a voice with something to say that’s completely singular to her.

She is also extremely versatile, taking several different perspectives into account in her work and writing. It’s her outlook that many have become fascinated by, with her writing fast growing in stature, as her profile has sharply risen around the world. Knowing her audience well at this point, she understands her reader well while also saying what it is she wants to say. Getting to the heart of several key concepts, she’s finely tuned her voice, making for a clear and concept approach to the format.

Letting her characters speak for themselves, too, she ensures that they come to life on the page, really delivering something quite different. Each character has their own distinct personality, speaking directly to the reader almost and leaving a strong impression upon them. There’s a lot to admire within and throughout her work, as she sets herself apart from other writers working within her field. Reaching readers worldwide, her ideas have translated on a universal level, reaching some deeper, more profound human truths.

There’s a lot more expected to come in the future for Jo Harkin, too, as she’s a writer with a lot more to say still. Creating a vast number of engaging ideas, she’s a novelist who’s also compelling in the manner in which she approaches writing. This success isn’t finishing any time soon either, as she continues to write, with plenty more planned for release on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Raised with a keen passion for both writing and reading, Jo Harkin would nurture her love of literature from an early age. Born in Reading, England, she would focus on her interest in both reading and writing, honing and refining her voice over the years. This focus would develop over the years, feeding into her interest in the speculative fiction genre, allowing her to say what it was she wanted to say. Interested in literary science-fiction, she would use this as the primary basis for her writing career that was to follow in the years to come.

Drawing inspiration from the world around her, she would also use many larger philosophical questions to help inform her writing. Along with this, she would also begin to focus on writing as an art form, forming her own unique style for which she’d become famous. Speaking regularly both online and off, she’s always willing to voice her opinions on her stories and her craft as a writer. Currently living in Berkshire in England, she continues to write regularly to this very day, with lots more to come.

Writing Career

The first novel that Jo Harkin would write was a story named ‘Tell Me An Ending,’ which she saw published in 2022. This book would be a science-fiction title and one that would immediately capture the attention of the reading public at large. Setting the overall tone of her career to follow, it would be a stand-alone book, not being a part of any long-running series as such. Bringing in elements of speculative fiction, too, it would seek to pose larger questions about humanity and what drives it.

Harkin would draw from a range of different ideas as a writer, including authors such as Kazuo Ishiguro and Margaret Atwood. Combining a political element to her work, she brought together disparate inspirations, allowing them to build her overall story. Screenwriters such as Charlie Kaufman would also weigh heavily on her work and ideas, making for a unique style of writing. Maintaining a strong presence both offline and on, she continues to write on a regular and consistent basis.

Tell Me An Ending

Released on March the 1st in the United States and May in the United Kingdom, this would initially come out through the Scribner publishing label. A stand-alone title, it features an entirely self-contained narrative that can be completely read on its own, not being a part of anything else. Bringing together dystopian themes in this science-fiction and speculative novel, the book would establish Jo Harkin as a definite writer to watch.

Living out in the Arizona desert, the Irish architect Finn is starting to think that maybe his wife is engaged in an affair. Meanwhile, dropping out of grad school in Kuala-Lumpur, Mei has memories of a city she’s never visited, and William is a former police detective suffering PTSD, the breakdown of his marriage, and his secret family history. Then there’s Oscar, who, despite being a young man with no memories at all, travels the world in a constant state of fear and anxiety. Now there’s Noor connecting them all, and she’s an emotionally closed-off psychologist who suspects her boss, a practitioner of a London-based memory removal clinic named Louise, of malpractice.

There’s a strong element of philosophy running throughout this novel that makes for an engaging premise and story. The central question posed at the heart of the book is definitely one that’s timeless while still being contemporary and extremely modern. Using science-fiction as a launching pad for some big ideas, the story does what all good science-fiction should do, which is to ask some serious questions for the reader.

The book itself is well written, using stories like the film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ as an inspiration, as well as the TV series ‘Black Mirror.’ It’s an engaging story that really grabs the reader from the outset and keeps them held there for the complete duration of the novel. With strong characterizations, too, it’s a story with well-written protagonists that really draw the reader in, allowing the story to resonate with them easily.

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