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Love to Hate You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Rain (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Great Ex-Scape (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love You, Love You Not (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Boned (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Happens on Vacation (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jo Watson is an author and storyteller.

In college, Watson studied theater. Since then she has made her living working in a number of creative fields including being a story line and script writer for television. In addition to that, she has also produced and directed as well as written for advertisements, film, and theater.

Jo even worked as a copy writer before eventually turning to fiction as a way to express herself. She never thought that she would be an author and she wrote what would be her debut novel accidentally in a way. Ever since then, it’s been full steam ahead for this acclaimed new author!

Jo Watson is addicted to all things Adidas and collects kitsch things that are colorful as well! She loves Depeche Mode and is proud to be a Wattpad writer. She enjoys writing, but when she is not occupied doing that she likes to do such things such as binge watch her favorite shows on television as well as contemplate the scientific and physical realities of space and the universe, such as particles and black holes. She also loves spending time with her family (which includes her husband and son).

Jo Watson is the creator and author of the Destination Love series. This series of fictional novels kicked off in 2016 with the release of the first novel, which is titled Burning Moon. The sequel came out quickly after and is called Almost a Bride. The third book in the series, Finding You, makes the series a trilogy. But you never know, there may always be room for more!

Burning Moon is the first novel in the Destination Love fictional series. These novels are full of all of the romance that you’ve ever wanted and then some! If you love stories about love, then these might just be right for you.

Ever since Lilly Swanson was young, she has been planning out her life. She’s wanting it to be absolutely perfect and it starts with meeting the right guy. Once you meet the right man, you go and you get married in a big white dress and matching wedding ceremony. After that, it’s all relatively simple.

You go from being a happy newlywed to being the newly married couple living in a house. Ever since Lilly has been picturing her life at the age of 12, she’s always known that she would go live in the suburbs and have two to three children and be the perfect family. It was all just a matter of finding that Mr. Right and going from there.

Lilly is just so close to achieving her dream of walking down the aisle and saying I do to her soon to be husband. It’s all that she ever wanted as a child and now it’s coming true. In fact, she makes it all the way to the altar. But her husband to be never quite makes it down the aisle and she is stuck there while he is who knows where.

Standing in front of her 500 wedding guests who have a very clear idea of what’s going on, Lilly has never been more embarrassed or mortified in her entire life. Her fiance has left her and is just not coming to walk down the aisle and start the rest of their lives together– just like they had planned!

The dream that she thought was coming true has turned into a real life nightmare. The worst part is that she doesn’t seem to be waking up. But when she makes a choice to get rid of the dress and go on her honeymoon to Thailand by herself, it’s about to be a real journey that she might either end up celebrating or regretting.

It’s a long flight to Thailand, but her mind is made up. She takes her luggage and her passport and gets on the plane to go to the other side of the world. Thailand, she finds, is quite the destination. Everything here is so tropical, and that translates to hot. Hot weather and a lot of light clothing and air conditioning inside of the nice hotels.

Lilly is still super upset about the loss of her fiance– she thought that she was getting married and starting the rest of her life! Instead, she turned into a bride that had black mascara running down her face with her special day ruined. She wasn’t expecting to spend time with anyone, but then she meets a guy named Damien.

This guy fits the weather here as he is nothing but hot. She has not really had time to regroup from what happened, but at the same time, it has set her free. She is excited to get to know this new young man and see what he has to offer even if she is not certain that she is ready to give her heart away. When there is an offer to go to a very exclusive party, could there be a chance at love?

Lilly isn’t sure if she can return to the person that she was. Damien just wants her to be herself. Can they party together and spend time committed to each other outside of paradise? Read Burning Moon to find out!

Almost a Bride is the fun sequel to the debut novel in the Destination Love series by author Jo Watson! When you find that your boyfriend is with another woman in bed and catch them in the act, it can be tough. It’s even tougher when you get arrested after that– by accident, of course.

Meet Annie, a girl who is about to come home and find her boyfriend cheating with his coworker. She thought he was going to end up proposing, but this happened instead. Knowing that she has to move on, Annie treats herself to a nice vacation.

However, her tropical escape turns when she finds out that she’s staying at the same resort as her boyfriend and his new lady. So she pretends to be with a new guy named Chris. Will sparks fly between them? Read this book to find out!

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