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JoAnn Chaney is New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fiction novels. She is an alumnus of UC Riverside’s Palm Desert Masters of Fine Arts program. Chaney made her debut in the publication world on February 7th, 2017 after Flatiron Books publisher published the publication of her first novel What You Don’t Know. The book featured Detective Paul Hoskins and his partner Sammie who solve complex murder cases and also go after a serial killer on the loose.

What You Don’t Know

The last victims of a notorious serial killer awaiting execution may be the one he did not kill. Almost a decade ago, to be exact seven years, Detective Paul Hoskins and his better than life partner finally solved a complex puzzle and one of the largest serial murder cases of the decade. With their investigative skills and uncanny wits, they dug up thirty-three bodies in a crawl space belonging to one famous person in the community, Jack Seever- a role model for the community and a fruitful and prominent businessman. Sammie Peterson was the leading reporter on the homicide case, and her byline was on the front page of the newspaper each single day. On the other hand, the famous businessman wife, Gloria claimed to be shocked as everyone else in the community and did not know how this could have happened.

Fast-forward, seven years later after Detective Hoskins and his partner solved the largest case in history; we meet the Detective banished to cold cases while on the other hand Sammie working in a mall and selling make-ups. Gloria, wife to Seever, the renowned businessman is trying to live her life in a world where escaping condemnation is almost impossible. Moreover, her husband, Seever, is watching the show unfold in his eyes from a distance.

However, when a series of new killings starts to happen, and the victims killed are all somehow connected to Seever, Gloria is once tossed into the limelight.While Sammie and Hoskins figure out that this could be their lifetime opportunity to regain their lives, and are willing do whatever it takes to ensure that the murder case is solved and their names cleared even if it means sacrificing their humanity.

The debut novel by JoAnn Chaney begins in 2008, when Detective Paul Hoskins and his counterpart Detective Ralph Loren, arrest a man by the name Jack Seever. Seever owns a string of restaurants in the local town, a famous and a respected businessperson, a volunteer at the local hospital and a member of the community. He is a man who loves dressing up as a clown; thrill the local children and a husband to one Gloria Seever. He is arrested because below his crawl space of his house, more than 30 bodies have been discovered and hence that makes him the prime suspect in the homicides.

Seven years later, we meet Gloria, Sammie the great reporter and the two detectives and none of them are enjoying their new life and having all but forgotten about the man who made their lives more enjoyable.

JoAnn Chaney debut novel has a new and unique point of view of a serial killer. This is because you will have already known the serial killer in the first ten pages of the novel. It is exceptionally written and focuses on exactly what happens to those who are connected to various crimes more so homicides. It does not concentrate on finding the serial killer like you will find in many novels today, but rather the author focuses on the impact that a crime has on the suspect’s family (Gloria), reporters( Sammie) and the detectives in charge (Hoskins and his partner). This is a fascinating theme to incorporate in a thriller. Most are the times you read stories where the author details about the murders and finally finishes when the villain is finally caught.

However, even with the bad guy imprisoned for over seven years now and awaiting execution, a series of murders starts to happen, and all these crimes are all linked to the man in prison, Seever. Could there be a copycat serial killer on the loose? Alternatively, could be this much more sinister than what happened seven years ago? Moreover, can the major people involve seven years ago regain their lives on the track again?

What you will love most about What You Don’t Know is the author’s beautiful writing and how she introduces each section of the book. The characters featured in the books are so real that you will relate them with your real life buddies while others are so creepy. There are also characters whose dark impulses often get in the way of their courageous motivation and this makes them intriguing.

You will note that each character featured in What You Don’t Know is fighting his or her way, and not only to outrun but also combat the evil that clouded their lives. Their dilly-dallying attempts stumbled into one another like a dreadful chain of dominos, and that will keep you guessing until the last page.

The main characters in this book are the two detectives who sent Seever into prison. They are never friends and are always in a disagreement. Seven years later, we find each pursuing something entirely different. Ralph character is of particular concern and exciting as well.

Other supporting cast includes Sammie Peterson; the reporter who documented about the crime for the local daily publishers. She now visits Seever in prison trying to rekindle her fame of time. Her character is unique and fascinating; this is because she is a woman but trying to get into places and probably not always going about it in the best way possible. Its likes she is living and working in a man’s world, and thus she is always confronting it out with men- her husband, Hoskins. She is sort of a modern day Nancy Drew/Lois Lane- smart, strong, willful, but still, she has issues as well. She is sturdy but also soft, she is strong but most often second guesses her choices.

If What You Don’t Know sounds likes the right book for you, then it is recommended that you add JoAnn Chaney to your list of favorite authors and get to enjoy her intriguing future novels.

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