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The Trouble with Goats and Sheep (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Things About Elsie (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tidy Ending (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

One Letter Different (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Breaking and Mending (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Will You Read This, Please?(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Joanna Cannon is a published author. She also attends a variety of literary festivals held in places like Edinburgh and other parts around the United Kingdom, England in particular.

Joanna was born in a small town in Derbyshire, England. She was the only child to her parents and read quite a bit. She left going to school when she was just fifteen years old. She worked from there instead of going to school. Cannon worked as a delivery driver for a pizza shop, kennel maid, barmaid, and more. She eventually made the decision to go back to school when she was around thirty to qualify to be a doctor.

Now in addition to being a writer, Joanna is also a psychiatrist. This, her interest in individuals that exist on society’s fringes, and more keep her with plenty of motivation and inspiration to keep on writing. She also volunteers with an organization that brings patients and staff creative activities and arts to do.

Joanna has been interviewed in a variety of publications including The Times, The Observer, The Guardian, and more. Her writing has also appeared in a variety of publications. In addition to being found in print format, Cannon has also appeared on television programs as well as radio stations.

This author currently resides with her family members and dog somewhere in Peak District. Her novels have gained her lots of praise and positive reviews. If you love her fictional work, check out her non-fiction book as well!

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep is the first full length book of fiction from author Joanna Cannon. Her debut novel came out in 2016 and became a bestselling debut on the Sunday Times. It sold over a quarter of a million copies to readers in the United Kingdom and counting. The book did so well that it was come out in fifteen countries. It made the Desmond Elliott Prize’s long list and the short list for Bookseller Industry Awards (2017). In 2016 it made Cannon the recipient of the BAMB Reader Award.

Check out the novel that others are calling charming and quirky! This story is partially a mystery and partially a tale of coming of age. When a community requires absolution and two girls grow up together in search of what it might mean to belong somewhere, you have an interesting tale where you are never quite sure as the reader what is going to happen next.

The year is 1976 and the setting is the country of England. A lady named Mrs. Creasy has been deemed to be missing entirely. Now that she has gone, the Avenue has suddenly come alive with various whispers. The neighbors are able to successfully agree between themselves that the woman must have disappeared due to some type of reaction from the local heat wave.

Even though they are satisfied with this theory, it still remains to be seen what has happened to Mrs. Creasy. Tilly and Grace are just ten years of age and are friends. They don’t seem to be particularly taken in by this theory that a heat wave is why this woman is suddenly nowhere to be found. It has to be something more than that, and maybe no one wants to face the idea that she may have been kidnapped or worse.

The summer continues to go on, and the two friends decide that they’ve got to deal with this on their own if they are going to get the results that they want. The vicar in town inspires them to go look for God, believing that if they are able to seek out the divine presence of a deity, they also might have a chance at finding their neighbor and helping her get back home again.

It’s worth a shot to the two girls, at least. It seems like the bold Grace and her best friend, the thoughtful Tilly, are the only ones who really care what happened to her. Everyone else appears to be living their lives normally. Could the neighborhood know what really occurred after all and be hiding secrets?

It’s a distinct possibility. As the summer goes on, secrets slowly start to come out. The detectives may be new to the art of sleuthing, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t succeed at it. They start to find out that the more that they persevere, the more that they dig up.

The friends slowly try to put the pieces of what they are finding out together. As the two sift through their leads and information as well as what they’ve heard and seen, a pattern begins to come out of it all. It turns out that their block may have more people hiding more things than they thought, and not always regarding this case.

It is one of the hottest summers ever, and the girls feel that as it continues, they only grow closer to finding the truth. What they do not know is that Mrs. Creasy was also on a mission for answers and may have been getting somewhere before she disappeared.

Can the two friends find out what really happened and where their neighbor went? Or are they the next targets for individuals that would rather keep the past dead and buried? Find out by reading this debut novel to the very last page and discover how this story ends!

Three Things About Elsie is the second novel from Cannon. This book came out in 2018 and is an interesting exploration of memory as well as what comes with old age and the positive aspects of friendship.

Elsie is a lot of things. She’s a friend, and always knows what she should say in order to help make her friend feel better. When Florence falls in her apartment at the elderly home, she’s worried. After all, she is eighty-four years old and now needs to wait for rescue.

While stuck on the floor, she thinks about her past. She worries that a horrible secret may end up surfacing. She also wonders why a new resident looks like someone that died years ago. Find out about Elsie and Florence and more by picking up this book!

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