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The First Snow of Winter is a prequel.

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Joanna Chambers is a popular author that writes contemporary and historical romance.


Joanna Chambers was born in a working class town in Scotland. She took to reading at an early age and that drew her into writing. Joanna’s first writing endeavor came back when she attempted to produce a story for a writing badge in the Brownies.

The Brownies are like girl scouts but they are based in the UK. Joanna’s story wasn’t up to standard, or so she was told. She was only seven-years-old at the time and so it wasn’t so surprising that the experience dissuaded her from writing any further.

But she never forgot the excitement she felt the day she sat down to write those first few words. And even though she was heavily discouraged, the desire to write never went away. Rather, it became an itch in the back of her mind that manifested from time to time.

As Joanna Chambers grew, she became busy. She went to school. She got a job. She got married and children eventually came into the picture. Her teens and twenties came and went and at no point did Joanna give into the urge to write. She was simply too busy.

Her big opportunity to finally put pen to paper came when she rediscovered romance. This was after her children were born. Joanna started reading romance as a teenager. She obsessed over the genre and read nothing else for so many years.

But then she fell away rather suddenly and completely cut her ties with romance. She spent years without touching a single romance novel, and her busy schedule gave Joanna plenty of excuses to neglect her reading habit.

The author was a new mother in her thirties when she picked up and read her first romance novel in years. The experience was shockingly fulfilling. So she decided to sit down to write some romance of her own.

Joanna is primarily known for her M/M historical romance. However, as an aspiring author, Joanna’s name was made by her traditional M/F romance novels. As an amateur, that was all Joanna read.

So it wasn’t that surprising that she began to produce M/F historical fiction. As the author’s confidence in her writing abilities grew, her reading habits evolved. She began to experiment with M/M romance novels and that set her on the path to producing M/M historical fiction.

‘Provoked’, the first book from Joanna Chambers to feature two male leads, was initially designed to be a traditional M/F historical romance. But Joanna kept running into obstacles.

There were a lot of places into which the author wanted her heroine to venture but the cultural norms of the times wouldn’t have permitted it. Joanna first struggled to come up with reasons that could excuse the presence of her heroine in some of those taboo areas.

But after much rumination, she realized that the problem solved itself if the heroine became a man. And that has been one of the driving factors behind Joanna Chamber’s decision to produce M/M historical fiction.

Women in historical fiction are heavily restricted. There are things they simply wouldn’t have been allowed to do, places they would never have approached because of the conservative norms and expectations of the time.

And Joanna isn’t one to sacrifice accuracy to suit her novels. M/M historical fiction allows her to tell the stories she wants to tell whilst also avoiding the hassle that a female character in the Regency era introduces.

However, the M/M dynamic isn’t without its challenges either. M/M romance was heavily frowned upon in historical times. So Joanna has admitted to struggling to portray homosexual relationships in historical time periods in a way that is accurate and believable.

She has had to do tremendous research to understand the legal and familial issues that would have buffeted her heroes if they had existed during those times. The task was much harder to accomplish at the beginning.

But because of all the books Joanna Chambers has read since then, the process has become that much easier. By the time Joanna creates two new historical male leads, she already has an idea of the sorts of challenges they will face in their efforts to nurture and sustain a relationship.


David Lauriston is a young attorney struggling to make it in historic Edinburgh. The legal field in Ednigburgh is a place of privilege. David grew up a peasant. He doesn’t have the social or familial connections he would need to make a name for himself in Edinburgh.

So he isn’t surprised that he has struggled to succeed in the city. His problems are further exacerbated by his poor winning record.

On the personal front, David has always struggled with his feelings for other men. And knowing that his desires were considered unnatural by society, he determined to live a celibate life, if only to keep his reputation intact and build his career.

David’s life changes when he meets Lord Murdo Belfour. Murdo does what he wants when he wants and he isn’t apologetic about his hedonistic ways. David should have been repelled by Murdo’s selfish ways.
But he was drawn in, forced to accept the desires he had spent so much time suppressing.

Unfortunately for David, Murdo isn’t the only problem on his plate. There is also Euan MacLennan, a man whose brother David represented. Euan’s brother was a convicted radical that was sent to the gallows in Australia. Euan wants answers that David cannot provide.

But David cannot turn Euan away. So he begins investigating a trail that leads him to Murdo’s doorstep.


When King George IV decides to go to Edinburgh, Murdo heads North on a mission from his father to represent the family at the celebrations that will ensue.

David and Murdo separated two years ago. They are forced to confront their history when Murdo comes to Edinburgh. As painful as their parting was, Murdo isn’t quite as bitter as he used to be.

He is ready to forge ahead. He convinces David to tolerate his company for a little while as Murdo plays his part at the celebrations.

Their attempts at healing old wounds take a complicated turn when individuals from David’s past return to cause havoc.

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