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The Vanishing Season (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Mercy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Best Lies (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Waking Hour (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Seen Alive (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Joanna Schaffhausen is a published author.

In addition to being a writer, she is also a scientific editor. She spends much of her time becoming totally engaged with her research. Her research focuses on finding possible new therapies that could treat addiction, cancer, and even some types of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. She is able to use a scalpel well, a skill that she picked up during the years as she studied neuroscience.

Joanna has earned a doctorate in the field of psychology, a testament to the interest that she has long had in the brain. She is intrigued and fascinated by the way that the brain develops and the ways that the development can go wrong. She has worked in drug development as a scientific editor. She has also worked for ABC News as their editorial producer. She would write and advise programs that include 20/20, Good Morning America, and World News Tonight.

She is married to her husband and has one daughter. They all reside together in the area of Boston. She says that when it comes to inspiration, she gets her ideas from everywhere but specifically from stories about true crime. The author says that she can go to sleep to the audio sounds of the show Forensic Files, and admits that she’s seen each episode multiple times. She gets information from the stories about how the investigators feel regarding their cases, as well as how they think and talk. She is interested by the fact that there are many roads to go down at first and how they discover which evidence is going to help them solve the case.

Schaffhausen was awarded the St. Martin’s Minotaur Award for first crime novel in 2016.

Joanna Schaffhausen is the creator and the author of the Ellery Hathaway series of fictional novels. The series started out in 2017 with the publication of the debut novel, The Vanishing Season. The sequel is titled No Mercy and it came out in 2019. The third novel was published in 2020 and is titled All the Best Lies. If you are looking for a thrilling series that will keep you interested from start to finish, be sure to check out these suspenseful novels!

The Vanishing Season is the first book in the Ellery Hathaway series. This is where readers get to meet the main character of Ellery Hathaway for the first time.

Over a decade ago, Ellery was just a regular teenager. However, she had the bad fortune to be caught up in a horrible event. She was the target of Francis Michael Coben, a serial killer. In the middle of one of his murder sprees, she was supposed to be the seventeenth victim.

She would have been if she had died. But out of all the victims that he targeted, she was the only one to make it through with her life intact. Now the killer has been put to justice and is serving time behind bars. As for the former teen, she’s done what she can to reinvent herself. She’s now with an all new identity and lives in a very small town that is not known for crime.

It’s the type of place where nothing ever happens. Except for in recent years, that has not been the case. Every July going back for three years has seen the disappearance of local people, which is very unusual. Ellery keeps an eye out but does not think that it’s related to her. That is, until she gets some weird messages that seem to indicate the person sending them knows what she went through years ago.

Ellery is immediately put off by the letters and has a bad feeling about this. However, when she tries to voice her worry, it seems like no one wants to hear her out. She thinks this may even be related to the disappearances. Could she be the upcoming target when it comes to the cases of missing locals?

She doesn’t want to leave things to chance. To try and protect herself, she’s going to have to reach out to the only individual that actually might believe her. Can they help or is this a case of history repeating itself? Pick up The Vanishing Season to find out!

No Mercy is the exciting second installment in Joanna Schaffhausen’s Ellery Hathaway series of fictional novels.

In the last book, we saw Ellery trying to figure out what’s going on with a bunch of local disappearances. In this story, she’s a police officer that is in for an interesting ride.

She was working as a cop, but the job is on hold and so is she. Ellery has had to take an involuntary leave of absence due to her shooting them. Yes, she shot a killer and now she will not apologize for doing so. As a result, she has to take group therapy for those that have been the victims of acts of violent crime.

Even though this should be her focus, she’s starting to find out that she’s got other priorities that are ranking higher on the list than emotional self-connection. She starts to wonder whether a member of the group that she’s in may have been partially responsible for convicting the wrong person in an arson case years back.

She’s also trying to figure out whether she can help another woman that went through a horrible rape in the past. That man is still out there, and apparently has an above-average ability to scale walls and get through windows to get at victims. She’s begging Ellery to help her out and capture this horrible man.

Ellery wants to help, but to do so, she’s going to have to turn to Reed Markham. He’s not only her friend but a profiler with the FBI. They’re particularly close because years back, he saved her from the home of a killer. She may have been rescued, but whether he saved her from trauma or not is debatable.

Reed’s up for promotion and must keep distance from Ellery as a condition from his boss. Meanwhile, Ellery is doing her own detective work and putting therapy to the side. Is her career and her safety at risk? What will happen? Read this book to find out!

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