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About JoAnne Tompkins

The American author and novelist JoAnne Tompkins is well known for writing in an entertaining and informative manner. Knowing her craft well, she pushes the boundaries of her genre, really taking it to bold new heights, allowing it to come alive on the page essentially. This approach is something that she’s excelled at over the years, ultimately establishing a voice that is all her own. Her readers worldwide have quickly come to appreciate this, too, with her direct style immediately getting to the point.

There is a lot to enjoy bubbling beneath the surface as Tompkins brings her stories to life on the page. Bringing her reader in, she shows a clear sense of empathy for people, making her fiction feel wholly believable and authentic. Setting herself apart from other writers working within her field, she manages to establish herself as an entirely singular voice in her field. Becoming a household name for many, she has a lot to say on people who’ve fallen upon difficult times, dealing with their issues in a sensitive and timely manner.

Her characters stand out as some of the best in fiction, essentially creating fully formed lives of their own. Ringing true in every aspect, they each have personalities that see them pushing the field of fiction even further than ever before. Finding a sense of truth in her stories, her readers immerse themselves in exactly what it is that she has to say. She makes sure each of her characters stands out as three-dimensional personalities with something to say with compassion and sensitivity.

Featuring a powerful message in each of her stories, too, Tompkins doesn’t hold back from saying what it is that she wants to say either. Imparting a strong sense of her personality and outlook, she gives her work a message while also ensuring it doesn’t get in the way of the story. There’s plenty more planned upon the horizon, too, as she has a lot more set to be released in the future, as her career grows from strength to strength.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen interest in helping others and wanting to right wrongs, JoAnne Tompkins would harness a passion for gaining insight into the lives of other people. This unique perspective would help her to create unique and intricate stories, as they would come to form her outlook as a writer. In time she would begin to focus more on literature, becoming the highly popular writer she’s currently known as today. Drawing inspiration from her own life, she would eventually come to establish her own fresh outlook as a writer.

Prior to working as a writer, she would work as a trial lawyer, which would see her working with vulnerable individuals who’d had their lives disrupted. Dealing with issues, she would work as a mediator and, in time, begin to write, which saw her eventually attending the MFA Creative Writing program based in Goddard College. Now living in Port Townsend, Washington, she continues to write on a regular and consistent basis, with much more to follow.

Writing Career

It would be in 2021 would make her big literary debut with the novel ‘What Comes After,’ which would instantly go on to become a success. This book would be an in-depth look at redemption and grief, gaining her recognition with the reading public at large upon its release. Not a part of any series as such, it would be an entirely stand-alone title, with it being able to be read as its own complete book.

Before becoming a writer, she would work as a mediator and judicial officer, something which would weigh heavily in her fiction. Her first book publication would also go on to be celebrated as one of ‘The Oprah Magazines’ most anticipated books of 2021. Gaining both critical and commercial success, she is acclaimed by both critics and the public, both nationally and internationally.

What Comes After

Originally coming out through the Riverhead Books publishing imprint, this would arrive on the 13th of April in 2021. It would be the first book to come from JoAnne Tompkins as an author, allowing her to reach the reading public at large for the very first time. Establishing her style as a novelist, this book would be an entirely stand-alone story and one that set the template for her as a writer.

In the Pacific Northwest, a small community is suddenly torn apart by the horrific murder of two teenage boys, and then, following this, a pregnant girl emerges from the woods. Isaac must deal with the grief over his teenage son, living alone in Washington State with his dog, and soon his life is drastically altered by the emergence of the sixteen-year-old girl. Lorrie, living next door to Isaac, must deal with a horrific act from her own son, as now the teenage girl, Evangeline, steps into all their lives. Now all three of these characters must deal with the truth of the past and what really happened, as their pasts all come out.

This is a heartfelt book about grief and redemption, really giving an insight into how people actually think and behave. The story is well told, making for an extremely engaging narrative that immediately pulls the reader in and holds them there. It’s an engrossing story with many compelling characters, a well-paced narrative, and a story that feels extremely believable and authentic.

Previous Writing

In the past, JoAnne Tompkins has written for numerous publications, making a name for herself in the literary world at large. Creating a number of different pieces in many different outlets, she’s allowed herself to become hugely influential in her own right. Reaching readers from all over, her work is enormously in-depth, reaching readers from a variety of different backgrounds.

In the past, she has written for ‘Lithub,’ ‘Writer in the World,’ ‘High Country News,’ and ‘Stratus: Journal of Arts and Writing’ to name just a few. Shaping her voice over the years, many readers from all over have come to appreciate what it is that she wants to say. With lots more still to come, too, she will carry on writing and publishing her fiction, as there are plenty more books planned on the horizon.

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