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Publication Order of A Beautiful Dark Books

A Beautiful Dark (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fractured Light (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Radiant Sky (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Odds of Lightning (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born and brought up in New York, Jocelyn Davies is a pure New Yorker by heart. A children’s book editor by profession the writer also writes literature as well as adult fiction. The writer was passionate about writing from an early age and studies English Masters as well as theaters from Bates College in Maine. The writer currently lives in Brooklyn and has many books to her credit, the most famous among them is the “A beautiful Dark trilogy”.

Another famous writing of her is the odds of Lightning and apart from this she has also written Pitch dark. The books of Jocelyn have become quite popular in short time and the writer is known to have gained fame and recognition in a quick time. A veteran of 5 books, the writer is looking to expand her horizons and is working on some other quite serious projects that will surely help her establish better.

A Look at Two of Her Best Creations

The odds of Lightning – Looking at the Writers first critically acclaimed fiction The odds of lightning it is found that it is set in the backdrop of New York city and The books is about three teenagers who used to be best friends, but their friendship could not pass the test of time and some life defining moments took their friendship apart. Years have passed and the main protagonists of the story that are Tiny, Lu, will and Nathaniel merely talk each other.

All of them have grown up and Nathaniel is up with the mission of winning science scholarship that was once won by his brother. Lu who was always mischievous of the lot has grown to become a brash actress and Will has achieved fame in the field of Soccer and is now a famous Soccer Player. Among them the most reserved and shy Tiny has slowly been losing it and is yet to make a mark.

The story unfolds forward and as fate would have want they cross each other’s path once again. A wild thunderstorm has struck the New York City and lightning is also suspected. The city is supposed to shut down and before anyone could understand as to what has happened. All four of them embark on a journey to follow their passion and reconcile as to what happened in the past.

All four of them are now ready to face their fears that they have been coping with since that dreadful night of the High school summer. The night turns out to be the most volatile of their life and here various events unfold that helps the friends discover the difference between logic and science. The night teaches them a lesson about life and also helps them realize that friendship and love are mysterious things and cannot be explained or given any meaning.

A Beautiful Dark – Another quite gripping and solid fiction that follows two more editions is A Beautiful Dark. The story of this book written by Jocelyn Davies is about a girl Skye who meets two complete and opposite strangers on the day of her 17th Birthday. The two strangers are quite opposite of each other and with their sudden appearance in the life of the Skye, her life goes upside down. The two boys named Asher and Devin are completely opposite of each other the former one is wild and dark while the later is fair and sensible.Both boys have seemed to be following every move of Skye is completely unaware about what both of them wants from her. The presence of both boys in her life is quite exciting and every time she meets one of them a series of strange events play spoilsport to her peace. This makes the Protagonist of the Jocelyn Davies book quite unnerving and she starts casting doubts about the identity of both the boys. The events also make her a little paranoid about her past and she wants to know more about her past and truths related to it.

Torn between the two boys, Skye comes to know about an impossible secret and it can have unsuitable impacts and can also shatter her whole world. The girl is clearly undecided between the two boys and is supposed to fallen for both of them. Her dilemma has become a cause of worry for her and she cannot do without making a choice between the two. Choosing one between the two will have its repercussions and it may hamper the lives of each of them in a way that one could ever imagine.

The book has two more editions to it that are named as A Fractured light and a Radiant Sky. Both the books move the story forward that was initiated by the fist book. The beautiful story that began with the first installment in A Beautiful Dark gathers pace in the second edition in the Fractured Light and comes to a thrilling end with the Radiant Sky.

The author Jocelyn Davies has tried and managed to unfold the characters and story as amazing as she could. The best thing about the books is that they are engaging and transports you to the world of characters. Extraordinary and gripping, the books are a figment of imagination of the author and achieved critical acclaim as well as huge reader appeal.

Jocelyn Davies is an emerging name in the field of literature and her work in days to come will surely place her among the best writers in the country. The writing style followed by writer is gripping and compelling and she weaves magic with her words. It is her simple sentences and ordinary parlances that strike a chord with readers and help her make a lasting impact in the minds of her readers.

The writer is always open to criticisms and feedback and for this purpose you can reach to her via her website and you can also follow her on twitter. The A Beautiful Dark writer in addition to being an author is the editor of children books and also writes poem and short stories for magazines and newspapers.

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