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Quota (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rules of Backyard Cricket (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Java Ridge (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Preservation (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Island (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Settlement (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jock Serong is a well known author from Australia, who likes to write crime fiction, suspense, and thriller novels. He has written a few highly successful novels in his writing career. As of today, author Serong resides near Victoria’s southwest coast. He works from Port Fairy. In addition to being a noteworthy author, Serong also practices law. In fact, he was still practicing when he penned his debut novel, Quota. Currently, author Seron features as a writer as well as an editor for the Great Ocean Quarterly. Serong is happily married and is blessed with 4 children. His family is very fond of pet animals just like, and the members of the family raise a rabbit, a black dog, and many guinea pigs. His debut book, Quota, is the winner of the Ned Kelly Award in 2015 in the category of the Best Debut Crime Novel. The most recent novel written by author Serong is called The Rules of Backyard Cricket. Serong had tried his hand at writing for the first time when he was in the 4th grade. He had written an 8-page sequel to the book, The Wind in the Willows. His mother had praised his effort and had bought the copy, thus giving him an idea of how the world of writing and publishing work. Author Serong considers that the direct sense of sharing his imagination with the readers, most of whom are strangers, is the best part of the writing job. He feels proud in being able to create events and people that seem meaningful to the readers. Serong even feels that there certain intimacy in doing so. He also feels that it brings a genuine responsibility among the writers. Over the years, he has grown as a writer and has learned not to use stereotypes, talking in cliches, and being lazy.

Seeing the sincerity of the readers towards his novels, author Serong considers it a great contract on the part of the readers to do so. And it eventually proves to be a reason for a writer to do his work sincerely and with full dedication. However, author Serong feels there are negative things about this job as well, which include the many opportunities that are given in towards negativity. Some of the factors include worrying about money, internet trolls, criticism, and jealousy towards the success of the other writers. Another factor causing negativity in the writing field is the labeling of the writers on the ground of who deserve their success and who does not. This causes a major distraction from the main concern, which is making the best use of their ability and coming up with excellent works. Serong says that this can be controlled. The most significant moment came in the life of author Serong when he signed his first book with Text. He describes the process as being really arduous. He had to go through repeated submission, rejection, reconstruction of the manuscript, editing and submitting again. When he was finally offered the publishing contract, he felt that all his effort got validated. It also gave him the confidence that he can have a place among the professional writers and also motivated him a lot. Author Serong describes himself as a bloody-minded person. So, the biggest motivation that he ever received in his career was from several former colleagues. He was told straightforward that he looked deluded about trying to become a writer. Serong knew that the words were quite demotivating, but they also kept him going. The best advice was given to him by his editor named Mandy Brett. She always told him that he can cut huge amounts of unwanted things from his stories and improve the overall quality. Serong found that each of the words that she told him were true.

An initial book written by Jock Serong is entitled ‘Quota’. It was released by the Text publication in the year 2014. This crime fiction book features the primary character in the form of Charlie Jardim and is set in the Dauphin town. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Charlie Jardim had a promising legal career, which he trashed in a spectacular meltdown in the courtroom. Even his fiancee leaves him. Nothing good seems to be happening in his life. Charlie appears to be heading towards a great failure. Later, one of his old friends asks him to look into a prosecution case. This new job requires him to move to the distant town of Dauphin. Charlie Jardim hopes that the coastal town might bring some good luck to him and therefore, he reluctantly agrees. The case turns to be that of a murder. Charlie learns that the victim was carrying an illegal trade before his murder. He was even involved in a bigger drug trade illegally. Charlie finds it very difficult to find any clue of evidence. Even the witnesses are not helping his cause by keeping their mouths shut. However, he does not lose hope and keeps fighting. Just as the coastal town looks to be closing in on him, he feels a great energy inside him and realizes that his old self is getting reignited as the case proceeds further. Charlie Jardim knows that he is not letting the case go away without putting up a tight fight.

Another successful book that author Serong wrote in his career is called ‘On the Java Ridge’. This book was also published by the Text Publishing in the year 2017. Author Serong has mentioned the main characters in this novel as Isi Natoli, Cassius Calvert, Roya, etc. The story takes place in Australia and the Dana island in Indonesia. At the beginning of the start of the book, it is depicted that some people take a trip in the ocean near the Java Ridge for surfing. Out in the ocean, there no human sound was coming on the deck. People were just standing and watching the high and low waves. None of them were able to speak any word. The tourists from Australi were anchored near the Indonesian island beside its idyllic reef along with their skipper named Isi Natoli. On the other hand, the Border Integrity Minister, Cassius Calvert, prepares for the Federal election from his Canberra office. At the same time, a new policy is announced in relation to the maritime assistance to the vessels in distress seeking asylum. Several kilometers away from the island, a vessel gets broken down due to engine failure. Roya is on board the vessel along with her mother and does not know what to do. To add to her problems, a huge storm is about to hit the vessel. This novel received a huge appreciation from one and all, just like Serong’s previous book.

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