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Jodi Burnett is a native of Colorado best known as a bestselling author of thriller, mystery, and suspense fiction works.

Married now for more than thirty-five years, she raised her kids as a military wife with her husband serving in the United States Marine Corps. Her family lived in North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Okinawa, Japan before they moved back to Colorado.
For several years, Burnett worked as a Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy Therapeutic Riding Instructor.

She would then start “Horses Healing Hearts,” a business that offered equine-assisted learning and growth experiences for at-risk teenagers and teen mothers.

She now makes her home in Denver on a small ranch southeast of the city where she loves to complain about her cows, enjoy her horses, and create a home for her imaginings.
Inspired by country life she tends to the creative side of herself by crafting stained glass, quilting, watercolor painting, and writing.

Jodi published “Letting Go,” her debut novel in 2018, and has since published more than twenty works of fiction.

Given that she is very active in the writing community, she is a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime.

Burnett was born in Colorado in the city of Boulder and spent much of her childhood with her backdrop being the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. During this time, she loved playing with dogs and horses in addition to many imaginary friends.
She also loved reading and particularly loved” Little House on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder from which she found a lot of inspiration for her games.

Jodi Burnett’s love for storytelling was inspired by her father who used to tell all manner of interesting stories to the family while she was a child.

Some of the best memories of her childhood are when she was sitting with him on the porch as he told the stories of his boyhood. It was from her father that Jodi also developed a love for reading.
While she was a high schooler, her father introduced her to the works of Robert Ludlum and she still thinks of him as the ultimate investigative fiction writer.

Since Jodi Burnett always had a very vivid imagination, she spent hours playing make-believe games out in the fields.

As she grew up and discovered that it was not socially acceptable to play pretend, she moved inward and started making up stories in her head instead.

As a mother of four, she had all kinds of opportunities to tell stories to her children since she was a military wife and stay-at-home mother. It broke her heart when they began going to college and she had no one she could tell her stories to.
It was at this time that she started penning her novels and was pleasantly surprised when she earned $24,000 in her first year and broke six figures in her second year.

She had always dreamed of becoming a twisted combination of spy/lawyer/interior designer who dabbles in horse training and science, but ended up a fiction novelist and mother.

“Renegade” by Jodi Burnett is the story of Caitlyn who has finally gotten her Criminal Justice degree and is back in her hometown. She does not know what to do with her degree or her life and resorts to paying the bill by working at the local cafe.
She is living all alone with Renegade her dog who she has been training to become a working dog. She also helps her brother Dylan with the affairs of the family ranch even though there is a lot of tension between them.

As for Colt, he is a country sheriff department deputy sheriff who has been in love with Caitlyn ever since they were in middle school. However, he made a mistake as a teen and made Caitlyn lose all trust in him, and she now wants nothing to do with him.
When Caitlyn and Dylan are both suspects in the murder of a local woman whose body was found on the family ranch, Colt will have to set aside his reservations and help find the true killer.
Can Renegade and Colt keep Caitlyn safe from some vicious enemies?

Jodi Burnett’s “Maverick” is a fascinating work that tells of the life and times of Caitlyn Reed the deputy county sheriff.

While she is out running, Renegade her K9 the dog brings her a red shoe that belongs to some woman. Trying to find the owner, she heads to the nearby river and finds a woman floating on the surface.
According to the autopsy the woman was murdered and it is now up to Sheriff Colt Branson and Caitlyn to investigate.

The two had liked each other in their younger years but the fact that she works for him and a past digression keeps them apart.

They soon discover that the woman had been living at the local hotel but the reason for her stay in Montana and her identity is unclear. They will only be able to establish the woman’s identity and why she was murdered following a series of baffling events.
When Doctor Blake Kennedy who is the handsome nephew of the local doctor comes into town, he seems to be very interested in Caitlyn.

The complicated threesome provides a personal touch in this ongoing mystery in which the gut instincts of Caitlyn and Colt will be instrumental in solving this case.

“Marshal” by Jodi Burnett opens with Caitlin Reed the sheriff’s deputy in desperate need of a career change.

She could not have been more excited to get a recommendation to enroll at the United States Marshal Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Together with Renegade her K9, she will become the first Canine tema in the locality.
Colt Branson her love interest has now been elected Moose Creek Sheriff and is happy for Caitlyn and her new job, but hates that he will not be seeing her as she will be away for nine months in Georgia.

Being away from Renegade and Colt and her concern for her father’s health are the negatives of taking the new job, but she knows that it is what she needs to do.

When she comes back home, she is immediately tasked with tracking some criminals who wounded a man, killed another, and stole some precious gems.

When further deaths and robberies follow, the need to find the criminals becomes even more crucial, particularly when it is realized that they are heading toward Moose Creek.
But a twist in the case will have Caitlin and Colt fearing that they may not have heard the last of the one criminal that escaped their grasp.

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