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The “Joe Beck” series is a set of western fiction novels by C.J. Petit the bestselling western fiction novelist. The author was born in February 1950 in Providence, Rhode Island, and was brought up just a few miles south of Warwick’s Providence.

The author was the middle child among five siblings and went to Catholic school and then for his high school education he went to seminary. Petit had quite a normal childhood and thinks of himself as just an ordinary kid that went along with the crowd.

Just like everyone, he passed from class to class until he was ultimately spewed out into the world. In 1968 he joined the Airforce and although it was a career he never chose, the military forced him to become a medic.

For a dozen years, Petit was an x-ray technician before he got a commission in 1980. He was then posted to the south of Omaha-based Offutt AFB until his retirement in 1993.

He would then buy a house and became a computer geek working for the city of Bellevue for 17 years. Following a long career in the Air Force that lasted for more than two decades and a second career working for the city of Bellevue, Michael Anderle was forced to retire.

He was diagnosed with cancer and the aftereffects of the treatment and the condition itself made it difficult for him to eat, swallow, spit, and talk. The downward spiral of his health was what ultimately made him start writing.

In 2011, he could not work and had to be put on disability. Since he was confined to the house, he read a lot on just about anything he could get his hands on. Some of the works he read during this time were in varied genres ranging from fantasy, history, mysteries, science fiction, and of course a ton of western fiction novels.

Even though his speech got weaker and his health got ever worse, he continued reading and ultimately gravitated toward western fiction. He then realized that he hates some aspects of the novels he was reading and thought he should write what he liked to read.

He published “Unwanted,” the first novel of the “Joe Beck” series in 2021 and now has eight titles in the series.

The “Joe Beck” series of novels are among the best masterpieces by C.J. Petit who proved that he is the master of western fiction. It is a fast-paced series full of unending excitement as Joe works with Bo the wagon mater as they escort a wagon train headed to the wilds of Oregon.

The series comes with outstanding storylines as the teenage Joe proves himself many times over in what is a very polarizing western fiction work. The boy is married to a fifteen-year-old girl named Faith. Just like him, Faith had been rejected and abandoned by her family and they find in each other kindred spirits.

Faith motivates and pushes him to make use of his abilities to ensure the safety of the wagon train and the people in it. Joe proves himself a good kid that is always trying to do the right thing. Still, they have to do with all manner of challenges along the trail but he will always protect the people he now considers his family.

It is a great series with a good balance of romance, wisdom, and courage. The lead is cast as a self-reliant man that nobody can take advantage of. His moral steadfastness and resourcefulness make him a likable character throughout the series.

“Unwanted” the first novel of the “Joe Beck” series of novels introduces a boy named Joe that had been rejected by his family. He was left all on his own and has to deal with all manner of challenges making his way through life.

Joe had put all his belongings in a small cart and joined a wagon train headed to Oregon. Joining him on the journey is a donkey that had been abandoned in a barn and a mongrel dog.

Later on, he met a girl named Faith that had been first rejected by her family and then thrown out by the family that had then purchased her. The two form a strong and caring relationship as Joe grows in integrity and strength, finding love in each other.

They are heading west during the Civil War which means it is a very dangerous time. Along the way, he saves the life of an Army captain and his reward is a better life in the wagon train. The captain also gives him a pistol and a repeating life so that he can keep himself and his wife Faith safe.

It makes for an enduring and gentle story of love, courage, integrity, and endurance.

The second novel of the “Joe Beck” series of novels is “Reunion.”
Jeremy and Ed who are cousins to Joe stole two mules from their brother and fled the state so that they would not be conscripted into the Confederate army. They subsequently sold the animals and entrusted the money to Ed.

Traveling to Kansas City and across Missouri, they follow a wagon train and Joe is not very happy that they are part of his crew now. He warned his fellow travelers to be wary of Jeremy and Ed and his warnings are taken seriously as he had come to be respected and well-liked by most members.

Faith and Joe continue to lead the wagon train on a very hazardous journey. Ultimately, Jeremy killed his brother for the money and left the train to head into the town. But Joe found and killed him as he would not let anyone get away with such a heinous crime.

It is an excellent story that brilliantly captures the experiences of Joe and Fatih who face overwhelming odds but are determined to make it through.

“The Divide” is the third novel of the “Joe Beck” series of novels that continues to follow the life and times of Faith and Joe. Their relationship continues to mature as they have all manner of adventures heading to Oregon in the west.

Joe is a man that is wise beyond his years as he confronts and deals with challenges that would confound most experienced adults. In this work, he has to deal with some warlike Indian tribes and made a few friends.

In the wagon train, he has many friends but there are also some people that have threatened his life as they dislike him. Accidents and illness challenge the settlers on their journey and Faith and Joe find a new dog who becomes part of their family.
It makes for another interesting and compelling story in the series.

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    I absolutely loved this series. Didn’t want it to end!

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    The Joe series is a enjoyable series.I Stoll have two books to read. Looking forward reading them!


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