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Publication Order of Joe Copp Books

Joe Copp is a private investigator, who is six foot three inches tall and weighs 260 pounds. He is an ex-cop, and lives and investigates the cases that he takes on in Hollywood, California. He finds himself, like most private investigators in fiction, broke most of the time, living paycheck to paycheck, and yearning for someone to come through his door with a money making case for him to work on. All so he can pay back the money that he borrowed or owes on his bills and have maybe a little for himself.

He is a shoot first, ask questions later type of man, and Don Pendleton helps him along by giving him quite a bit to shoot at throughout the series. Joe is also a tough, he-man kind of guy and takes no guff from anyone.

The series is narrated by Copp himself in the first person. The novels start in the middle of things while Copp is on the trail of some criminal, before Copp goes back and tells the readers how he got into that situation. It uses flashbacks to tell the stories.

There are six novels to the mystery crime series, and the last one came out in the year 1992. The series is considered to be a hardboiled detective series and is considered to be formula fiction. The “Joe Copp” series, like the “Mike Hammer” novels, feature some action that is considered by some to be over the top. The series features Pendleton’s signature writing style that has been found in his previous work, and includes: a fast paced plot, hard hitting moments, and real sounding dialogue. It also gets into the mind of the characters and shows readers their inner workings. Writing the “Joe Copp” series fulfills one of Pendleton’s wishes too, for one of his novels to be published in hardback, as all six were originally released in hardback. This is something that he worked and waited for over twenty years to achieve.

“Copp for Hire” by Don Pendleton is the first novel in the “Joe Copp” series that was released in the year 1987. A frightened female stripper asks Joe Copp to investigate her stalker, who happens to be a cop himself and he has been following her everywhere that she goes. Before Joe can even do anything to help the poor woman, she is killed in a hit and run accident. The driver then sets his sights on Joe Copp. Bodies of the people that Copp questions wind up dead because someone wants to keep them all quiet. He must find out who, or wind up dead.

Fans of the novel liked the enjoyable read that Pendleton gives his readers. Some found themselves unable to put the book down. Some also enjoyed getting to know Joe Copp in the novel and the way he was brought to life. Some liked how interesting the book is. Some enjoy Pendleton’s style of writing, finding that things are real and he brings characters to life in a fascinating and interesting way.

Some did n

ot like the novel and found that they did not have to keep reading, as the novel was only so so. Some even said that some of things that happen in the novel are dated and that they did not enjoy the novel as much as the “Executioner” series.

“Copp on Fire” by Don Pendleton is the second novel in the “Joe Copp” series that was released in 1988. Copp is not your everyday, run of the mill private investigator, then it comes as no surprise when he is wanted for a non-ordinary murder. He is raging mad about it. This case, for Copp, will take him through the dirty part of Hollywood, and finds that the whole place is rotten to the center. Despite the facade that makes things look glitzy and glammy.

Fans of the novel liked the plotting and pace of the novel and could not put the thing down until they were finished and wanted to read more of these books. Readers felt that they got to know Joe Copp even more in this novel, finding him to be almost like a friend and like a real person. Anyone who reads these novels is in for a fun ride and a good time.

Some did not like the novel finding that when they put it down, they did not care to keep reading it. They also found that it was almost better just to read something else. Once again, a novel that felt dated to them, and that there was a poor portrayal of women in the novel.

“Copp in Deep” by Don Pendleton is the third novel in the “Joe Copp” series that was released in 1989. Joe Copp falls into a world populated with corruption on the corporate level, greed, professional sex, murder for hire, and treason. With all the people dying around him, Copp must evade the federal agents, go up against traitors. He must also work hard to find the truth and justice that he is working for in this case. It will not be easy for him to get through unhurt.

Fans of the novel liked the way that the novel was summed up at the end, helping them to understand everything is connected to everything else. Others liked the plot of the novel.

“Copp in the Dark” by Don Pendleton is the fourth novel in the “Joe Copp” series that was released in 1990. A mysterious client wants the help of private investigator Joe Copp. This plea for help pushes Copp into the depths of the theater. In store for Copp is more than one murder, corrupt politicians, organized crime people, street drugs, and sex.

“Copp on Ice” by Don Pendleton is the fifth novel in the “Joe Copp” series that was released in 1991. Here readers see Copp take on corrupt lawmakers and cops. He is the temporary Chief of Police and everyone underneath him has gone bad. Even the badge he has been given does not offer him a whole lot of protection from all of the evil out there.

The series is available in many formats and have been published in many countries, in many different languages.

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