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Publication Order of Joe Dillard Books

An Innocent Client (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Good Faith (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Injustice For All (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reasonable Fear (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Conflict of Interest (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Money (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crime of Passion (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Judgment Cometh (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Due Process (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Resort (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The standalone novel Russo's Gold had an extensive rewrite and is now Blood Money.

The Joe Dillard Series is a series of five novels based on the crime and thriller genre written by Scott Pratt, who is based in Tennessee. The novels of the series were published between the years 2008 and 2013, with a sixth one to be coming out soon. The series shows Joe Dillard, who is a lawyer by profession. In his entire career, Joe has saved a lot of criminals such as drug dealers, murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. He is so fed up of the system and saving criminals that he wants to quit his profession. As he has made a considerable amount of money by defending a number of criminals, Joe has become jaded and decided to quit and has a desire to defend a case for an innocent client. In the initial two novels of the series, Joe is seen full of enthusiasm for saving innocent people. He uses his talent to help the needy and not the criminals, which he used to do before. Although he got what he wanted to do, Joe is haunted by the fact that he has a drug-addicted sister and a sick mother, who is mostly bedridden. The series is very well plotted in Tennessee as the writer himself is from Tennessee. All the characters of the series are very well described by the author, who has mostly used the real life situations to build the characters and the plot. In fact, Scott has penned down realistic court sessions and vivid and believable characters. The novels of the series have been included in the bestselling lists and have helped in increasing the popularity of Scott Pratt as an author of the crime genre. The first novel of the series was titled ‘An Innocent Client’ and was published in the year 2008, which was followed by ‘In Good Faith’ in the year 2009.

In ‘An Innocent Client’, the central character named ‘Joe Dillard’ is introduced as a jaded criminal defense lawyer in Tennessee. He is fed up of saving criminals and wants to something that his conscience accepts. He is also engrossed in family problems, including his sister, who is a drug addict and has just been released from jail and a sick mother. Joe’s mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and is mostly bedridden. His wish to defend an innocent client comes true when he gets the case of a young girl named Angel Christian, accused of murder. The young girl works as a waitress in a strip club in Tennessee. She is accused of murdering a preacher in a motel room. Joe becomes sure that the girl is not the murder after meeting her for the first time. He believes that he has finally got a chance to defend an innocent client, which makes him excited. Even though the evidences show Angel as the murderer, Joe believes in his heart that she is not the culprit.

The series shows the ups and downs in the life of Joe Dillard in defending the girl. He inquires about all those who are related to the case; a detective, the victim’s son and others including his own sister. Finally, he becomes successful in erasing the line between truth and lie and unveils the true criminal. Joe felt very much satisfied from within in defending an innocent person and this motivated him to keep up the good work, which is seen in the other novels of the series. The novel was highly successful as a debut novel by Scott Pratt. It was included as a finalist in the “Best Debut Mystery” category by the Mystery Readers International. The Publisher’s Weekly praised the work of Scott saying that the plot and the characters in the novel are very well developed as vivid and realistic. Other than that, the established and noted writers promoted the work of Scott and praised his efforts in developing a perfect crime novel. He was very much motivated and inspired by the success of his first novel, which is seen in the next installments of the series.

In the second novel of the series ‘In Good Faith’, Joe Dillard is seen continuing his good work of saving the innocent ones. The plot of this novel shows the slaughter of a family comprising of four members in the rural region of Tennessee. A few days later, an aged man, a retired high school principal is murdered along with his wife. The slaughtering of these innocent people develops fear among the people of Tennessee and two young kids, who are in their teens are held accused of the murders. Joe Dillard is hired to convict the teens, who are believed to be worshipping Satan. Joe believes that the kids are not guilty and tries to find the truth behind the murders in order to make up for defending the guilty criminals in the past. He is determined to find the true murderer and win the case for the sake of justice to the teens. Later, he comes to know that a young woman named Natasha is the main culprit behind the slaughters. Even though, Joe has been hired to prosecute the teens, he tries to bring out the truth from them. But the teens are too frightened to implicate Natasha, who used her Satan powers to brainwash the kids for carrying out the slayings. Joe becomes adamant in showing her true face in front of the people of Tennessee and goes beyond the safety of his family to put her behind the bars. He does not even care about his own life in bringing the kids to justice and making the evil murderer pay for her crimes. In the end, Natasha is held for the murders and the teens are set free. They are sent for counselling and Joe his honored for his hard work in fighting for justice.

The novel once again showed the caliber of Scott Pratt in writing crime-based novels. This masterpiece was also very well appreciated by the readers worldwide. The audience was pleased with the intense and scary plot of the novel. Once again the courtroom procedures were shown very realistic in the novel. The plot develops with a proper speed and each character is very well described. The novel was considered as a perfect thriller and became highly successful. It helped in establishing Scott as a noted writer of the crime and thriller genre. The success of the novel also motivated him to complete three more novels and the sixth novel of the series is about to be published.

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