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Publication Order of IQ Books

IQ (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Righteous (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wrecked (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Hi Five (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Smoke (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Whether it is the so-called beginner’s luck or simply the fact that the gods have been on his side all along, it cannot be gainsaid that Joe Ide is a great writer. Ye gods! He lacks a comprehensive bibliography but he makes up for it by penning a debut book befitting the gods.

Without seemingly resorting to a much-hyped introduction, it might be a prudent decision to let you make your own judgment. Meet Joe Ide. Ide, whose nationality is hyphenated–the man of letters is a Japanese-American– is a past master at the mystery genre if his well received debut novel is anything to go by. During Ide’s formative years, he associated himself especially with Black Americans, something which greatly inspired his writing career later on in life.

Joe Ide, who spent his childhood in South Los Angeles, was impressed by the then lawless region which was not for the lily-livered. He opines that gang violence was common. Ide, who is currently domiciled in Santa Monica upon California, acknowledges the norms of African-Americans for his realistic narrative prose. Interestingly, his close friends were Afro-Americans. In a classic case of being in Rome and behaving like Romans, Joe Ide aped the blacks’ manners, viewpoints, and preferences, especially regarding music and communication.

In the context of the blacks’ mode of speaking, Joe Ide was intrigued by how the black population could effortlessly cheer others up or irk them by using rhythms, something which has since found its way into his literary works. This prompted Ide to seek and listen to personalities such as former Alabama governor George Wallace, and comedians Paul Mooney and Redd Foxx, Bill Cosby, and Bernie Mac.

Joe Ide, who has been a bibliophile from a tender age, credits British penman Conan Doyle, the originator of sleuth Sherlock Holmes. Incidentally, Ide’s protagonist IQ is modeled after detective Holmes. Ide was impressed by Sherlock Holmes’ penchant for intelligently surmounting challenges, especially outwitting foes.

In the run-up to his writing career, Joe Ide had other occupations. Ide, who has a Bachelor in education, has been an educator, lecturer at a tertiary institution, manager, and an NGO director. Closer home, he has been a screenwriter, albeit with little success. All in all, Joe Ide’s writing is a synthesis of his life experience, extensive research, and make-believe things.

Section on Books
After stints in various sectors in the vain hope of succeeding in life, Joe Ide tried his hand at writing books and the rest is history. Ide’s debut novel, which is an acclaimed standalone book, is titled IQ. It was first published in October 2016 and the book is shelved under the fiction, mystery, thriller, and crime genres.

Isaiah Quintabe, who is simply known as IQ, is the featured protagonist in the said Joe Ide’s book. Incidentally, the title of the book, IQ, is based on the initials of the protagonist’s name–it is a truncation of the name. Meet protagonist Isaiah Quintabe. Quintabe, who is a Black American, is an orphaned teenager. Quintabe dropped out from school but is highly intelligent. He had an older sibling but the brother died in a road accident; this prompted Quintabe to fed for himself, at one time by stealing. To reduce overhead costs, he teams up with a certain teenager, Dodson, who is a petty criminal. The duo lives in East Long Beach upon Los Angeles, an area teeming with crime.

Isaiah Quintabe’s coolness is a me-too version of that of famed American actor Steve McQueen. Quintabe, who is a loner, is a precocious teenager: an inductive reasoner and sharp-witted. He is responsible, courageous, hardworking, considerate, self-assured, focused, determined, and, above all, a self-taught detective.

The first book in Joe Ide’s bibliography, IQ, revolves around Isaiah Quintabe’s audacity at sleuthing cases that the Los Angeles Police Department is either unable to tackle or cannot touch with a ten-foot pole. Quintabe’s fame has spread far and wide, partly because his services are pocket-friendly and affordable to any person in need. As such, his detective services are at a subsistence level. When his roommate-cum-colleague informs Quantabe of a high-profile case, he prioritizes the premium client. And thus Quintabe’s services segue from solving small-time cases to a considerable case.

The high-profile case involves a musician whose life is in danger. The client, who is a rapper called Calvin Wright and whose stage name is Black the Knife, believes that someone wants him dead. The unfolding story in the book– which has been nominated for major literary awards twice– as Quantabe’s inductive reasoning meets Dodson’s street smartness will keep you hooked to the end.

Joe Ide Awards
Author Joe Ide has been nominated for two literary awards. In 2017, Ide was nominated for the Barry Awards, in the Best First Novel category. Furthermore, in 2017, he was nominated for the Edgar Awards, also in the Best First Novel category. In both instances, he was nominated courtesy of the debut book.

Best Joe Ide Books
Unfortunately, Joe Ide’s bibliography comprises of two books only: IQ and Righteous. The former has been discussed. The latter book, Righteous, is due for publication in late 2017.

Other Books You May Like
Readers who liked Joe Ide’s book, IQ, also liked the following series of books. The first one is named Joe Swallow series and is penned by Conor Brady. The featured protagonist in this trilogy, which is set in the late 19th century, is called Joe Swallow. Swallow, who is a Dublin-based detective sergeant, is investigating mutilated corpses, a murdered pawnbroker, and a serial murderer.

The second one is named Phoenix Island series and is authored by John Dixon. Carl Freeman, who is a teenager and orphaned boxer, is the protagonist in this duology. Freeman, who is a constant offender, is incarcerated in a Guantanamo Bay-like prison but is soon hammered into a top-notch soldier. The third one, which is entitled Henrietta and Inspector Clive Novel, is penned by Michelle Cox. Set in the 1930s Chicago, this one features dancer Henrietta von Harmon and Inspector Clive Howard. At the inspector’s request, van Harmon goes undercover wherein she brushes shoulders with gangsters in the criminal world.


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