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Joe Johnson Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of Joe Johnson Thriller Books

The Last Nazi (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Old Bridge (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bandit Country (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Afghan (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stalin's Final Sting (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nazi's Son (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Sea (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Joe Johnson Thriller Series

British author Andrew Turpin is unsurpassed when it comes to writing thrillers and mystery novels with a high-degree of suspense. Previously working as a journalist prior to becoming an author full-time, he’s managed to bring a real sense of authenticity to his writing. This has seen readers from all over coming to appreciate his straightforward style that immediately gets to the point and the heart of the matter. His well loved Joe Johnson Thriller series of novels are a perfect example of this, making for an engaging and thrilling collection of stories.

There’s over six books and counting, as the series would begin back in 2017, and it’s come a long way since. Releasing books in quick succession of one another, there was also a compendium edition of the first three novels published in 2018. In 2019 Turpin would also publish a prequel book to the series titled ‘The Afghan,’ and it would lead the way into the fourth book as well.

Previously a Nazi hunter for the United States and a CIA officer, Joe Johnson is an individual who’s worked in Washington DC for the Department of Justice. This sees him as a leading authority for truth and justice, as he now seeks to solve unsolved war crimes all around the world. Dealing with the various different conflicts he comes across, he must get to the bottom of the truth and find out what’s really happened.

The Last Nazi

This would be the first book in the ‘Joe Johnson Thriller Series’ of novels, introducing readers to the world and the character for the first time. Published on the 15th of August in 2017, it would come out through ‘The Write Direction Publishing’ label, setting up the overall premise. Later a prequel would be released titled ‘The Afghan’ in 2019, but this can be read before that, as the prequel runs into the fourth main book.

Ex-CIA officer Joe Johnson is more than intrigued after learning of the contents of an old Nazi train that was hidden by Hitler’s Third Reich. Finding himself now immersed in a deep and dangerous plot, Joe Johnson must seek out the truth behind a US presidential candidates 2012 campaign and a blackmail plot. That’s when he comes across a killer who worked for the SS during the Holocaust and who managed to escape Johnson years earlier as a Nazi hunter. With a web of intrigue, deceit and lies, Joe Johnson must work against the clock if he ever hopes to bring down the last Nazi.

This sets up the franchise perfectly, really showing what it’s all about, and giving the reader a clearer idea of what to expect. Not only that, but it also provides a tense and exciting thriller, making the most of its engaging and suspense fuelled premise. Joe Johnson himself is a well established character too, as he essentially comes alive upon the page for the reader, with a deeply involving backstory.

The Old Bridge

Once again published through ‘The Write Direction Publishing’ imprint, this came out in 2018 on the 17th of January. Following on directly from the previous book, this would be the second in the ‘Joe Johnson Thriller Series,’ and would develop the world further. Paving the way into the third book too, it provides another self-contained thriller mystery, all while building upon the many themes and arcs from before.

Working across Europe bringing war crimes to light, Joe Johnson must now deal with corruption within his own agency. Facing up against his old employer at the CIA, Johnson heads across London and New York City, accompanied by Jayne Robinson, an ex-MI6 agent. Searching for an army officer who disappeared following the Yugoslav Civil War, they aim to find them and the White House linked secret dossier they hold. Dealing with agency leaders from powerful intelligence services, they must work together to untangle the truth from the lies.

Taking the story up a level once more, Turpin delivers on the promise of the original novel, with a sequel that’s even more exciting than the first. Moving at an exciting and tension filled pace, there’s a lot here for the reader to immerse themselves within, as it really brings the world of the series to life. It also develops the character of Joe Johnson himself, giving him more depth than ever before, really pushing the concept forwards as a whole.

Bandit Country

The third book in the ongoing ‘Joe Johnson Thriller Series’ of novels, this would again come out through ‘The Write Direction Publishing’ house. Providing another mystery for the ever intrepid investigator Joe Johnson, it features more intrigue and conspiracies for him to solve. Many of the characters and arcs are brought over too, paving the way for the fourth book titled ‘Stalin’s Final Sting’ in 2019.

A sniper in Northern Ireland has just killed a high-ranking British police chief, and their body count is rising as Joe Johnson is called in to investigate. With the G8 world summit soon to take place nearby Belfast, the UK prime-minister and the US president will soon be heading there, which could pose a problem. Accompanied by Jayne Robinson once more, they both uncover decades old secrets that many high-ranking officials would rather remain buried. Dealing with the historic conflict and tensions between the British security services and the IRA, this looks closer at the fundraising and arming of terrorists there.

With the premise of the series now already firmly established, the book wastes no time in getting straight to the heart of the action. It’s another great adventure that really pushes the original concept forwards, making the most of it in a way that’s engaging and entertaining. With its compelling story that keeps readers reading till the end, it’s a must for both fans of the series, and of the thriller genre as a whole.

The Joe Johnson Thriller Series

It’s an extremely compelling series with plenty of action and suspense, along with lots of different mysteries to solve. Making the most of the thriller genre, it uses its template well, keeping the reader hooked throughout every step of the way. A master of building tension and suspense too, Andrew Turpin really understands what he’s doing, as he builds towards his thrilling conclusions.

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