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Joe Kassabian is a bestselling science fiction author that was born and brought up in suburban Detroit Michigan.

In 2005 only aged 17, he enlisted in the army as he desired to drive tanks. However, like many people, he instead found himself working as an infantryman in southern Afghanistan.

Kassabian would go on to serve in several tours across the Middle East fighting the “Global War on Terror,” which would inspire many of his novels. He served for eight years before he was honorably discharged and turned to science fiction and military thriller fiction.
During his time in the army, he worked extensively in South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, where he advised and trained national security forces. Thereafter, Joe Kassabian studied Journalism and communications in Texas, before he relocated to the Seattle Area.
He published his debut novel “The Hooligans of Kandahar” in 2018 under his full name Joseph Kassabian. This was a memoir of his life and times, particularly the last year of his life in Afghanistan.

As Joe Kassabian, he made his debut when he published “The Prisoner’s Dilemma,” the debut novel of the “Liberty of Death” series of novels. He currently makes his home in Seattle Washington State where he lives with his wife and three canines.

Like many of his contemporaries, Joe Kassabian did not think much of becoming an author growing up. What he wanted to do was either become a Professional Hockey Player or an astronaut, with writing being a distant third.
Later on, he felt a strong desire to drive tanks and this is what led to him enlisting in the army when he was in his late teenage years. After serving all over the Middle East and Asia, he got a lot of experience but after getting out of the military, he discovered a dearth of fiction on the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

The books he found in abundance were romances on werewolves and vampires with a little bit of military action. Most of the novels he found were nearly identical much of the time.

They usually involved a patriotic and heroic protagonist killing some maniacal terrorist, planting an American flag, and going back home as a magical hero. After multiple combat tours and a decade of military service, he could not help but think they were severely lacking in documenting the experiences of the normal soldier.

Kassabian felt that most authors were just glorifying the patriotic and heroic characters from movies and books and these were nothing like the typical soldier experiences. It was from this that he set out to write his novels.

Joe Kassabian’s novels are for the most part based on true experiences and events. For the author, the hardest part of penning his novels has to be having the courage to tell the whole story, including things that people sometimes do not want to talk about.
Joe forces himself to chronicle his many actions during the different wars he has participated in as an infantry soldier, trainer, and advisor. He relives the horrible and violent events in painful detail in his many novels that have made him one of the most popular military thriller and science fiction authors today.

He published “Citizen of Earth” his first military science fiction novel in 2019 before he turned to science fiction with a military twist.

“Frontier Corps” by Joe Kassabian tells the stories of the people that fight the wars nobody is willing or able to fight. The Frontier Corps is the place where the criminals, malcontents, people with nothing to lose, and failures of the Terran Empire congregate.
They usually sign on for a decade-long contract of service that gives them another shot at life. But since they are sent to far-off places in the Galaxy to face some dangerous enemies, the deployment could just be a death sentence.
The lead protagonist in the work is a grizzled veteran in the Corps named Pari Petrosyan. Her contract has only a few months left to run and she cannot wait to get her discharge papers.

But then her path to freedom is interrupted by the arrival of a new commander. He intends to launch a massive military offensive to bring to an end the war she had been fighting her whole career. She finds herself caught between the Resh who are inhuman monstrosities and the empire’s grinding war machines.

Pari will need to survive if she is to have a hope of ever being free. It is a remarkable and thrilling start to a science-fiction military series. It makes for a gritty tale that is similar to the works of authors such as Rick Partlow.

Joe Kassabian’s novel “Cold Steel” opens with a Terran Empire dealing with a massive rebellion that threatens to tear it apart. A religious zealot just rose up on the outer reaches of the empire, intent on challenging the legitimacy of Tigranes the Emperor.
The Emperor has charged Andranik Haduni a disgraced imperial noble with the task of defeating the rebellion before it gains too much momentum. For years, he had been working for the Frontier Corps, exiled from his loved ones and family.

He is a highly experienced lieutenant but he is outgunned and may not be able to stop the rebels before they set the galaxy on fire. Coming with some intense action scenes, it makes for a thrilling military science fiction work.

“Coffin Troopers” by Joe Kassabian opens with a Terran Empire that has been torn apart by a rebellion that was led by Grigori. For a decade, the religious zealot’s army has continued their relentless drive across the empire clawing world after world from the throne of Earth.
There is no end in sight to the war and untold millions have lost their lives. But then the State Security’s Imperial Ministry comes up with a desperate attempt to put an end to the war.

They have decided to send a small team of soldiers from the special forces to assassinate Grigori in rebel space. The small team that is known as the Coffin Troopers gets its name from the fact that they stand little chance of survival or success. But they may just surprise everyone.

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