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The Joe Logan series is a popular series of thriller and suspense novels written by a renowned English novelist named Michael Kerr. This series is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2012 and 2016. Each of the novels of this series feature the chief protagonist in the role of Joe Logan. Author Kerr has introduced the character of Joe Logan as a former homicide detective who used to work for the NYPD. Logan resides in a trailer park located in West Virginia. He seems to be an easy-rolling man, who does not have too many expectations from life. Joe Logan lives alone and takes in whatever work comes his way for his expertise as a freelance detective. When Joe Logan is introduced to the readers for the first time, he is seen getting approached by an unknown woman for help. The woman informs Joe Logan that someone is trying to kill her and that she has run away from her home to save herself. The woman also tells Joe Logan that her husband has already been murdered by the same people who are after her. Now, they have set their eyes on her and her young daughter. The people wanting to have her killed have hired a couple of hitmen to finish the job. As soon as Joe Logan learns everything he wants to with respect to this case, he begins investigating. But, shortly after his involvement in this mysterious case a few more dead bodies added to the tally of the murders by the hitmen. Logan does not stop at this and keeps looking to find out why the ladies are seen as threats to the people wanting them eliminated. All the books of this series have fared quite well in all the places of their release. They have managed to attract a vast number of readers from across the world. Now, author Kerr is working towards developing some more stories as part of this series and he is expected to release several of them very soon. Various critics and established authors have spoken well about author Kerr’s books in this series. They have praised his unique storytelling, plot settings, and writing style. All of this has helped author Michael Kerr to rise on the ladder of success and a make a great name for himself. He is now seen as a reputed and established author of the mystery and thriller books. Michael Kerr has researched a lot about the mindset of the killers and psychopaths. He has had the chance of being in the Prison Service for around twenty years. Due to this, he has come across many serial killers and other criminals, who have provided him with useful information for building his stories and character descriptions. Kerr used all the research materials and information later to write his books. And subsequently, he found abundant success with his efforts in creating original stories. Kerr has interests in writing stories about action packed, suspenseful, original, and violent crimes. He is greatly inspired by the noteworthy authors of the mystery & thriller genres of this generation. Author Kerr lives near Yorkshire Woods. He loves to enjoy wildlife, photography, and peaceful walks on the beaches in his free time.

An interesting book of the Joe Logan series written by author Michael Kerr is entitled ‘Atonement’. This book was released by the Smashwords publishers in the year 2014. The lead characters in this book are shown as Tanya Foster, Ray Marshall, Joe Logan, and Kate Donner. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Tanya Foster and her boyfriend indulge in a heated argument in their car parked off the lonely highway after which Tanya moves out of the car and starts walking on foot towards the town. Some time later, a vehicle stops beside her with the offer of a lift. Tanya recognizes the man and accepts the offer. The next day, Tanya Foster’s dead body is discovered from the place where her boyfriend’s car was parked at the time of their argument. Tanya was killed by strangulation and all the evidences pointed towards her boyfriend, Ray Marshall. Joe Logan stays at a motel for a few days. He learns that the son the motel owner has been arrested by the Sheriff Department of Carson Creek. After investigating about what had happened, Logan finds some clues that hint towards the fact that Tanya was attacked somewhere else on the highway and then her body was dumped at the sight of discovery. When the killer learns about Logan’s interference, he fears that his crime could get exposed. So, he hires a gangster from Denver to eliminate Logan. Later, Logan finds success in knowing the real killer’s identity, but he could not deliver the information to the sheriff without revealing the source of his information. The situation forces Logan to take the help of Ray Marshall’s lawyer, Kate Donner. Together, they set out to hunt down the killer before time runs out for Ray Marshall.

Another well known novel of this thriller series is called ‘Absolution’. It was published in 2014 and features the primary characters as Zack Slater, Andrea Corby, Sam, Joe Logan, Fran, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Logan goes off the grid after getting repeatedly indulged in dangerous situations. He comes across a mutilated dead body beside a rail track in Arizona’s Madison Bend. Logan thinks it is a simple case of homicide and informs the local sheriff to take the necessary course of action. But, when he sees that the sheriff is hardly showing any concerns and is making sure that there is no evidence leading to the killer, he decides to take the matter in his own hands. Logan comes to know that numerous bodies are found in the region every year and the local authorities don’t seem interested at all to find the culprits. He thinks of staying in the area for some more days and conduct a thorough investigation. His involvement gets noticed by a deadly operator named Zack Slater, who deals in importing drugs and transporting illegal aliens in that region. Andrea Corby tries to take revenge from Slater for her boyfriend’s murder. She follows a couple of men to the same motel where Logan is staying. Andrea and Logan come close because of their same mission of eliminating Zack Slater. And the events that follow later cause more deaths and violence. Logan makes attempts to keep Andrea Corby and her little sister Fran away from the hitmen of Slater. He wonders for how long could he save them knowing that Zack Slater will not stop to eliminate the ones he thinks are threats to his freedom and his organization.

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