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The Joe Pickett series is a series of murder mystery novels written by well known American author named C.J. Box. Each and every book in the Joe Pickett series revolves around the chief protagonist named Joe Pickett. He is depicted as a game warden living in Wyoming. Author Box says that Joe does not think of himself as an action hero, but a humble person who always wants to do the correct things in life.

But somehow, he often ends up solving numerous murder cases happening around him. In order to do the characterization of Joe Pickett’s character perfectly, author Box rode with a few of the game wardens in Wyoming. He wanted to make sure that he gets a close look at and experience the lives of game wardens before attempting to create the character. After the completion of his research work, author Box began writing the series in the year 2001.

He completed and released the first book of the series in the same year. The book not only opened to great reviews from one and all, but it also won several prestigious awards. One of them was also won in the category of the ‘Best First Novel’. Since the year 2001, author Box made sure that he writes and publishes at least one book every year. And so far, he has been successful in his attempts.

The debut novel of the Joe Pickett series written by author C.J. Box was published in the year 2001 by the Putnam publication. It was titled as ‘Open Season’. The important characters described in the book include Joe Pickett, Sheridan Pickett, Missy Vankeuran, Vern Dunnegan, Wacey Hedeman, Marybeth Pickett, Lucy Pickett, and April Keeley.

Author Box has set the novel in the town of Saddlestring, Wyoming, the United States. The book opens with the introduction of Joe Pickett as a new game warden in the town of Twelve Sleep, Wyoming. The town is known to be full of people who like to hunt and the game warden is not popular, especially the one like Joe Pickett who neither takes a bribe nor let things happen wrongly. Soon, he stumbles upon the dead body of a hunting outfitter from the local town.

The body was slayed on a woodpile lying behind the state owned home of Joe. After the discovery of the dead body, Joe Pickett begins to handle the matter personally. He thinks that there might be a reason as to why the outfitter, who had indulged with him in run-ins on previous occasions, chose the woodpile in his backyard to die. A couple of other murders involving outfitters come to the notice of the local press, but all of them get solved very soon.

But, Joe does not seem satisfied with the outcomes. Therefore, he continues to investigate the cases on his own. He feels that the explanations given by the police for the outfitter murders were far from being acceptable. As he proceeds with the investigation, Joe comes to know that it was not only the outfitter dead body that was lying outside his back door, but also an endangered species, which was thought to have become extinct. The species lives in the woodpile of Joe.

He knows that if the news of the endangered species still existing goes out, it will stop the InterWest company from building a pipeline of oil through the forests and mountains of Twelve Sleep. This would cause the multi-national gas company a loss of billions of dollars. As Joe keeps moving closer to the truth behind the murders, InterWest oil pipeline, and the endangered species, everything that he considers dear to him keep going away.

The story described by author Box in the novel went on to become a critical success. This helped it win many prestigious awards, including the Anthony, Macavity, Gumshoe, and Barry Awards. One of the other books written by author C.J. Box initially in the series is titled as ‘Winterkill’. This book was published in the year 2003 by the Putnam publishers. Once again the story is set in Wyoming, depicting Joe Pickett at the center stage.

The starting scene shows that Joe wakes up during a winter storm in a deep forest near Battle Mountain, with his right hand locked to the steering wheel of his truck and a shotgun in the left one. In front of his truck, Joe sees the corpse of Lamar Gardiner splayed to a tree and riddled with arrows. The murder of Lamar Gardiner and the sudden onslaught of the winter storm warn Joe Pickett to run as far away from the mountains as possible.

But, he knows that the matter is not over as the killer is till out there somewhere in the dense forest, waiting to strike his next target with another arrow, which could possibly be Joe himself. Before he could do so, Joe decides to go on his pursuit on his own and stop him from taking another life. He searches throughout the rugged mountains surrounding the snow-packed Saddlestring town in search of the murderer.

However, the matter takes a horrifying turn when Joe Pickett comes to know that his foster daughter has been abducted by the killer. With this, the case becomes too much personal for Joe. He vows not to stop at anything before finding the killer and setting his beloved daughter free. In the end, the novel turns out to be a masterful performance with utterly unforgettable and darkly compelling descriptions by author C.J. Box.

Along with the story of the book, the readers and critics also enjoyed the beautiful description of the sharp cliffs and the snow-clad wilderness of the landscape of Wyoming. Just like the previously published books of the series, this book too became very much successful. It was highly praised by the readers all across the globe. The readers not only enjoyed reading the novel, but they also appreciated the determined efforts of author Box in developing the novel.

They expressed their appreciation of the intriguing characters and the compelling story of the novel to author Box by numerous ways. This enabled author Box to gain a lot of momentum and focus on his next novels with more dedication.

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24 Responses to “Joe Pickett”

  1. BILL: 2 months ago

    I have read and enjoyed all the Joe Picket books (Listened not read) and develop some strong opinions of the people. Nate is (next to Joe) an extremely important character. Nothing to do with race but I envisioned him as a big 6’5″ falconer. Joe is weaker than portrayed in the books. But enjoyed the TV series not near as much as the books, don’t know if anyone watched or read “Reacher” but after mis casting Tom Cruise came back with the real Jack Reacher Alan Ritchson maybe the Joe Pickett series will correct future tv offerings

  2. Melissa: 7 months ago

    I haven’t read the books. They have to better than the show because it is TERRIBLE! People don’t act like these people. Game wardens are not lay and stupid. Anti hunters may do some of the crap they are wrote as doing but LOCAL people would NEVER support them. Whoever wrote for the TV series should be fired. The directors should be ashamed. There was to much wrong with the series to name them all!

  3. Terrie Woodard: 9 months ago

    Was introduced to Joe Pickett by the series and I thought the first season was good. Knowing that books are always better, I started reading the series, so Season 2 of the TV show was a disappointment. Other than a few typos in the books, the only “error” that I perceived was mentioning that Joe’s Dad remains were Fedex to him. Having this issue in my family recently, I know that only the U.S. Post Office is allowed to handled shipment of cremated human remains.

  4. FRANK BALLARD: 9 months ago

    I started reading again after retirement. I found CJ BOX at my LIBRARY AND HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO PUT HIS WORKS DOWN. I have read everything he has done so far and can’t wait for more.I eagerly wait for more JOE PICKETT and CASSIE DEWELL books. I follow his TV shows weekly. Keep up the good work.

  5. Conni Bence: 10 months ago

    Love the books and TV series. Not crazy about the changes in the character, but getting used to them. I really don’t like the emphasis on Joe having a few mental health issue. It makes the TV Joe look weak. Marybeth babies him when he is pre-crisis. I never saw this interaction in the books. Nate is not an accurate depiction of the character as written. The coloring of Marybeth and her daughters is not true, and Marybeth is a bit harsh. That said, I still love the series. The acting is suburb. Photography and lighting excellent. Writingis well done,

  6. Steve: 10 months ago

    I liked the books immensely, but the tv series is like watching a bad “B” movie. This series could have been so much better had all of the characters not been portrayed as backwoodsy, uneducated, bumbling idiots. My wife and I are watching both seasons, but reluctantly, due to the writing/acting.

  7. Robert Francis Lyle: 11 months ago

    Fist read Breaking Point and then set out to read all the others in order love the characters and the settings a little disappointed in the quality of the most recent offerings as not holding up as well as his earlier Pickett novels Very disappointed in the television shows completely let down by the choice of actors for Nate and Missy doubt if I will continue to watch I will continue to read the novels and hope the author will get back to the quality of the earlier novels

  8. Harry: 11 months ago

    You nitpickers! Can’t you just enjoy Box. I’m with you Sally!

  9. John: 12 months ago

    As usual Hollywood knows “Better “ than the author of a book on how the characters have to be. I tried to watch the show but it’s too far off from the GREAT stories C.J. Wrote .

  10. LD Taylor: 1 year ago

    Has anyone matched each tv episode with the published book(s) it is based on?

    • Pingme67: 1 year ago

      Open Season is the first season and Blood Trail is the 2nd season.
      very disappointing, how they changed Joe’s childhood, and Nate is all wrong!!! When did Mary Beth become a lawyer? Missy singing in a bar?? really??

      • Robert Francis Lyle: 11 months ago

        absolutely agree with you the Nate character is very weak cannot believe the author allowed the assassination of such a wonderful series really sad

        • Teresa: 5 months ago

          Many times when an author seeks his work to be made into a series or movie; he has no further control over what changes they make. I learned this listening to an interview with michael Connelly on his “Bosch” series. He made sure to maintain control and is an executive producer as was Elmore Leonard on “justified”.
          I’m sure he has learned from this since a lot of you are unhappy with the character. I had not read the books; I liked the series, I thought it was a bit “hokey” in some instances, but it reminded me of how television used to be. When it was made so that children could watch and easily interpret what was going on. Like watching bonanza or the Walton’s, etc. What I loved about it, was that it was about a game warden. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series about a game warden. I love animals and the environment, so protecting those things and making people (kids) aware is a good thing. Thank you. Teresa

  11. Selena Vigneaux: 1 year ago

    I can’t seem to find the books Dull Knife and The Master Falconer in print. Can you help?

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      As they are short stories they have only been released electronically.

    • Mike Smith: 1 year ago

      You can find them in ‘Shots Fired’, a book of short stories by C J Box, mainly Wyoming based.

  12. B Green: 2 years ago

    Re:Charles Preston comments…… Wyoming is in gryfalcon nesting range…..
    Have had a spruce grouse in our acreage in Casper,Wy……. Have blue (pine)and ruffed grouse on Casper Mountain. Black footed ferrets thought to be extinct were found on a ranch near Meeteetsee,Wy and captured, placed in captive breeding program and have been successfully reintroduced into the wilds of Wy.

  13. CANDACE HENSON: 2 years ago

    I have enjoyed all of the Joe Pickett books and look forward to many more. Thanks C J Box for some great novels.

  14. Linda Sanderman: 2 years ago

    Is there a sequel to Breaking Point? Just finished it and what a great read! CJ Box is my favorite author. Incredible talent!

  15. MARIE: 2 years ago

    H read every one and can’t wait for the next one due out in March. I just love this series and the down to earth way Joe Pickett handles things. I also like Nate Romanowski and his unconventional way of getting things done. Leave the man alone and he’ll leave you alone. Hurt his family and pay the price.

  16. Ann Owens: 3 years ago

    Have enjoyed every Box book I hv read.? Read Novel first then got started with Pickett. Keep ‘em coming…….I’m gaining fast

  17. Lorelei Longshot: 3 years ago

    Just a minor thing, but sometimes there are small technical errors such as calling a truck a car one minute and in the next calling it an Escalade or a Yukon.

  18. Charles Preston: 3 years ago

    Love the series! However, many errors of biology throughout, e.g. spruce grouse in Wyoming, pine grouse in Wyoming, gyrfalcon nesting in Wyoming, ferret habitat, etc. Minor issues, but does erode credibility even in fiction novels. Otherwise, wonderful storytelling of outdoor adventure and characters well developed.

  19. sally190: 3 years ago

    If that’s the only mistake , that you can find, then the author has done particularly well.


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