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Publication Order of Joe Rush Books

Joe Rush stars in this series of novels by author James Abel, which is from the mystery and thriller genres. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “White Plague” was released.

Joe Rush is a bio-terror expert and Marine doctor. Throughout his adventures, he must stop different diseases from breaking out and wiping out many humans.

“White Plague” is the first novel in the “Joe Rush” series, which was released in the year 2015. The U. S. S. Montana, a technically advanced and high-powered submarine, is in the remote and frozen Arctic Ocean, and it is in peril. The sub is in flames and has gone adrift, and it all could be lost, crew included. There is only one team that is close enough to them to be able to help before it is too late and they are led by Joe Rush.

Joe only has thirty-six hours before the entire crew dies, and he is going to have to race to save the Montana. He will also have to make sure it does not fall into the hands of the enemy. There is a foreign submarine approaching fast that is heading toward the Montana, and the tension may just explode.

That is the least of their problems, however. The sailors that survived are not alone. There is something that is trapped with them. Something that is lethal and deadly. It plagued man a long time ago, and it devastated the whole world. Montana’s crew set it free without realizing what they were doing. Joe and his team have to stop this lethal horror from spreading throughout all of humanity.

Fans of the novel found that this starts at full throttle and keeps up this pace the entire way through. Joe is a great character, who is well drawn, and easy to root for. The details of the disease’s outbreak required a lot of care on the author’s part, as did the description of the Arctic setting. The possibility of this disease spreading in the real world is scary and all too believable that it could happen.

“Protocol Zero” is the second novel in the “Joe Rush” series, which was released in the year 2015. Alaskan authorities get a disturbing call from a teen girl, and they find a whole family of researchers are dead. Joe Rush is asked to help examine the bodies. At first glance, it looks like only a brutal murder/ suicide. The situation is not that simple at all, nor is any of it over.

Rush is able to find out the awful truth, through further investigation. The entire team of researchers was infected with an extremely deadly disease on planet Earth. It is a terrible nightmare of an infection that is lethal 100% of the time. Usually, the disease is easily contained during military experiments, and not contagious.

Fans of the novel found that Abel is able to show a complex view of the villainous company in the book, rather than a lazily written stick figure. This book is able to captivate the reader the entire way through. It has great characters and an excellent story. Some hope to read more of Abel’s work in the future.

“Cold Silence” is the third novel in the “Joe Rush” series, which was released in the year 2016. Joe Rush is in Africa and trying to alleviate some of the suffering of the thousands of people living in the war torn and drought stricken area. While doing so, he gets a plea from one of the members of an old unit Joe was in while in the military. The guy now works in a chaotic part of Somalia as a geologist.

He shows up to find a whole group showing terrible symptoms of an old sickness that was once thought to be a punishment from God. Before Joe can get any evidence to find out what the illness is, a local warlord wipes out all the evidence, right as the illness starts to break out in America.

This is not a curse from God. It is a carefully planned and well coordinated attack. It has a specific goal that might just kill millions of people and wreck the stability of the entire globe.

Fans of the novel found this to have strong characters and was well written, just like the other books in the series. The book keeps you wondering about certain things until the very end, as it holds your attention very strongly. This is an intense book, both in the action scenes and the subject matter. It makes people wonder, too, what would actually happen if something like this really did occur.

“Vector” is the fourth novel in the “Joe Rush” series, which was released in the year 2017. Joe is studying malaria’s new forms at a Amazon gold rush. His partner and best friend, named Eddie Nakamura vanishes. He learns that many sick miners have gone missing too, and Rush starts searching for Eddie that leads him into darkness’ heart. It is here he will have to fight for his life, and where he finds out a secret that could change the entire world.

Thousands of miles away, there are many sick people that are showing up in American hospitals. Cities all over the Northeast start shutting down after the White House admits to getting terrorist threats. Joe and his team have to go from an extremely remote spot on Earth to one of its busiest. All while the clock is ticking towards an annihilation that was not thought possible before. There is even less time than they think there is for them to solve this mystery. As bad as this danger is, it is about to get even worse.

Readers found this to have a terrorist plot that is both horrific and realistic, so much so, that some people itched just at the thought of it all. The villain in the book is multi-faceted, and it makes you uncomfortable reading about them, because somehow they are able to make you come close to liking them and even feeling sorry.

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