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John Mark Trohman sometimes simply known as Joe Trohman is an American record producer, musician, singer, songwriter, and composer.

John Mark was born in Hollywood, Florida to a cardiologist but spent much of his childhood in Ohio’s South Russell before the family moved to the suburbs of Chicago. He was born to a Jewish family but he believes that they tended to be more Jewish culturally rather than religiously.

In fact, soon after his brother’s bar mitzvah, the family never went back to the synagogue. This opened the door for Trohman to explore other avenues of expressing himself including punk rock.

Over the years, he has made quite the reputation as a backing vocalist and lead guitarist of “Fall Out Boy,” the American rock band. He is also the rhythm and lead guitarist for “The Damned Things,” the heavy metal supergroup.
It is important to note that Fall Out Boy his main gig began as a side project he launched with Pete Wentz following their involvement with the hardcore punk scene. Over the years, they have had at least three top albums on the US Billboard 200.

Trohman began touring age of only 15 which was very young for just about anybody. His interest in music was ignited when he was gifted the Black Flag the First Four Years compilation CD.

He was then a kid learning to play guitar and was getting lessons on how to play some basic chords. When he was gifted the CD he thought he could figure out some of the songs since he could somehow play the guitar and in fact wanted to do it as a career.

John Mark Trohman would then begin listening to grunge bands such as “Nirvana” and “Pearl Jam” before his taste started to change towards bands such as “King Missile” and “Jesus Lizard” thanks to the MTV show “120 Minutes.”
Hardcore and punk soon followed as he started following acts such as “Hot Snakes,” Refused, Quicksand and of course Black Flag. His guitar gateway was punk rock which he always felt was very approachable.
Then fifteen years old, he started touring with Pete Wents his friend who was also part of the band Arma Angelus. Soon enough, they decided to go their own way and founded Fall Out Boy.

Trohman was just twenty when they released “From Under the Cork Tree” their breakthrough album. He still has fond memories of how they took over the emo and pop punk scene and dominated MTV and radio.

Joe Trohman has said that he was on therapy and off of it ever since he was 10 given that he always had some significant self-loathing. He still remembers how as a teen and young adult there were moments of incredible highs and some incredible lows particularly when he felt things were moving too fast.

He often felt lost as if things were blazing past him and he just could not catch up. He was also looking for some kind of identity and as a creative, he wanted to put his mark on things. He often felt that being in a band that was so prolific and in which everyone was very creative, it was hard making a mark.

It was at this time that he started experiencing depression even though he achieved a lot of success. According to Trohman, he was just not getting the satisfaction he should have from the creative things he was doing.
He constantly felt as if he was worthless no matter how good he was doing. There was just nothing that could satisfy him as his mental illness tended to win every time. Trohman eventually found his lane over time and being a creator now gives him motivation and happiness.

Trohman was initially reluctant to pen a memoir about his experiences until his literary agent pulled a fast one on him. He told him you can’t do it which was just the phrase that most kids that grew up on hardcore and punk rock are used to hearing.

Trohman would not let anyone say such as thing to him and got down to writing his stories. He penned his stories like a journal as he found a way to write about himself without the usual rock and roll, drugs, and sex chronicles common in many rockstar autobiographies.

According to the author he had to mention the Fall Out Boy Band since it has been a big part of his life since he was in his teenage years. Nonetheless, he found a way to write about his experiences without making it all a salacious brag about his band and bandmates but more about his stories, his life, and his perspective.
“None of this Rocks” his memoir is all about authenticity and honesty as he talks about all his experiences with his mother and with his band. He showcases a knack for turning negative experiences into very humorous stories, which is what has probably made this a very popular memoir.

“None of This Rocks” by Joe Trohman tells the story of how he came to be the co-founder of “Fall Out Boys” when he was just 15 years old. This is just part of the memoir as he gives an insider perspective on the history of one of the most popular boy bands in a generation.

Still, he has a lot more to tell, and making use of his storytelling skills and an unmitigated sense of humor in the face of the tragic and the absurd makes for a compelling memoir.
The work chronicles what has been a very turbulent life that is informed by Joe Trohman’s worldview and his music.

His mother had multiple brain tumors and suffered from mental illness too. On the other hand, his father lived a tragic life even though he fully supported Trohman’s quest for knowledge.
Living in small-town Ohio. Trohman has to deal with antisemitism and he dealt with all levels of violence, racism, and misogyny amid the hardcore and straight-edge punk rocks scene of Chicago.
The author then chronicles the establishment of the band Fall Out Boy and his perspective on their popular ascension that soon had them collaborating with some of his heroes such as Scott Ian of “Anthrax.”
He also wrote some works for television alongside Brian Posehn the comedian as Joe takes his readers onto the couch and studio to show them how things are done backstage.
It makes for a brutally personal and honest tone of his struggles with substance abuse and depression that readers will appreciate.

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