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An American author, Joel Goldman has been writing for a number of years now with his award winning brand of crime fiction and literature, expanding over a number of different series and franchises, for which he has now become highly regarded. Incorporating his past as a trial attorney, he has been able to inject his work with a sense of realism, giving it a level of detail unlike any other. Reaching a worldwide audience, with his books being enjoyed both nationally as well as internationally, he is enjoyed by a wide range of readers due to his witty and engaging style.

Early and Personal Life

Born on the 23rd of October, 1952, Joel Goldman was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. It was here that he spent his formative years, nurturing his passion for both reading and writing, along with a keen interest in the law. All of this would later feed into his work as an author, creating his style and tone, whilst bringing about many of his themes and motifs too.

Attending the Shawnee Mission East High School, Joel Goldman was also an avid member of the debate team during his time there. Later he would go on to attend and graduate from the University of Kansas, along with Moot Court too, which would also give his education the basis he needed. Building up the foundations of his writing career, he was constantly informing his voice as an author and writer.

Goldman has also managed to work some of his own life into his work, taking attributes of himself and giving them to his protagonists. One such example is that of Jack Davis, featured in the Jack Davis series of novels, as the leading character has a tic disorder, much like Goldman himself. He has also worked at building his own publishing company with aims of creating a space to re-publish old, but critically lauded, crime novels that have gone out of print.

With his past as a trial attorney too, he has never been short of material as an author, something which gives his work an even greater degree of accuracy. Winning awards and nominations, along with the praise of the general public, he continues to write to this very day. Producing books about what he knows, he has plenty more books set to be released on the horizon, something that will carry on for some time yet.

Writing Career

Starting out his career with the character of Lou Mason, he originally joked about writing a murder mystery based on his time working as a trial attorney. This then came to pass though, as the murder mystery became a reality, feeding into the primary concept of the novel overall, as he worked an entire series out of the character. Afterwards a number of other books soon followed, providing further areas for Joel Goldman to expand himself as an author and fully fledged writer.

With critical and commercial success, both nationally and internationally, it’s safe to say that Goldman is a writer who’s at the top of his field. Clearly knowing his genre, he’s fully aware of all the codes and conventions, knowing just when to employ them and when to subvert them. With more and more books coming from him all the time, there’s a lot more to be published, ensuring that this is definitely a writer to watch.

Cold Truth

The third title in his Lou Mason series of novels, this was originally brought out in 2004 on the 1st of February by Joel Goldman himself. Continuing on directly from the last, it provides the latest case for the eponymous trial attorney out to seek truth and justice. Up against the elements, it tests Mason’s powers of deduction in his greatest challenge yet, as Goldman uses his now trademarked style that readers have come to know and love.

Begginning with a young woman who seems clearly troubled by something, the action starts when she arrives confessing to a case of murder, something which immediately sets the alarm bells of Lou Mason ringing. Looking to then catch a killer and find the real culprit, Lou Mason must go deep into a world of extreme corruption, as he decodes the lies to uncover the truth. With drugs and money on the table, Mason manages to uncover a black market where the actual truth is paid for only in blood and violence. Will Mason be able to uncover the real killer and ensure that true justice prevails, whilst exonerating the innocent? Can he keep himself alive throughout, along with with the life of the young woman, or will disaster and tragedy strike? Can he get to the bottom of the cold truth?
No Way Out

Initially published in 2010 on the 19th of August, this was the third title in the Jack Davis series of novels, with it originally being brought out through the Character Flaw Press publishing label. Showing a writer who’s now clearly in his stride, it exemplifies the best of what Joel Goldman has to offer as an author of modern thriller and crime novels. Continuing on from the last in the series, it provides more of what the readers have now come to expect from Goldman as a writer, whilst offering some exciting twists and turns as well.

The ex FBI agent Jack Davis is back once again and this time he’s met up with Roni Chase, all during a fully loaded shootout, as they both then dive into a world of mysteries and intrigue. With a web of lies and deceit pulling them under, it seems that they’re working against the clock to uncover the truth, otherwise it all could be too late. After taking years to boil up to the surface, it seems that this is one conspiracy that’s been biding its time before emerging and threatening to engulf them all. Will Jack and Roni be able to uncover the truth, or will it be too late? Can they keep themselves alive long enough to do so? What will become of them both as they find there’s no way out?

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