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Their Vicious Games (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Study Break(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
All These Sunken Souls(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Joelle Wellington

Joelle Wellington is a well-revered author in the Young Adult sphere within the United States, well-known for her creativity. She has an exceptional knack for weaving together narratives in an engaging and compelling manner. Readers are easily drawn into her vividly constructed worlds, filled with inspiring and relatable characters. Her talent for storytelling, balanced with deep understanding of her target audience, truly sets her apart in her field.

What’s particularly impressive about Wellington’s work is her ability to give life to characters in a way that makes them feel real to her readers. She masterfully crafts protagonists who are not only relatable but also consistently entertaining, which serves as a testament to her strengths as a writer.

Readers frequently applaud her for her thoughtfully designed characters, which are eminently central to her appealing narratives. Wellington’s well-drawn characters are the heart and soul of her entertaining stories, often serving as the driving force that keeps her readers glued to each page.

Her knack for creating compelling and enthralling narratives is a well-recognized strength of hers. She knows how to keep her readers engaged, often leaving them unable to put her books down. Her gripping narratives boast a dynamic blend of suspense, emotion, and relatability that hook readers from the get-go. Unfaltering in her delivery, Wellington’s engaging and immersive storytelling clearly displays her inimitable aptitude in the realm of Young Adult literature.

She has an undeniable talent for intertwining compelling characters with engaging narratives to deliver thrilling stories that keep readers on their toes. Her characters, rich and multifaceted, are effortlessly woven into her storylines, making every plot a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. Such is her proficiency, she has an uncanny ability to seamlessly merge these elements, making her books captivating reads from start to finish.

Moreover, what makes Wellington’s work stand out is her originality. Even in an industry as dynamic as Young Adult literature, Wellington sets herself apart by bringing something new and refreshing to the table with each story she tells. Her narratives, while thrilling, always possess a unique freshness that keeps readers eagerly awaiting her next installment.

Similar to many authors, Joelle Wellington tends to draw inspiration from her own life experiences when penning her novels. Her personal adventures and insights seep into her writing, giving her characters a touch of reality. This practice lends her fictional world a sense of authenticity.

Taking into consideration her ability to combine compelling characters, exciting stories, and fresh takes on narratives, it’s clear why Wellington is a valuable figure in the realm of Young Adult literature. Her distinct voice and knack for crafting stories that both entertain and resonate with readers solidifies her place in this genre, ensuring that her narratives will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Joelle Wellington is a well-known author in the American Young Adult genre. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York, spending a lot of time at her local library. This early love for books later influenced her career as an author.

When Wellington isn’t writing, she loves to read. The act of reading not only enriches her love of literature but also stimulates her imagination for her own writing. This constant connection with books has greatly contributed to her growth as a writer over the years.

Alongside her literary pursuits, Wellington enjoys baking bread. She’s also a big fan of pop culture, always grasping for more knowledge in this area. Her various hobbies create a well-rounded profile for this admired writer.

Writing Career

Joelle Wellington’s affection for literature directed her to pursue a B.A. in Creative Writing and International Studies. This background provided a solid foundation for her emerging writing career, largely influencing her written works. Among her published works is ‘Cottonmouth,’ which featured in Apex Magazine.

Adding to her growing list of achievements, Wellington authored a popular novel called ‘Their Vicious Games’ in 2023. As she continues to craft more stories, her contribution to the writing industry is undeniable.

As well as regularly writing for Apex Magazine, she’s also contributed to the celebrated black horror anthology ‘All These Sunken Souls,’ writing alongside other novelists with its publication in 2023.

Being a writer is an ongoing journey for her, and she looks forward to producing more quality works.

Their Vicious Games

Joelle Wellington, a talented author, is responsible for the thrilling young adult novel, ‘Their Vicious Games.’ This captivating piece made its way to public readership on July 25, 2023. The publishing house, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, would see to its release.

The story itself centers around a persevering Black teenager, Adina, who, after losing her Ivy League acceptance, participates in an upper-class competition. She soon realizes the life-threatening consequences, providing an exciting fusion similar to Ace of Spades, Squid Game, and The Bachelor.

Throughout her scholarship at the exclusive Edgewater Academy, a habitat for the well-off and predominantly white elite of New England, Adina Walker strives for perfection. However, one slip-up results in the loss of her much-desired Ivy League placement.

Still, hope remains in the form of the Finish. This fierce competition, hosted by Edgewater’s founding family, involves twelve capable young women vying for the win across three enigmatic contests: the Ride, the Raid, and the Royale. Claiming victory guarantees acceptance into the affluent Remington family, opening myriad opportunities.

However, Adina quickly senses something off about the Remingtons and her competitors upon reaching the Finish. These high-stakes games mean more than winning or losing – they’re a matter of life and death. Always playing on a tilted playing field, Adina believes her survival might depend on reshaping the game rules.

Their Vicious Games, a gripping young adult novel from Joelle Wellington, holds readers captive with its thrilling plot. From overcoming barriers at Edgewater Academy to questioning everyone around her at the Finish, Adina exemplifies resilience and cunning.

For those seeking a daring journey inspired by the likes of Ace of Spades, Squid Game, and The Bachelor, this book is an exciting and worthy read.

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