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Publication Order of The Öland Quartet Books

Echoes from the Dead (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Room (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Quarry (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Voices Beyond (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Publication Order of Anthologies

A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stockholm Noir(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Johan Theorin is a Swedish author of fiction. He was born in 1963. He has continuously visited Oland throughout his life, a Baltic Island. His mother’s family lived there for centuries, working as farmers, fisherman, and sailors. They have always loved and nurtured the legacy of the island and its folklore and strange tales.

Johan Theorin works as a journalist when he is not writing. He currently resides in Gothenburg. His first novel was Echoes from the Dead, the first in The Oland Quartet series.

The book was first published in Sweden under the title Skumtimmen. Theorin’s debut book was voted by authors and critics at the Swedish Academy of Crime to win the title of Best First Mystery Novel in 2007. It has since been a hit internationally and been translated into a dozen languages. The suspense novel was a runaway hit and bestseller in Sweden.

He has also written standalone novels, like his fictional novel The Asylum. The novel is a gripping thriller set in an asylum that is connected to a nursery. Everyone who tries to get from the nursery to the asylum has a connection to someone on the inside.

Johan Theorin is also the writer of the Oland Quartet. The series takes place on an island off of the coast of Sweden. The genre is decidedly within the thriller, suspense, and mystery genre! In the first novel, a mother is devastated when her son goes missing and might finally find out 20 years later. The second novel deals with a husband with kids who loses his wife suddenly but finds out that the dead might be regular residents of the island.

The third book in the Oland Quartet is titled The Quarry. A man is called for help by his dying father and two other people are found dead. He insists it’s a colleague before passing away, and now it’s up to Per Morner to find out the truth. The Voices Beyond is the last book in the series. Jonas Kloss is excited to stay with relatives on the island, but when he encounters horrors on board a ship he may live to wish he had never come.

Echoes from the Dead is the first novel in the Oland series from Swedish author Johan Theorin. One gray day in September twenty years ago, a young boy went outside on an island located off of the Swedish coast. Jens Davidsson was just six years old when he ventured out into the fog and disappeared without a trace.

Two decades later, the case remains unsolved. But when Jens’ mother receives a strange and scary package in the mail that contains one of the sandals that certainly belonged to her son, she sees no other option than to return to the exact spot that her son went missing. The sandal was wrapped nicely, and Julia is able to recognize it as one of two sandals that she put on Jens’ feet the morning that he went missing.

Julia has only a few clues to go on but sets out with her father to ask the local island people questions. They were there the day that he disappeared, and Julia is desperate to find out the truth. But neither of them are prepared when they suddenly make a connection to one of the most infamous murder cases that the area has ever seen. Years ago, a wealthy young man went on a murder spree and subsequently left the island, dying before Jens was born.

The island has been Julia’s home for many years, but now she finds it dangerous instead of grounding and scary instead of familiar. All this time later, she finds herself dealing with wounds that have barely healed and on the precipice of finding out truths that she may not be ready to face.

What really happened two decades ago on that foggy September day? Where did Jens go? Did he wander off on his own and get lost or did someone lure him away? The questions never end for Julia, who has never been able to achieve closure.

Most people that lose a child get answers about what happened. Julia saw Jens vanish without another sign that he was alive ever coming to her. Until maybe now. Can Julia find her son at last? Will he be alive? You have got to pick up this mystery thriller from Johan Theorin to find out!

Darkest Room is the second book in the Oland Quartet series. The setting is winter on Oland, a Swedish island. It is the middle of the season and it is bitterly cold. Joakim and Katrine Westin and their children have moved into a manor house in Eel Point. The home is remote by cozy, but things quickly take a tragic turn when Katrine Westin is discovered dead, drowned near the rocks. Just like that, their worlds turn from paradise to a nightmare.

Joakim is sent reeling by the death and the tragedy of it all starts to take a toll on him. He is soon experiencing a weak grip on his sanity, failing to notice that the ancient house seems to be exhibiting signs of having a hold on him. He has never been one to be superstitious, but strange things are starting to occur.

For instance, he can’t figure out why he keeps hearing whispering noises when there’s nobody there. His daughter is calling out to people in the night, and Joakim keeps finding the barn door ajar instead of closed like it should be. Could it just be that his wife’s passing and his grief is driving him mad? Or is there more to his home, the land, and the island itself?

With the end of the year approaching, Joakim and his family must face the brutal winter chills once more. A huge winter storm starts to head toward this area, and Joakim is starting to worry that what he has heard about Eel Point is true. The island is said to endure the return of the dead every Christmas.

But what does this mean for their family– and will his wife return with them if they do come back? Find out by picking up Darkest Room from celebrated author

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