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About John A. Daly

The American author John A. Daly has fast become well known for his inventive and extremely creative thriller novels. He’s a writer who doesn’t hold back, infusing a high-octane sense of drama and suspense alongside well-written characters. His work is hugely entertaining, delivering strong and solid action thrillers in a straightforward manner that instantly gets to the point. Drawing his readers in, he keeps them there, glued to the edges of their seats for the duration of the novel, constantly turning the page.

It’s also the way he interacts with his audience that’s noteworthy, too, speaking to them directly through his work. This no-nonsense approach to the thriller genre has helped earn him a worldwide following, reaching legions of fans from far and wide. He’s a powerful writer with a lot to say, giving his audience something to invest in, letting them feel as if they’re a part of the action. Not only that, but his stories are highly accessible too, written in an easy-going style that’s not difficult to get into and open to everyone.

Another factor that’s well-considered in his writing is that of his characterizations, as each personality essentially comes alive off the page. Giving his readers fleshed out and three-dimensional characters, his audience really feels like they get to know them. This skill also ensures that the reader is left with a strong impression, making sure they come back more time and time again. With so much more to come, he definitely is not finishing soon, as he has carried on writing for many years.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Colorado in the United States, John A. Daly would grow up there, as he would come to harness a strong passion for the written word. Attending the University of Colorado in 1996, he would go on to study Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, gaining a degree in the subject. This learning would then see him working with accounting software over the course of the next sixteen years, developing new ideas and approaches.

Continuing to develop an interest in writing, he would begin to focus on his keen interest in literature over time. This focus would then see him hone and refine his craft, allowing him to become the writer he’s known as today. Currently living and working in Greeley in Colorado, he has a wife and two children, with more books expected to follow in the future.

Writing Career

The first book that John A. Daly would write was titled ‘From a Dead Sleep,’ which would come out back in 2013. This book would not only introduce him as a writer for the very first time, but it would also set up his long-running ‘Sean Coleman Thriller’ series of books too. It was watching the athlete Tim Green in a television interview that would help inspire Daly to take his writing career to the next level, seeing him transition from an athlete to a full-time author.

Previously writing editorials for numerous different publications, Daly managed to make a name for himself, writing various different pieces. Writing for well-known publications such as ‘Paste Magazine’ and ‘National Review,’ he’s a highly versatile writer with a lot to say. Maintaining a profile both offline and on, he continues to write regularly, as well as speak about his craft on a consistent basis.

Broken Slate

Originally coming out through the BQB Publishing label, this would initially be released in 2017 on the 1st of October. Marking the third title in the ongoing ‘Sean Coleman Thriller’ series of novels, this book would provide another case for the amateur sleuth, Sean Coleman, to solve. Following on from the previous book, ‘Blood Trade,’ chronologically, it would offer another self-contained mystery.

Abandoning his family in the small mountain town of Winston in Colorado, Sean Coleman’s father left them thirty years prior. This disappearance had always been a mystery to Sean and one that he had blamed himself for before making peace with it, only to get the news that his father had now re-emerged. His father has been murdered, with his body being located on Pawley’s Island in South Carolina, and not only that, but he had a second family. Why did his father disappear all those years ago, can Sean catch the killer on the loose, and what will become of the now broken slate?

The character of Sean Coleman is definitely an interesting one here, being different from the usual protagonists that lead the way. Here he’s a flawed individual with a broken past, being more realistic and authentic than most of the characterizations typically seen. In the beginning, he was somewhat of a bully with many insecurities, but as the series has progressed, he’s evolved as a person, making for an extremely engaging arc.


This book was first released using the ‘BQB Publishing’ imprint once again, this time published in 2019 on the 1st of October. Following on from the previous novel in the ‘Sean Coleman Thriller’ series, it can also be read as a stand-alone, with it being the fourth book. It also paves the way for the fifth book in the series, which was titled ‘Restitution,’ which would come out later in 2022. The book is a compelling action-driven narrative that really pushes the boundaries of the genre, making for an exciting and interesting story.

After leaving his hometown in Winston, Colorado, following a painful revelation, Sean Coleman now works as caretaker to an old nuclear missile site housing a museum and archive upon the Eastern Plains. Seeking to forget his past, Coleman suddenly finds the place besieged by armed cultists seeking to take over the facility, all led by a charismatic and dangerous cult leader. Now Sean finds himself racing against the clock to do whatever it takes to stay alive and prevent the leader from enacting their final plan. Will he be able to manage to stop them in their tracks, why is the leader doing this, and what is the truth behind the final safeguard?

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