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A Gathering of Spies (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Game of Spies (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deception (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Watchmen (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Art of the Devil (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Disposable Asset (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Flag (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Korean Woman (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

John Altman is a popular writer from America, who is famous for writing suspense, thriller, and fiction stories. He has written several mind blowing standalone novels with thrilling storylines and settings in his career. Author Altman’s writing career is comprised of 7 novels in total, all of which are of the thriller genre. Altman is in contract with the Severn House Publishers, which is the publishers of most of his books. Author Altman was born on October 8, 1969; in White Plains, New York, United States. He has lived in a number of places, such as Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. Author Altman completed his graduation from the Harvard University in the year 1992. Immediately after earning his degree, he went on to pursue his dream of becoming an author.

Altman came up with his first book in 2000 and gained an excellent response for it. The book was labeled as an irresistible page turner by the Publishers Weekly. Since then, he has received frequent praises from the prominent writers and various literary journals for his stories of international intrigue set during the initial days of the Second World War. On multiple occasions, author Altman has proved that he is worthy being a highly ranked writer of espionage genre. Many other literary magazines have praised Altman by saying that his books are fast-paced, violent, and suspenseful, and are chockablock with many unexpected twists. The books penned by author Altman have been released in the United Kingdom, Poland, the United States, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, etc. His books have sold more than a quarter million printed copies altogether and are available in various formats which the readers can opt as per their liking and enjoy. Other than writing fiction and thriller novels, author Altman has worked in the field of music, freelance writing, and teaching. Being a respectable author, Altman has had the chance of being the member of several writers’ associations like the ITW, the IACW, and the MWA.

All the works of author Altman have gained favorable responses from the critics, readers, and fellow authors. As of today, author Altman is happily married and resides in Princeton, New Jersey along with his lovely wife and beautiful children. He is currently working on the development of his next novel. Altman is expected to release his new book very soon and hopes to get similar responses as he has received for all his previous books. Author Altman wishes to continue writing for many more years to come and gain much more popularity in the genre of thriller novels. He says that while growing up, he was always fascinated by the mystery stories with thrilling settings. He used to read the works of all the famous writers and gain inspirations from them. Author Altman always wanted to become a novelist and took the first step towards achieving it when he attempted to write a story of his own during his university days. Someday, he hopes to develop a book series too. Just like Altman’s thriller stories, the characters created by him in them are also very popular. His portrayal of female chief protagonists are more popular in particular.

The debut book written by author John Altman is entitled ‘A Gathering of Spies’. It was released by the Jove publication in the year 2001. The main characters mentioned in the book include Katarina Heinrich, Henry Winterbotham, and a few others. Author Altman has done the book’s setting around World War 2 in England, New Mexico, Germany, and Poland. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Katarina Heinrich is a spy, who works for the German government and is undercover in the United States. Her work profile makes her become so much bored that spying becomes almost nil. After facing boredom for several years, Katarina Heinrich is finally pulled into some action when she learns that her husband has been chosen to work in New Mexico for the Manhattan Project. Katarina uses all her training techniques in spying on the project and finds out that a high level atomic bomb is in the making by the Americans. She tries to reach out to her operators in Germany with the Intel.

While in England, the MI5 recruits Henry Winterbotham for posing as a sympathizer of the Nazis. He is asked to get as much intelligence as he can from the Germans and at the same time pass misinformation to them about invasion plans. Henry hopes that he will get the cooperation of the Nazi government for freeing his wife held as a prisoner in Poland for the last few years. Both Katarina and Henry show the undying nature of their attitude to go to any lengths in passing Intels about the country of the other to their own. They cross paths with each other and indulge in a race of cat and mouse. As they carry their chase from one foreign country to the other, new twists and new actions are unraveled. Finally, the story ends in a breathtaking and intriguing climax.

Another interesting story penned by Altman is called ‘The Watchmen’. This book was published by the Putnam Adult in 2004. It features the lead characters in the form of Ali Zattout and Dr. Louis Finney. The story takes place in American northeast and deals with the interrogation of a terrorist by a psychiatrist and an assassination attempt on both their lives. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Ali Zattout is an Al Qaeda terrorist in the custody of the CIA. He is transported to one of the CIA’s safehouses from Guantanamo Bay for interrogation and observation. Ali Zattout appears to be a cooperative, smart, and a westernized individual.

Dr Louis Finney is assigned to interrogate Ali Zattout and find out if he can be trusted with his information. Finney regrets working for the US government in the past as he and his senior officer were involved in carrying out experiments of unsuspecting patients with the help of a well-structured program that developed multiple personalities in the patients. After years of feeling the regrets Finney had just started to live normally without the guilts. But, his mentor makes an appearance in his life once again and informs him that his expertise are needed for the questioning of the terrorist that the CIA has captured. Later, it is learned that the CIA is not the only group that wants the information from Ali Zattout. The Al Qaeda hires a well-trained assassin for eliminating Zattout as its leader fears that Zattout might leak important secrets about them. As the lives of Finney and Zattout fall on the edge of the blade, several twists and turns take place and bring about an entertaining end to the story.

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